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  1. Great guesswork - sorry I was an initial doubter who did eventually change his mind!
  2. I'm not feeling it insofar as solving these clues. Is the Wizard of Oz connection irrelevant?
  3. I am so grateful that this Archive series exists. I hope and pray that it continues and keeps the pace up since I ain't getting any younger. I was also really hoping for another tour in which every show again gets released. I'm optimistic that this may happen but also have an uncertainty about it at the same time. Bruce too ain't getting any younger. Still hoping we get some BTR and pre-BTR shows.
  4. My wish now is that we get both ATL shows like they did with Winterland.
  5. The only other thing to add to this is that we know Atlanta 78 is likley inevitable having been broadcast.
  6. Man - I really feel Atlanta 78 with that clue taking us to a cover song like last time. You wouldn't wear your shades on a "Night Train." The "grab your ticket and get your suitcase" is just the set up for the train reference.
  7. I was just thinking about that this morning. Wasn't Berkeley where the live "Prove It All Night" from that radio interview came from?
  8. There is a train connection in the ATL show - he did James Brown's "Night Train."
  9. I'm gonna suggest that we might all be overthinking use of the LOHAD's line and that this may just be a 1978 show. Who knows? Really love getting the advance notice though.
  10. Not going to a free 1973 show on a Saturday afternoon at a small room at my college (Seton Hall in NJ). Bruce got no radio play back then and all I heard was that he was a "Dylan wannabe." I was stupid. Two years later, I would see him in the Seton Hall Gym - my second Bruce show after the Bottom Line show changed my life.
  11. I'm still hopeful for a release today, but then don't expect them to think they owe us anything the way the last news was worded.
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