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  1. New tape man joe , fresh from JL for the non torrent people over here. Great sounding version. Other versions are also shared on JL 1999-07-18 (Tape Man Joe Master Volume 71 Via G) https://mega.nz/folder/XHxzHZhZ#k_UADYpvSJnhiK6abOv1aQ
  2. Was still on my mega https://mega.nz/folder/mWwX0bJY#etyAKyKIV4bc2IbHYenOEA
  3. soundcheck is also available as bonus on 1975-02-23 Westbury Serenade - Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY (Kivak Master Series)
  4. Yes I think that is possible, is also the way you do it when uploading stuff to DIME, just remove the released tracks from your upload
  5. Thanks so much ! here link to the buffalo 84 show for who wants some music coming with the cover art https://mega.nz/folder/KCxVEDLD#GB4FEvWggySuoHzXMJuGkQ
  6. Just a note - your folder is labeled as being Godfather but the contents (at least the infofile etc) refers to the CC release
  7. surem but not full sure what the GL rules are too be honest. Is this published somewhere?
  8. but still it's a bootleg and should not matter if you link it to a recent archives release right? It might be a misunderstanding than from the mods. But I know DIME has this restriction very clear. As soon as something is released, you cannot upload any bootleg versions of the same show anymore. But never heard of that here. And if the rule would be: it is ok to request a bootleg which also has been officialy releases is OK as long as you don't refer to that release, sounds a bit akward to me honestly.
  9. did not have this recorder. Is it still uploading as it misses some files on mega and in addition it shows 4 "ongecodeerd bestand" (uncoded files??)
  10. Not sure what this is about, but to be clear about it. Ofcourse it is NOT OK to request/post official (archive) releases. But as far as I know it is fine to post bootleg (audience/IEM etc) recordings of these same shows right? e.g Winterland Night of CC can still be shared, or not? (just an example)
  11. Wow so fortunate that you already saw him in 72! (I was -1 years old at that time haha). Must be an amazing to have seen your favourite artist from the begin of his career and following him for the next 45 years!
  12. This Friday there will be a new archive release! (Every first Friday of the month)
  13. I assume you are aware that winterland was released officially in the archive series?
  14. OCD ? I am already punishing my mind the whole day what you mean with that haha
  15. I remember that one, got many crystal cats from that source several years ago. They only lacked a good infofile, checksums and rip logs.But that is not important for everyone and I must confess I did also not check those files yet on frequency cuts to verify if they were real lossless...
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