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  1. He played it often enough early in 85, then it took a break until the New Jersey shows, then it got played semi often, including the last night of the tour.
  2. Why would there be? This is the 5th show from the tour to be released, and it's been on a grand total of one. The song kicked ass on the tour.
  3. So what's he supposed to do? Not put out quiet songs? I'd rather have it quiet for slower songs instead of some dick yaking to his buddy about something nobody else in the arena gives a shit about. Bruce feels the same way. And in a way aren't we there to see him? It says Bruce Springsteen on the ticket, not drunken slob sitting infront of me. It's 10 minutes of a concert. If you're that upset about it, stay home.
  4. I never said it wasn't, I was just explaining my reasoning as to why Bruce snapped and said "we need some quiet." You could tell he was frustrated. The look on his face wasn't of anger, but to me it was "you guys aren't understanding the anger behind what I'm trying to say."
  5. He asked for "a little bit of quiet please" before those songs. I've been to shows and sometimes before the first slow song they'll ask for quiet. I don't think Bruce is trying to be an asshole when he asks for quiet. I think it's more for concentration purposes, as well as getting the full effect of those songs. For LINYC, I think he thought the crowd was cheering for the song as it may have been looked at as a fuck you to the NYPD and that was why they cheered. I think that pissed Bruce off and that's when he snapped with the "we need some quiet on this one." Just my .02
  6. Did you find it pompous during The Rising tour when he'd ask for quiet before Empty Sky & You're missing?
  7. Any combination of the Born To Run album.
  8. I honestly think the song sounded off in 88, minus the intro by Bruce. The horns just don't do it for me and Nils and what I can only describe as overpowering vocal deliver during the "Yeah" part in 88 just didn't sound good to me whenever I'd listen to an 88 show.
  9. Can someone instruct me on how to upload a show? I haven't upped anything in.....years? I can definitely share some, I don't have much but if someone can give me a quick lesson on how to upload, I'll go for it. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, looking for a decent copy of 06-26-2000 from the MSG stand. It might be my favourite set from that final run of shows at the Garden, look at the setlist! Sadly, I haven't been able to get my hands on a boot that matches the quality of the show. I have a copy of the Bossman Reunion Tapes, Vol 6 but the quality is lacking a bit. If anyone has any other copies out there, i'd love to take a listen! Thank you!
  11. Upon doing some research, this was the same copy of 7/31/08 I had already. While it's listenable, are there any other tapes out there? If not I'll gladly hold on to this. This is from BB... Audience tapes (bossman284, nyctaper, travitz, JB). A matrix of the bossman284 and nyctaper tapes (ascot47) also circulates as well as a DVD (NYC Bitch Committee). Anyone got any of those? If not, thank you for the help!
  12. I wish I had saved that info when I got my current copy years ago! I would save a download, then put in in a folder with the date on it (e.g. 7-28-08) but never put which version! Huge pain in the ass looking back on it and now I've started to do it.
  13. Hi all, wondering if anyone can help me out. I was at the last two shows at Giants Stadium in 2008. I have recordings of each (not sure which recording) but they lack something. I'm wondering if there are more recordings available and if so, if someone could post any and all versions of... 7-28-2008 7-31-2008 Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  14. Damn! I missed that. I usually am good with checking before requesting! Thank you!
  15. Hi all, Another request, Would someone be kind enough to post the first Barcelona concert from 2008? The date is 07-19-2008 Please and thank you!
  16. You're one of the few I've heard of who doesn't like that one!
  17. It's more for sentimental purposes. I was at the show and it's the only time I've heard Racing In The Street in concert.
  18. They didn't know it but it was played before that with the ESB in 2003
  19. ...which they have. I've heard people say this has happened, mainly during the 09 tour.
  20. That show is killer! The 2nd set was pure fire.
  21. Hi everyone. I'm looking for a couple shows from Canada. I've looked everywhere for them but no luck. Can anyone post links for... Hamilton March 3rd 2008 Toronto May 7th 2009. Please and thanks in advance
  22. If I didn't respond to you already, thank you very much for this!
  23. Hi all, Could I please trouble someone for the 1st night in Gothenburg from 2012 please? 07-27-2012 Thank you!
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