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  1. thank you very much for your help. Greetings.
  2. Hi everyone? I found the cover of the transfer that I am looking for, it may be easier to find it. does anyone have it?
  3. Oh sorry....yes, it's mjk5510 Transferdatum You got it?
  4. Hello. How are they? Does anyone have the latest and new transfer of the 1988-09-04 Paris concert?
  5. Hello. How are they? Could someone upload this file again? I have lost it and cannot download it again because it has expired
  6. hello, how are you all, some have 1988-09-04 Paris (mjk5510) is a new transfer I think Thanks.
  7. I was looking for the Live Audio of the concert. That came out recently, I don't know if any of them have it
  8. Hello. How are they? Some have this file for MEGA and in Flac format .... "Born In The U.S.A" (Boston 1992-12-13)
  9. One more for the night ... 1992-12-03 St. Louis (RJ Tapes transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/l4o2VJqA#3OsuIn6AWclaDhFIbIOTsA
  10. As I promised. The beginning of sharing the good of Bruce has arrived 1985-08-05 Washington (JEMS transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/RxJ23b7Y#-e3bPS_f98PHZE4wbfCw0g
  11. wait I'm wrong. I was wrong at one of the concerts. I was looking for Barcelona I think it was 1993-05-11 I apologize for the mistake. Very soon I will upload from my collection. He disappeared from this place because my brother erased all the new collection that he had, of the new transfers. I don't keep anything new. But I have an old but very large collection. I have it on a computer that has a broken screen, that's why I haven't shared it yet. But very soon I will, I promise
  12. thanks friend. you helped me a lot surely someone has the Lisbon concert. I had it but I lost it. I wanted to share it here but I don't have it. I do not know what happened
  13. Hi everybody how are you? I wanted to know if someone had different transfers by MEGA of the following concerts: 1992-11-17 Chapel Hill 1993-05-09 Santiago Compostela 1993-05-06 Lisbon 1993-05-30 Copenhagen 1993-06-01 Oslo Thank you very much and I hope you are all well. Regards.
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