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  1. Hi. Would anyone be kind enough to upload 03-17-2008 from Milwaukee please and thank you!
  2. Also one of the rarest. He's only opened with it 4 times. Earl's Court in 99, Fort Lauderdale in 09, Toronto in 2012 & San Sebastian in 2016. It's one of my favourites and I've yet to hear it in 20 some concerts, so I'd just like to hear it. It doesn't matter where he plays it in the set.
  3. All good my friend! I've given up hopes that there is a decent recording of that show. The Charlotte recording that was shared is a pleasant surprise though! I've never heard that show sound so clear before. That stretch of Reason- Gypsy- Candy's- Prove It- She's the one is intense!
  4. Looks like it. I double checked Brucebase, just said audience tape. The Atlanta show I think only had one version, but the version of Charlotte is much clearer than the one I had previously. It's a shame about the Atlanta show, that show sounds like it was a good show with a good set but the audio quality really lacks.
  5. Does anyone know if multiple sources of Atlanta 04-25-2008 & Charlotte 04-27-2008 exist? I found a each show on my old hard drive recently (not sure which source) and they are not in good quality. If anyone has multiple sources of these two shows would you mind posting links? Please and thank you!
  6. I'll throw in my vote. Oakland, night 1, 1984. Magnificent version and it was before the story came along. I don't mind the stories so much but always liked Racing in the street without them.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if this show or Fenway Night 2 are the next Wrecking Ball show to be released.
  8. Could I trouble you for a PM as well @Buddhabone Please and thanks!
  9. He would sometimes go without an intro. Other times he'd introduce the band during the Detroit Medley, right after the Travelling band portion of the song, and in 85 he would introduce the band before Ramrod.
  10. Would anyone be kind enough to post links to the last three River tour shows please? Sept 11 1981 Rosemont IL Sept 13 & 14 1981 Cincinnati Thank you!
  11. Would someone mind posting the Hamilton Wrecking Ball show please? October 21st 2012. Please and thank you!
  12. Thank you very much @Born To Rock As always, your kindness is very appreciated.