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  1. Very proud of everybody who has chipped in over the last couple of years! Well done to all Glad to hear your safe and well, I'm good, working on the front line of a rail company has been a little stressful, going to be along time before things return to normality. Been keeping a close eye on this place since I last posted, don't want to miss on anything I don't have in the collection
  2. How's my bootleg collecting family getting on? Hope yous are all well and safe
  3. Doesn't mean I'm not around
  4. Vegas 27th May 2000 he started with viva Las Vegas and finished with it also so yes he has played the same song twice in one show.
  5. I had no issues running TLH on Win10, I only ever had it on Win10 so I wouldn't know if there was any performance issues from Win7 to Win10 but I would expect the programme to run exactly the same.
  6. Happy new year to everybody! Personally a mixed year for myself hoping for better things 2020, thanks again to all involved in this thread and keeping it going and lurkers for visiting! Couple months I should be back to where I was and sharing requests. Looking forwards to all the new Bruce goodies the community have to share and forever grateful to the people that do all the hard work getting them out there.
  7. remember talking to @Paolo's Circus Story before starting the thread, thinking it could be a bad idea and I thought 15 pages would be a success 514 and going strong is quite ridiculous to think. Can't thank you all enough, so many people involved and the kindness shown amongst the group is great to see.
  8. You to mate! I might have started this thing but it's everybodys thread not mine, proud of you all for chipping in and helping eachother, yous are all pretty awesome.
  9. You too mate, getting caught up really quick but also a long way to go, going to try keep up to date on this thread, sometimes I don't check in for weeks at a time.
  10. So keep the good eye to JL and the blind eye to the sun? Lol Been a while since I logged in but been playing catch up for a while how is everybody doing?
  11. Love John Mayer particularly Heartbreak Warfare, perfectly Lonely, Slow Dancing In a burning room, gravity, new light, assassin, Walt graces submarine test, basically he has alot of great songs, amazing vocals and a top ten guitarist of all time, what happens outside the music I don't give a shit. He's gifted and I've enjoyed his music for many years. Love the cover!
  12. Thank you Thank you Thank you very much, elvis once said! Yes I will need a load of help so much already uploaded to mega so just going through what links I have available and start requesting to fill gaps ect. This will take months to catch up if I'm honest.
  13. Hey folks how's everybody?? I'm officially downloading again. I had a complete hardware failure and for what ever reason my drive corrupted and I lost my collection. Been away for to long and I'm ready to go again I'm going to be needing a fair bit of help to get back to where I was so with your help we can do this right? I have a new pc and a new drive I'm taking all the right steps to keep my new gear as safe as I can. Staying away from torrents so any new uploads would be most appreciated uploaded on here please. So first things first any new bitusa shows uploaded since I've been gone??