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  1. Thank you for posting this! For some reason I am having a hard time opening this. I've tried both my phone and computer and can't seem to figure out that site but I've had luck with Megaupload for all my downloads. Is there some software I'm missing? Thanks EDIT: nevermind got it!! Thank you!
  2. Would someone be kind enough to post a link to 05-25-2012 Frankfurt please? I thought I saved that show to my hard drive but apparently I didn't! Thank you!
  3. Hello again friends. Could I trouble someone to post links to the two MSG shows during the Wrecking Ball tour please? 04-06-12 & 04-09-12 are the dates! Thank you kindly
  4. Also looking for all 4 Philadelphia shows from 2012 if possible... 03-28-2012 03-29-2012 09-02-2012 09-03-2012 Thank you so much!
  5. Would anyone be kind enough to post 07-18-2013 from Cork please?
  6. Would anyone be kind enough to post the second Anaheim show from the Magic tour please and thanks? 2008-04-08 is the date. Thank you!
  7. Thanks! I've always liked this song. Damn shame Bruce didn't play this one more.
  8. Would someone be kind enough to post both performances of Nothing Man from the rising tour please? It was played on 9-30-02 in St. Paul and 03-11-03 in Rochester. I don't need the full shows, just looking for that song in particular. Thanks!
  9. Would anyone be kind enough to post the first and final rising tour shows from She's Stadium please? October 1st & October 4th 2003. Thank you!