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  1. Don't know if this helps but it's a G-G-ish,G/G,D,G progression. (I don't know what chord is made of G,A,D so I just call it G-ish in my head) When I play it (not as well as Roy, obv) it starts out as G(GBD),G-ish(GAD),G-ish(GAD),G(GBD) then some vamping (starting a G chord an octave higher and then doing an arpeggio down over the three positions of the chord), then the 2nd part/response is G(GBD),D(DF#A),D(DF#A),G(GBD). I based mine on the Bottom line '75 version which is a little less busy but same concept as Hammersmith. If you know your G scale and the three ways to make a G chord on the piano you will be able to find his little flourishes and make some of your own.
  2. How bout: or (with a capo) Lots of great Springsteen tabs on that site, including many from greasylake members.