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  1. Just see Homeland and after that Suits or Shooter.
  2. He was very good and maybe he is a better lw than Bergkamp but I tought that Bergkamp has to be in it. Another attacker, Rob Rensenbrink, from the 1978 team could have also made the squad.
  3. I will start with the best Dutch XI of all time: 4-3-3 Van der Sar Stam Rijkaard Koeman Krol Gullit Cruyff Neeskens Robben V Basten Bergkamp
  4. @Paolo's Circus Story Yeah that’s very recognizeable. I think you’re right, I couldn’t do anything about it. Thanks @Daisey Jeep Oh that’s very nice! Above my bed hangs Amsterdam 1975 poster! Then I’m kinda lucky because in my family are more Springsteen fans!
  5. Oh wait guys. The Dutch rap is totally crap, not the whole rap scene. I don’t like the rap in rocky ground but it’s okay. I can post some of the Dutch top (rap)songs if you want. The main problem was that they don’t understand the Boss and I meant that they all’re listening to Dutch rap what I can’t believe.
  6. Yes it’s a sin that they don’t even know the whole E Street Band
  7. hahaha I’m just praying that one day my friends will understand the Boss...
  8. Hello guys, I’m 18 years old and I live in the Netherlands. Everybody (from 10-30 years) is listening to music from the last few years, especially the Dutch rap. That’s absolutely crap. Now I’m wondering if there are more young people with the same problem in US or EU.