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  1. Don't know if this helps but it's a G-G-ish,G/G,D,G progression. (I don't know what chord is made of G,A,D so I just call it G-ish in my head) When I play it (not as well as Roy, obv) it starts out as G(GBD),G-ish(GAD),G-ish(GAD),G(GBD) then some vamping (starting a G chord an octave higher and then doing an arpeggio down over the three positions of the chord), then the 2nd part/response is G(GBD),D(DF#A),D(DF#A),G(GBD). I based mine on the Bottom line '75 version which is a little less busy but same concept as Hammersmith. If you know your G scale and the three ways to make a G chord on the piano you will be able to find his little flourishes and make some of your own.
  2. How bout: or (with a capo) Lots of great Springsteen tabs on that site, including many from greasylake members.
  3. I think you might mean the thread that 'Bruce is recording now'
  4. Now I'm also jonesing for the revised version of Bruce Springsteen: The Stories Behind the Songs
  5. Just checked my Tracks booklet and it also has 5/22/95 at Thrill Hill as the recording date .
  6. I love Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips. I've turned multiple people into Springsteen fans using that as a gateway to ease em in.
  7. The New York Times review: Bruce Springsteen Looks West, With Strings and Sorrows (NYT critic's pick) (from Reddit)
  8. That is as funny as it is weird. Here in Canada I'm regularly blocked from a variety of content (particularly Comedy Central/anything NBC-related) but the idea of a BBC subsidiary allowing Canadians to view it but not an Englishman is bonkers.
  9. Here's mine, for what it's worth. This was tough. A few notes: - Tracks goes down a spot because of D4. - I like Human Touch a lot more than most but there are a few clunkers on it which knocks it down a notch. - The list has inspired me to go revisit Magic, WOAD and HH. Just haven't listened to them that much.
  10. I can't get into this one yet. Loved Hello Sunshine but this one makes me want to hit skip. I'm hoping that view changes, though. There are a variety of songs in his discography (for example Factory) which on their own are pretty inconsequential, imho, but gain resonance in the context of the album.
  11. It's up officially on youtube now
  12. Great tune, Shane. Downloading that puppy.
  13. Any singer/artist that feels commercially obligated to stay within a single subgenre/formula of music without following their muse just ends up repeating themselves and driving it into the ground. Far better to explore new avenues so when they return to their core genre they bring new & renewed passion,experience, perspective and knowledge. That's how you get great albums and songs, instead of whatever flossum long running bands like Bon Jovi that have just given up trying new things are flogging.
  14. Bruce without the breadth and variety in his discography could easily have become Bon Jovi. Is that what you want, JJ? Bon Jovi!