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  1. Hard to believe it’s been five years since the last show at the “joint that don’t disappoint.” March 17, 2016, at the LA Sports Arena. A great show with a couple special slots for St. Patty’s Day. It’s been the longest gap between shows since I could afford to buy my own tickets during the TOL tour.
  2. Today's Top 10 1. Racing in the Street 2. Badlands 3. Born in the USA 4. The Rising 5. Born to Run 6. My Father's House 7. Backstreets 8. Living Proof 9. Radio Nowhere 10. Dancing in the Dark
  3. Late season greatness. Just outside Bruce elite status. Hitch Hikin’, Tucson Train, Western Stars, Chasin’ Wild Horses, Stones, Hello Sunshine, Moonlight Motel...great songs.
  4. And one more if you would. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you @Buddhabone
  5. Here it goes...... The Promised Land - Bruce With or Without You - U2 Sign O’ the Times - Prince I Can Hear Music - Beach Boys Where the Streets..... - U2 Jumping Jack Flash - the Stones Alive - Pearl Jam Wonderwall - Oasis Let it Be - the Beatles Let’s Go Crazy - Prince 10 Lifers...
  6. Nearly impossible and depends on the day, hour, or mood but these are ones I consistently find myself gravitating towards: 1. Roxy 7/7/78 2. London 6/5/81 3. Christic Shows 4. Passaic 9/20/78 5. Nassau 12/31/80 6. LA Coliseum 9/27/85 7. Pittsburgh 9/11/16 8. Nassau 12/29/80 9. Tampa 4/22/08 10. New York 5/23/88
  7. Jungleland- Finishing up one of the greatest albums of all time
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