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  1. In advance the links to the may 23, 1978 versions as they are still uploading. Please wait awhile and check yourself if complete... I already post the links, otherwise you have to wait minimally 8 hours when I will wake up again 1978-05-23 Shea's Buffalo Theater, Buffalo, NY (Recorder 1 DS Archives Vol. 18 with soundcheck) mjk5510 https://mega.nz/folder/yPpBAAQI#Q0xBcaA0aUM3BY4rGnQ5Yg 1978-05-23 Darkness Starts Here - Shea's Buffalo Theater, Buffalo, NY (Masterpiece) https://mega.nz/folder/STpzlApa#ivYwHtfc11YWFnqsP94blQ
  2. that's just by accident, most of the time, others are quicker than me
  3. I delegate this to our studio recordings expert on this board @tillywilly
  4. I started uploading 1978-05-23 Shea's Buffalo Theater, Buffalo, NY (Recorder 1 DS Archives Vol. 18 with soundcheck) mjk5510 to MEGA I also have 1978-05-23 Darkness Starts Here - Shea's Buffalo Theater, Buffalo, NY (Masterpiece)
  5. Well here the quote direct from Brucebase which clearly indicates IEM-Audience. I guess when you listen to it you should be able to identify audience noise or not in case of multiple IEM mix.... "Audience tape, IEM and great quality DVD 'Cincinnati Lights' (CTC). A version of the DVD dubbed with the IEM also circulates. The show has been released on a great IEM - Audience mix 'Let The Begging Commence' (Ev2), which also includes the soundcheck tracks."
  6. O I think that is my mistake. I think formally it is listed as "IEM remix" , but according brucebase it is a aud-iem remix. But I assumed that the date, title and author (ev2) would be clear enough. The ones I already have : -2002-11-12 Cincinnati, OH - Cincinnati Rising 2002 (IEM) 2002-11-12 Cincinnati, OH (flac Trade)
  7. One request from my end again. 2002-11-12 Cincinnati. - Let the Begging Commence! IEM-AUD remix (ev2) I still have a cupboard of burned cd's not fully cleared away yet. Today I checked what was still in there and the first cd I picked is this one. I checked my digital collection and I have other versions of this show, but this great AUD-IEM remix I seem only to have on burned CDR. I could rip it myself of course, but I would like to have the one which is in circulation including the info file, checksum etc show opens with 41 shots which is again very actual unfortunately thanks in advance
  8. wow you still burn cd's and print covers?
  9. Welcome thundercrack I am sure people will help you here. But please reconsider the number of shows you request in one post. This is just too much, which will result in that people will be less willing to help you out There have been discussions earlier with people who just dump their wishlist of >10 shows in the group. If you just split them up a bit and hang out here for awhile it won't take too long before most requests will be fulfilled. Please also ensure you try to circumvent to request shows which have not known recordings. You can check these two reference sites for recordings that are circulating. (and also specific versions that exist) http://brucebase.wikidot.com/ https://www.springsteenlyrics.com/bootlegs.php happy trading!
  10. https://mega.nz/folder/yfJwWKBI#7nz8wmsiLRORG616fuKtxg @thejerseykid Upload just started so please have patient before it is fully available This one I only could find the CC release of this show. I hope someone else can post this one.
  11. These two I have as well but need to upload first (will start them at my lunchbreak) The first two were still sitting on my Mega account so that were quick wins
  12. https://mega.nz/folder/2OxTzSaT#2pxJj5gTXMBiX3eEjfSfcQ
  13. https://mega.nz/folder/fb5jwSrT#2Hrls-kB-6p8b4P54wnNKw
  14. Well nobody can beat BTR. I am mostly too late and still feel guilty of more grabbing here than giving back
  15. I have it will all the artwork, info and log files. I have it had retagged, so I can upload but will need to ensure a new md5 check to it. Can do this in a few hours from now <edit> Chevy already beat me to it. LOL </edit>
  16. cool, this was my first ever silver disc CC purchase. Found it in a local record store in Netherlands (Leeuwarden to be precise) which happened to be a bootleg palace as well :).
  17. Happy 2nd birthday to the founding father of this topic! I am doing great and safe! How about yourself?
  18. Happy 2nd Birthday Bootleg Corner!
  19. Graag gedaan :). If you have any other request, just join our clan at the bootleg corner topic. Lots to get and to request to fill your collection. We are age page 567 in 2 years time :). What do I see exact two years by today!
  20. @thejerseykid this is not the bootleg corner. Your first post was moved to the record machine section. There I provided you mega links to the shows you are looking for. Bootlegcorner as above mentioned by @Paolo's Circus Story . There you can post requests IN the thread and not by opening a new one. have fun
  21. Here are some of your requests I had still sitting on my mega account 2012-03-09 Apollo (Crystal Cat) https://mega.nz/folder/ze50GCJZ#7P94TUBPr_RIujVhtyQ7Xg 2012-07-07 Roskilde (Crystal Cat) https://mega.nz/folder/SPhW3YzZ#Yoq1OxvGjCjnFvZUmmfhHQ 2012-06-10 Firenze - Godfather https://mega.nz/folder/HKwxFBBI#tFvvN63Aa2s_HZcjKvJSEg I have also the Rome 2005 Godfather but will need to upload it first. It is currently uploading to https://mega.nz/folder/vGxHHbID#Xj8-HJ6Jm9_SsK4LklxSBA (it can take awhile before it's completed)