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  1. Thanks to everybody who has contributed and helped on this thread. I've really enjoyed this past year and met so many nice folks and @tillywilly@tillywilly lol What a year its been really, the thread has been renamed So many new members have joined, I left, I joined again @tillywilly joined, everybody left joke again Text file fiasco A legend joined the ranks The list could go on, but a lot of happy memories Personally got to know a couple off this thread you know who yous are! Can't be thankful enough for the love and support shown, had a tough couple years and it's all change and very exciting time for me personally. Safe to say all our collections are looking very healthy and again I thank everybody for contributing and being apart of this little group we have here. I haven't been around much recently but I'm still very much here Take care everybody and see you's further up the road.
  2. It's not new but a good watch, I'm not on my pc right now but I have this on my dvd drive if anybody wants a download of the concert I can upload it later on. Various artwork can be found on Jungleland, quite like this one.
  3. ISO the following silvers please, not seen these shared so might be a long shot A Fine Fine Spectrum 1976 (Vintage Masters) Japan tour 1985 (Scorpio) (have mp3) Love Soul (Scorpio)
  4. 1999-11-06 Fargodome, Fargo, ND (This Train - Earlmv) Link:!jCQ00YSC!E-JpdpNnbPKgJoRKeVppJA FLAC w/info 1999-11-10 Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN (Greg Holtz) Link:!GagxiaYZ!OdXTVpgvev1KdrY05gdnww FLAC w/info 1999-11-21 Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY (Earlmv) Link:!XPAEzIYA!Q6ATny7IQ89gwg8wA_hJJA FLAC w/info
  5. Chevy I will upload these three to help out 1999-11-06 Fargo 1999-11-10 Indianapolis 1999-11-21 Albany
  6. 2000-05-27 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV (Soundcheck IEM - Benchboy & Mark Persic) Link:!COgBGAbL!ACDk58FA9H3zwNHVyPtz8w FLAC w/info (I added a new md5 labelled the same as the original after tagging the files)
  7. I will upload the sound check soon, needs tagged so I will do that first before I do so. The source is IEM the taper is Benchboy and transfered by Mark P.
  8. 2013-05-16 Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning, DEN (Herning Wrecking Ball Night - Crystal Cat Records) Link:!vDRVBSQb!NNIweYBEjO1URwVUxGOoLg FLAC w/info & artwork 2013-06-18 Hampden Park, Glasgow, SCO (Essexboy) Link:!TCIFXaYR!F23sKGeYobsyYgNkbVVfMg FLAC w/info 2013-06-18 Hampden Park, Glasgow, SCO (Guesswho) Link:!LXAzUILY!7qcN0WljM8iNb4ekJ-PPeg FLAC w/info
  9. 1984-07-31 Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI (No Used Cars In Motor City - Piggham Records) Link:!rLBhUIJZ!BR2th-eNWnkDzxqvaIeNxg FLAC w/info & artwork
  10. I am not sure what WB tour missed songs is Mick? I will upload both versions of 2013-06-18 I have, 2013-05-16 CC, I only have 2013-03-26 in mp3 so an upgrade would be great also for me. I only have 2014-02-11 official download, pm me if you need that? Will be uploaded shortly with No Used Cars '84
  11. 2003-10-03 Shea Stadium, New York, NY (Bakerstuff Remaster - Juan Samuez) Link:!vGwiHChY!wag32PqVCDgODRtdZNHqqw FLAC w/info *EDIT, Posted a wrong date for no reason other than not looking at the post properly, might as well leave it up for anybody that needs it! I don't have either CuseBruce edit or Juan Samuez for 2003-10-04