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  1. ow sorry was only looking at the date, not the verion, sorry don't have that one.
  2. I have Fire over Red Rocks, I think I got it from this thread earlier this year, am checking the md5 now and will upload if ok!
  3. yeah catched up again anyone a request I can help with to celebrate?
  4. yeah this could replace my mp3 copy I had
  5. 1977-02-13 Toronto (JEMS Master 1977 Revisited Vol Six 24-96 Edition) https://mega.nz/#F!6G411CQB!76aQlg2rjHvqTxH2IPbIew 1977-03-15 Binghamton (Official Aud Recording via JEMS 1977 Revisited Vol Eleven) https://mega.nz/#F!PbZwCSTZ!e_34j68xg1r5uLJ_nLheog 1979-01-01 Richfield, OH - Final Night of Darkness (Unknown) https://mega.nz/#F!jaITzQoL!dD_LgZAEyNr5vvSVDp8pqA enjoy it!
  6. upload started, will take awhile though
  7. Let me fulfill this request, while I also try to catch up. Will upload to Mega today and let you know when completed. Have multiple versions of the last show of darkness tour (1979-01-01) have one you prefer?
  8. well I guess they are cheap to buy for a much larger audience. We can;t just ignore them right? Would at least be good to have good facts about them: what source did they use etc. So that everyone can make his own choice. They are unofficial and not sure through which maze in the law they can be distributed by the big chains like amazon, Walmart and also the dutch variants of this: bol.com and the one I mentioned is currently for sale at the ALDI (a budget supermarket where don't want to be found dead...) https://www.aldi.nl/onze-aanbiedingen/vanaf-donderdag-26-09/cd-the-broadcast-collection-8378.article.html
  9. thanks, guess we need TillyWilly or Bosstrade here to judge/analyse if somebody can post FLACs rippred from these silvers... Would be interested in a listing of all semi-commercial bootleg releases that are are available more and more
  10. hi all, just a quick check in with a question. (did not check the thread for a several days due to other activities). In a dutch FB group I was entered into a discussion about the commercial bootleg release (or however you should call it) of the Broadcast Series 1973-1993. Somebody claimed that it was mp3 sourced, but refuses to give some insight why/how he thinks that it is. As the experts are here, would like to know if somebody has this and has checked it (just as I want to know it now with some fact checking, as all the music on it, is probably coming from existing bootlegs) https://www.amazon.de/Broadcast-Collection-1973-93-5cd/dp/B07MX2FPGX
  11. sounds familiar. I have two structures - tagged and renamed (to my own prefences) - which I sync from my NAS to the cloud on my 1,25TB STACK storage - to be checked/tagged - all new downloads, which grows faster than my tagged/renamed section - MEGA folder where still a lot resides which I did not have yet synced. I guess I will need to retire first before I will fully catch up and that will not before 20 years from now
  12. yes, I also use a sync folder. As I don't want to download everything directly, I have set it up with a cloud folder and when I want to move them to my local computer/NAS I move them within MEGA to my Sync folder and then my local MEGA client will start synchronizing it to my NAS. After that I can move a specific show to a different location and with the next sync it is removed from the MEGA storage as well. Next step I would like is that the MEGA sync client would be available as an app directly on my Synology NAS so the data will not float through my macbook and I can turn it off and let the NAS work directly with the MEGA cloud
  13. Please define what is a serious collector .
  14. redundant bootleg these days, but hey we want them all...
  15. I have this on CDR for many years already. Not sure if the CDRs actually still play. But this has become a bit obsolete due to all the other releases of this show. I checked my drawer, but don't have a disc 7 with it.
  16. started the upload, will share the link tomorrow morning as I need to get some sleep now Not sure what happened, it might already have been on my Mega as the upload was done in one minute, usually takes few hours with my bad upload speed (until I get fiber next year...) Please check if it ok and not empty files or something like that... https://mega.nz/#F!uXgWBQKQ!XTn3LHBNYotxgxRC0Kg_1Q
  17. I have this one: 1999-11-29 Minneapolis, MN - The Last Show of the Century (Scorpio Records)
  18. I have 2003-07-24 East Rutherford, NJ [SPL]. This was an SHN vine via the SPL board. Didn't check it if it is an audience version though
  19. would help if you mention the full date of the show, so its easier for people to check their collections >nevermind, BTR can find anything with just a small hint in what you need
  20. New Tape Man Joe, straight from Jungleland 1992-07-26 East Rutherford NJ (Tape Man Joe Master Volume 46 Via G) https://mega.nz/#F!zPwQSarI!KtFpob7ncLCQ-HyjXYC1yA
  21. 1988-02-25 The Centrum, Worchester MA (Anonymous Collector-Low Gen Source) https://mega.nz/#F!zWJjxa6B!hzm5Il5jHpsqbqgMeaHw1Q
  22. ok will upload. will need to make new md5 first as I retagged this one already (I have a huge backlog to re-tag shows with my own tagging structure so it looks nice when streaming at home (and able to search)