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  1. Hello Does anyone have any of next vinyl transfers Various dates: 3LP set 'European Tour '85' (Little Candy Records) 1985-06-21 4-LP set 'Boss Of Milan' 1988-06-11 4-LP set 'Tunnel Of Love European Tour '88' (hrubesh transfer)? Thanks in advance
  2. Of 1988-07-07 Dublin there are two recorders circulating: Recorder 1: BL tape transfer / Mauro R 1st generation tape Recorder 2: Paul M transfer But springsteenlyrics website refers johnos transfer 1 and 2. Would you know if they are a 3rd recorder or one of the already circulating?
  3. OK. Thanks for the info. For the dates 1988-06-29 Rotterdam, 1988-07-02 Stockholm, 1988-07-09 Sheffield and 1988-07-27 Oslo I think there is only 1 recorder circulating for each. Would you know if this is correct?
  4. That date is Bremen 1988-07-30 and I refer West Berlin 1988-07-22. The four recorders would be: Recorder 1: Vortex242 master Recorder 2: Lucky_Dog master / Flynn remaster Recorder 3: 4 LP set "Tunnel Of Love West Berlin" Recorder 4: 2nd Generation Tape Transfer (mjk5510?) And in my opinion, there would be a 5th recorder: "Badlands of Berlin" (Flynn Tape Transfer). I am asking for recorder 4. If it is a mjk5510 tape transfer, I don't remember the show uploaded on Jungleland.
  5. Hello Brucebase refers for Berlin West '88 show a fourth recorder that comes from second generation tapes (mjk5510 tape transfer?) Does anyone have this recorder and can upload it? Thanks in advance
  6. Yes, I meant different recorders. Did Earlmv make any remaster of this show too? Thanks for the info.
  7. I know that website. It offers good info about Bruce bootlegs but some are missing. For example, for Munich '88, mjk5510 tape transfer or 5-LP set "Who'll Stop The Rain" are lacking. It doesn't say either, how many recorders there are for each concert as Brucebase does in many cases.
  8. Hello Could anyone tell me how many sources from London 1988-06-25 are circulating out there? Brucebase says nothing about this question. Thanks in advance
  9. Thank you very much. Very very appreciated.
  10. Hello Could anyone upload any of next titles? 1985-06-21 Hi Bruce! (Eagle Records) 1988-06-11 This Is Not A Dark Ride (The Godfatherecords) 1988-06-15 Roses For Rome (The Godfatherecords) If it is possible or if they exist, I would be interested in hrubesh versions. Thanks in advance
  11. Last year we got 3 shows from Darkness Tour (Passaic #1 in September, Winterland #1 & #2 in December). I would prefer a BTR Tour show and not a Darkness show. I don't think there are many multitracked Darkness shows left to release.
  12. Hello I am asking for hrubesh transfers of the two Godfatherecords titles of 1988 Euro Tour, Turin and Roma 1. If they exist, of course. Thanks in advance
  13. Hello Does anybody know anything about next version 1988-06-11 Torino (FedeUD Master Tape) (hrubesh edit)? I don't see it uploaded on jungleland and it is a bit strange. Thanks
  14. "Latest Shows" only listed the shows with the E Street Band.
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