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  1. Philadelphia 2005 is out right now: https://live.brucespringsteen.net/live-music/0,27134/bruce-springsteen-tower-theater-upper-darby-pa-05-17-2005-mp3-flac-or-online-music-streaming.html
  2. Hello Does anybody have 1985-07-07 Leeds, England (Fever’74 DAT Clone Transfer) 16/44 version? If it is possible, the original version edited by hrubesh. Thanks in advance
  3. I don´t know. I have only seen this: Is not Flynn the administrator of the site with good info about Bruce?
  4. It seems like next archive release will be August 1985, according to a BTX user. We'll see...
  5. Don't worry. If nobody uploads this version, I'll do it as soon as I have some free time.
  6. Biccio59 master is the source used for Crystal Cat title, Godfather title and others. Last year hrubesh released the master tapes transferred by Biccio59 himself, in my opinion the best version of this recording.
  7. 1985-06-21 Milan (Biccio59 master) 1985-09-29 Los Angeles (Biccio59 Master DAT Transfer) 1988-06-15&16 Rome (Biccio59 master) These four are fantastic audience recordings.
  8. Do you plan to release them in near future? Especially from 8/21 there are not good recordings out there.
  9. After London '85 you taped the last Giants Stadium '85 show. ¿Did you record other shows of this stand?
  10. I don't think they have anything from Castiles, Steel Mill or Bruce Springsteen Band eras. They haven't released any show prior to Born To Run era because they have nothing to be released. If in 1984 they recorded in multitrack only 4 shows when they were getting a huge success, what do you think they can have from the late 60s - early 70s when they haven't money and they didn't know if they could manage to make a living from playing music. Regarding demos and outtakes, these are being released via Sony and I don't think this will change in the future. If they finally release Tracks 2 this year I think we'll get some of the stuff you refer. We should also keep in mind that Bruce has re-worked in the studio many of the outtakes before releasing them. Outtakes require a different work than these archive shows.
  11. I think the target of the archive releases are the hardcore fans, that buy every or almost every concert released, plus casual fans, that buy specific shows for different reasons, for instance, to have attended the show. IMHO it would be a bit strange that someone that has bought all releases stops buying because some shows become repetitve. Maybe he skips any specific show but he keeps buying most of them. People who don't buy concerts and get them from other buyers are for me more dangerous to the continuity of the archive releases.
  12. I totally agree with this post. Knowing how TOL Tour setlists were I don't understand what some people want or expect. No more archive releases from this Tour or others? Only shows since 2005 onwards? The cancellation of the entire archive releases because it is boring and repetitive? They are roughly releasing one show per year of the main tours and especially the setlists of the shows of the 70s and the 80s will be repetitive. For instance, Uniondale, December, 28 features only one song not performed on 29 or 31 (Backstreets). Do you want they release this show or is it too repetitive to do it?
  13. IMHO every Springsteen show is unique, even when setlists are identical. I think that April, 28 is a better show than April, 23, at least after hearing the bootlegs.
  14. Last December-January they released 3 shows in 5 weeks. According to the last releases and the pattern they follow, IMHO next show should be from the 80s or maybe from the 92-93 Tour. It is very unlikely a show from other eras.
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