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  1. 1976-09-04 asbury park Sorry, but i have only this one in flac. All the others in mp3. Ciao!
  2. I was there, wet like a chick, but with a big smile on my face! What a night!
  3. 1992-05-09 new york snl If you want this is a link for a 7zip folder that include the audio for three tracks from the show and a one track (about 48 minutes) for the rehearsal (i rip the audio from youtube i don't remember when). But caution it's all lossy with no info and renamed tracks by me, so take it as it comes! I finished my holiday and tomorrow i will go back to work. I see with pleasure that the uploaders did a great work in the last week, as always A great great forum! Stay safe
  4. @fadeaway 2018-07-18 new york - billy joel - mp3 enjoy!
  5. I confess to consulting very often the "recent changes" in brucebase Good news, my friend, good news
  6. if you want i can upload the all show, but in mp3 Let me know...
  7. thank you Tillywilly always appreciate your work Are you doin' some western stars studio sessions on brucebase?
  8. here we go: 1988-06-11 turin -this is not a dark ride - godfather records - flac enjoy!
  9. @Breakaway @mickb uploading Godfather Turin (my hometown and my first Bruce show! )
  10. @thundercrack83 1988-07-22 Berlin (Recorder 3 with Patches an mjk5510 project) - Flac Enjoy!
  11. @bosstrade01 thank you for the great upgrade of memphis '76! I'm listening to it now and it's wonderful. I always love that show since my classmate gave me a tdk cassette that i have consumed listening to it in my teenage room, playing a tennis racket like a guitar during it's hard to be a saint in the city and imagining that the city lights that i saw from my window were from New York and not from Turin! It was really a long time ago...but some things never change, so thanks again @Born To Rock thanks of course for your splendid generosity and for yet another upload
  12. sorry, but i have only an mp3 version without info