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  1. Hi. I'm wondering how many versions there are of the following shows. 7-28-08 Giants Stadium 7-31-08 Giants Stadium 5-7-09 Toronto I attended all three shows but lost all three finals! Please and thank you!
  2. Across the border wasn't a tour premiere that evening. It debuted in San Francisco a few weeks prior.
  3. Would someone be kind enough to post Toronto 12-05-2002 & Pittsburgh 08-06-2003? Please and thanks!
  4. No, it's not. She ruined that song during that tour. Say what you will but Out In The Street from 84-85 is NOT a highlight for me.
  5. Could I trouble someone to post Dallas 11-03-2002 please and thanks!
  6. Great show, great setlist. Something about playing in the rain seems to make the shows special. I wonder which show had more rain? This show or Milan from a month earlier and I wonder if anyone was fortunate enough to be at both shows.
  7. May I bother you to upload that if possible? I lost my copy! Great show, just wish it was in better quality.
  8. Could anyone post 7/21/2003 from Giants Stadium please? The version I have isn't great (I don't know which source I have) and I'm wondering if there are more versions of out there in better quality. Thank you
  9. I believe you're talking about night 4 (July 21st) that show was awesome! If only we had it in good quality.
  10. In a reunion tour mode lately. Anyone have a link to 08-22-99 from Boston? I believe there was a boot called Boston Tea Party that was in good quality. Thank you
  11. Would someone be kind enough to post 08-06-1999 please?
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