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  1. Seriously, Chevy...I'm sitting here listening to the first notes of BITUSA and crying my stupid eyes out. Thanks so much, from me and the mrs as well. Been a tough health year at this house (I recommend against getting breast cancer, if you can avoid it); we're on the upswing, but this will be a welcome bit of nostalgia. Many, many thanks... DJ
  2. Pardon my bumbling around, Chevy, and thanks for the direction. Reposted...I "TBCC."
  3. Good morning, member request. The Dec 14 1984 show from Memphis Tennessee was the first date for me and my wife; I only recently became aware there were audience recordings. Looks like someone may have posted this recently, but the link has expired. Would anyone be willing to repost for me? Much obliged, DJ
  4. Tim, thanks very much for the welcome, and the guidance. DJ
  5. Good morning from Kansas, folks. So sorry, I see someone recently posted the Memphis Dec 14 1984 show, but that link expired; I only just became aware that audience recordings existed. Would someone be willing to repost a link? This show was the first date for me and my wife; looking to make this a Christmas present. Many thanks, folks... DJ
  6. Good evening from Kansas. New member here with a favor to ask. My wife and I had our first date at the Dec 14 1984 show in Memphis, Tennessee. I only recently became aware there is an audience recording floating around somewhere. If anyone can confirm and possibly direct me, I'd be most grateful. Very much obliged; DJ