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  1. Hello allsetcobrajet I think if we really wanted to we could have majority of bootlegs readily available, but the interaction between people requesting and uploading is what keeps the thread moving, if links were permanently up as in lists of them we would loose the conversation aspect of the thread. I think if somebody searches enough ALOT of CC shows are already uploaded and active, a lot will have been uploaded numerous times as well. A new user may not join and say hello to request something should it be already all uploaded, that same user may have the missing show from somebod
  2. 1978-08-04 Charleston, WV (Oh Boy! Remastered) (E. St. Records) https://mega.nz/folder/LHglCCyI#EpjCSSvgU_GzZAJs2QLluQ FLAC, Info File & Artwork
  3. 1999-05-27 Gent, Belgium (Gent Night) (Crystal Cat Records) https://mega.nz/folder/3PAAECRa#qjO5f3RQT4fF8VnUUib37w FLAC, Info File & Artwork
  4. 2008-06-23 Antwerp, Belgium (Antwerpen Magic Night) (Crystal Cat Records) https://mega.nz/folder/DfpTSbiA#_L1SOSjHixi0YLisalmB_A FLAC, Info File & Artwork.
  5. 2013-07-13 Werchter, Belgium (Werchter Wrecking Ball Night) (Crystal Cat Records) https://mega.nz/folder/uS5R3ZSK#970sNhr7OL019oa9y80Akw FLAC, Info File & Artwork.
  6. No worries and your welcome I will try and upload more from your list a little later on if nobody else has.
  7. It is good advice from @Born To Rockto request a little at a time and not big lists @Sleest here is a little more from your list. Both FLAC with info files 2006-11-07 Antwerp, Belgium (Germain Version) https://mega.nz/folder/3aQmDQJb#suv038SKnxjN3N133QDlGQ 2007-12-12 Antwerp, Belgium (Zimmy21 Version) https://mega.nz/folder/rfhjyQYT#kJmMex_4bxsWHGBL1Il8PA
  8. I've had no issues downloading from mega, so hopefully it's been fixed.
  9. Very proud of everybody who has chipped in over the last couple of years! Well done to all Glad to hear your safe and well, I'm good, working on the front line of a rail company has been a little stressful, going to be along time before things return to normality. Been keeping a close eye on this place since I last posted, don't want to miss on anything I don't have in the collection
  10. How's my bootleg collecting family getting on? Hope yous are all well and safe
  11. Doesn't mean I'm not around
  12. Vegas 27th May 2000 he started with viva Las Vegas and finished with it also so yes he has played the same song twice in one show.
  13. I had no issues running TLH on Win10, I only ever had it on Win10 so I wouldn't know if there was any performance issues from Win7 to Win10 but I would expect the programme to run exactly the same.
  14. Happy new year to everybody! Personally a mixed year for myself hoping for better things 2020, thanks again to all involved in this thread and keeping it going and lurkers for visiting! Couple months I should be back to where I was and sharing requests. Looking forwards to all the new Bruce goodies the community have to share and forever grateful to the people that do all the hard work getting them out there.
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