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  1. I've got a big box full of Bruce books, Backstreets magazines, newspaper and magazine clippings collected since more or less 1978. Here's a pretty complete list: Complete Backstreets except Issues 1-12 (have reprint of Issues 1-9) Paperback: Born to Run: The Bruce Springsteen Story, Dave Marsh, Third Printing, 1979 The Boss Bruce Springsteen, Elianne Halbersberg?, 1984 Bruce Springsteen Complete (Lyrics and Music), B. Springsteen, 1986 Hardcover: Backstreets: Springsteen: The Man and His Music, Charles Cross, 1989 (Limited Edition #1440 of 4000, signed by Cross and Flannigan Springsteen, Robert Hilburn, 1985 Glory Days: Bruce Springsteen in the 1980s, Dave Marsh, First Edition, 1987 Down Thunder Road, The Making of Bruce Springsteen, Marc Eliot, 1992 The Mansion on The Hill, Fred Goodman, First Edition, 1997 1990 Culture Shock Calendar Tunnel of Love Concert Book Rolling Stone: Double Issue 437/438; 12/20/84-1/3/85 (Photo) Issue 436; 12/6/84; Interview 525; 5/5/88; Bruce On The Road 458; 10/10/85; Bruce: Made in The USA 591; 11/15/90; Bruce Springsteen: Voice of The Decade 442; 2/28/85; The 1984 Music Awards; Bruce!; Springsteen Tops Reader’s Poll A Tribute to Springsteen and other rock legends, Ideal Publishing, 1985 Q: The Modern Guide to Music and More: Pilgrims’s Progress: The Bruce Springsteen Profile, May 1987 Star; Springsteen articles and photos, 8/27/85 USA Weekend magazine; excerpts from Dave Marsh book, 4/24-26/87 Newsweek On Campus, Rock N’ Real: Pop Music’s Harsh New Message, Nov 1982 Newsweek, Glory Days: Going Wild About Bruce, Aug 5, 1985 I don't want to ship them and it's too much of a hassle to try and sell them but will give them to a good home near Denver. Thanks! Daniel