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  1. Hi, is this one that you need? Bruce Springsteen Key Arena, Seattle, WA August 11th 2005 Uncirculated IEM Recording CDR > EAC (Secure) > WAVE > FLAC (TLH, 6, Align) Read notes below! Disc 1 01 - Intro 02 - Living Proof 03 - Reason To Believe 04 - Devils & Dust 05 - Highway 29 06 - Long Time Coming 07 - Be True 08 - Frankie 09 - The River 10 - Intro 11 - Part Man Part Monkey 12 - Ain't Got You 13 - Highway Patrolman 14 - Reno 15 - Two For The Road 16 - Nothing Man 17 - Racing In The Street Disc 2 01 - The Rising 02 - Darkness On The Edge Of Town 03 - Intro 04 - Jesus Was An Only Son 05 - Intro 06 - This Hard Land 07 - Intro 08 - The Hitter 09 - Matamoros Banks 10 - Growin' Up 11 - For You 12 - Intro 13 - The Promised Land 14 - Dream Baby Dream Notes Great uncirculated IEM recording of a great show, the North West US run has always been considered a highlight of the tour. Features one of my favourite single performances of the entire tour in Highway 29, and a nice acoustic For You. Slightly better than the Portland IEM, to my ears. Thanks to the taper, hope you don't mind too much.
  2. Tha Thank you Twink!! I will have a lot of do tomorrow!!!
  3. Listening now... What can i say? Great story, great sound and great artworks too!!! Jim and Stefano: what a team! Thanks for all and how I wanted to be there in that hot new jersey summer night Thanks Thanks Thanks
  4. @zorrosky and everyone who wants of course! Thanks to another good friend of ours here are five version of "Son you may kiss the bride" much, much better of the one that i previously share... THANKS STEFANO!!! Son You May Kiss The Bride (Copy Repress) (Blue Version) (Basil Records - Vinyl) https://mega.nz/folder/8ExUAApa#2UFot9rCTB2_QcrHZ7Cy2w Son You May Kiss The Bride (Copy_Repress - Green Cover - Basil Records - Vinyl) https://mega.nz/folder/oYxGzZbB#m7IjuHdiZkQ2yPzrDLiijQ Son You May Kiss The Bride (first press A) (Red Version) (Unknown Label - Vinyl) https://mega.nz/folder/QMgEwSQR#GJFZ8e3TUi0v6SAcijmr_A Son You May Kiss The Bride (first press) (Red Version) (Basil Records - Vinyl) https://mega.nz/folder/NVgmlDrK#nGtHv8IYeIx2OPre08gXow Son You May Kiss The Bride (Unknown Label - Picture Disc) https://mega.nz/folder/RdhE1IJR#L6BlpBNfy5e6ZA9wSXXDjg Enjoy!
  5. anyway potatoes or not, here we go in flac: https://mega.nz/folder/ZF52VDIQ#G0nzkomhLUwvnizEs_0u-Q Bruce Springsteen - Son You May Kiss The Bride enjoy! I'm goin' cooking... No, i'm joking. I'm not able and tonight it's pizza time
  6. Hi, uploading son you may kiss the bride, but you must send me some potatoes
  7. sorry Mick, i just check, but i don't have any of your requests
  8. @thundercrack83 ok here we go all in flac: https://mega.nz/folder/kBxy1aSS#hDa6QIUpCeYv8-Jcum6tkg 1988-03-14 Richfield - Walk Like A Man, Piggham Records https://mega.nz/folder/ZVIBRaYa#qMcLq0t8prXTUmcr-huWDg 1988-03-16 Taking Two Steps Back - Live At The Rosemont Horizon - Ev2 (Warning: unfortunately I realized that I renamed the files years ago after the download. Sometimes i did it, bad mistake that I regret having made, sorry!!!) https://mega.nz/folder/ENx2yILC#f2E-AGNQ3UZGQ2Cwj3ZtrQ 1996-01-28- Superbowl Party-Atlanta
  9. here's another good one from the reunion in east rutherford: 1999-07-29 - The Bossman Reunion Tapes Vol. 13 - Bossman284 Master DAT via Hobbes4444 & Earlmv https://mega.nz/folder/tNYFwSCR#EaObS-1xfbeNoON2-Lzn7g Take it or leave it
  10. @Twink nothing to add, but a lot of mp3 to replace!! Thank you Twink, awesome
  11. ten days ago, family scene in the bed (kids are sleeping): Me: "honey, i was thinking, i haven't downloaded anything for almost a month, cause i have no space. I really need a new hard disk." My wife: "no, i don't think so. You have everything you need about Bruce" Me: "but, my sweetheart, there are many version on greasy lake that i don't have" My wife: "but you have others of the same show" Me: "yes, baby, but it's my hobby" My wife: "it's not a hobby, it's an obsession" Me (after one minute of silence): "but the links from bosstrade last one week" My wife: "who the hell is bosstrade, you owe him money?" Me: "my dear, he's the great one, show him respect" My wife: "you are a bunch of nuts addicted" Me (with dilated pupils): "no, no i'm not addicted. I can stop when i want" My wife: "ok stop it now" Me: "can i buy the hard disk?" My wife: "oh, shut up and let me see Grey's Anatomy" Me: "ok, so we have a deal" My wife: "buy yourself that damn hard disk and shut up" Me (ten minutes after the order): "great it will arrive tomorrow! What do you think about have some sex to celebrate?" My wife: "do not overdo it, you've already had too much luck for tonight!!!" So the day after i went back from page 960 and start to download like a crazy like a real lurker! Today i finally arrive to this page and i really want to say a big big thank you to all the uploaders for all the fantastic share. A little way to thank you is this link with 15 extra tour shows that i have in flac from 1987 to 1989 Long life to this board! https://mega.nz/folder/ZFARUSRa#3Bq12-7zijPhgK8howVXEw extra tour 1987-1988-1989 - flac
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