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  1. Somebody needs to tell Nils to look out the window. There is surely a lot of touring going on right now.
  2. If radio implies "broadcasts" how about The Bottom Line 1975 (if they can clean it up) or something earlier from WMMR at the Main Point. Probably just wishful thinking on my part.
  3. Hopefull, but I'm not feeling anything for tomorrow. My hunch says next Friday. My wish is pre-1975 or more recent shows with great covers songs that we need great copies of for the archives.
  4. Well said - reading all of the comments here, this one connected most with the way I felt about the performance.
  5. Well, am I supposed to give a hoot that tomorrow is a Friday? Hate the silence.
  6. The lack of any communication about a July release makes one wonder how big a deal the Archive series really is. For many of us on this list, including me, each release is very special and something I look forward to with great anticipation and speculation. Could it be that the sales numbers have just gotten so small that its not too high on the list of Springsteen camp activities? Sure wish Backstreets would have slipped it in during their recent Landau interview. Good news to hear would be that we all don't relaize how much Bruce is involved with each release and that he is too busy staying focused on SOB.
  7. I'm down with that. Love to see the NYC shows from the Paladium.
  8. Gosh - you just reminded me of the audience recording of that one. Wanted to kill those people near the taper who paid a lot of money to witness history and talk through the entire show.
  9. Yes - one of the NYC Paladium shows would be awesome.
  10. I'm still spellbound about all this as it relates to the Jeep commercial. No matter what you think about the incident being bogus or not, Bruce was arrested. Did he not disclose it to them thinking it would just go away, or did Jeep just take a chance that it wouldn't come out and be such a big deal? They spent big bucks on this. Even if they didn't pay Bruce a dime, there was the cost of running the ad and the production costs. You would think that there was a personal services contract behind this with a standard morals clause and a duty to disclose.
  11. Well, tomorrow is technically a First Friday, but I guess that doesn't mean anything anymore. Happy 2021 all!
  12. Ah - now I see that they are calling this Volume 1 so that we can look forward to be offered a second empty box to buy.
  13. So all we get for Christmas is an empty box? Or does this also bring with it the bad news in that there will be no more 1978 releases?
  14. I was thinking this morning that a clue about 1975 CWPost would be too obvious! Wishful thinking, maybe.
  15. Great guesswork - sorry I was an initial doubter who did eventually change his mind!
  16. I'm not feeling it insofar as solving these clues. Is the Wizard of Oz connection irrelevant?
  17. I am so grateful that this Archive series exists. I hope and pray that it continues and keeps the pace up since I ain't getting any younger. I was also really hoping for another tour in which every show again gets released. I'm optimistic that this may happen but also have an uncertainty about it at the same time. Bruce too ain't getting any younger. Still hoping we get some BTR and pre-BTR shows.
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