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  1. I think the file is not there 109 - Trapped 304 - Can't Help Falling In Love
  2. No problem, I'll wait. Thank you very much for the help
  3. thanks!!! I thank you for helping me with the order. Take care
  4. I wanted to ask if you would help me in these few concerts that I am looking for in FLAC format and through MEGA ... 1985-06-15 Frankfurt (Frankfurt 1985) (Zion) 1992-08-07 East Rutherford (A Friday Night In New Jersey) (Jockel transfer) 1992-11-03 Milwaukee 1993-05-07 Gijon (The Complete Borderline) (Reason To Believe edit)
  5. From the concert 1985-06-21 Milan.... Do you have the version of "Now We Begin! (Kokomo version)"?
  6. It is very important and useful information. That answers many questions. That's why I choose MEGA. Because we have a greater or endless limit depending on the cases. But what I like the most is that you can choose the files that you want to download, and on top of that, it downloads very quickly Thank you @mickb
  7. @Born To Rock @mickb wow ...how fast of both, incredible. @mickb The list was a bit long because I like to check transfers or concerts that are unusual to order or that you don't see many. I am looking forward to and coveting the Amnesty International tour .... their concerts are very difficult to get. But in any case I apologize for the size of the list, I know that it is easier and more respectful to order in less quantity.
  8. hi guys, do you have the last concerts of the "world tour 1992" tour? I'm looking for precisely these ... I never saw them rolling. if possible in FLAC and MEGA 1992-09-25 Los Angeles (B.L transfer) 1992-10-02 Phoenix (Ugly Cowboy Boots And Missing Lighters) 1992-10-17 Calgary (carlettone transfer) 1992-10-30 Ames 1992-11-05 (Here We Go, Madonna Look Out!) 1992-11-06 (Toronto Spirit) 1992-11-17 Chapel Hill (mrclst transfer) 1992-11-18 Charlotte 1992-11-24 Miami Thanks for all!!
  9. thank you all for the great help!!! @allsetcobrajet @Twink @mickb I thought it would be easy to get the "Hampton Rocks" transfer. Apparently it is coveted. I had that transfer and I lost it, it was very good because Bruce's voice was heard very clearly. Hopefully someone later can have it and share it. I want to know the great work that is being done with the orders and the respect that there is with each other to wait, ask and thank for the help.
  10. I had the doubt if there was a London concert in 1992 with the transfer called (Wembley Nights 1992 # 3)
  11. Hi guys, how are you? I place the second order of mine. This list can be longer. Anyone who can help me I appreciate it. In FLAC format and by MEGA if possible. Thank you very much. 1985-01-04 Hampton (JEMS) 1985-01-15 Hampton (Hampton Rocks) 1992-07-06 London (Wembley Nights 1992 #1) (Jockel transfer) 1992-07-09 London (Wembley Nights 1992 #2) (Jockel transfer) 1992-07-12 London (Wembley Nights 1992 #4) (Jockel transfer) 1992-07-12 London (Wembley Nights 1992 #5) (Jockel transfer) 1992-08-26 Landover (Tape Man Joe Master Volume 73) (G/buckshot transfer)
  12. thank you very much @Born To Rock. I had two concerts left to look for from that list, but I'll ask for it later when I ask for the second list or see if someone else can upload it if they have the concert. Thank you very much again and take care of yourselves. Big hug!!!
  13. Hi guys, how are you, this time I have a long order but I'm going to separate it into two parts to respect the policies here. I don't want to order just so many concerts. I leave you the first part, I would look for it in FLAC format and if possible in MEGA. greetings to all and take care. 1985-01-04 Hampton (hrubesh transfer) 1985-01-05 Hampton (Hampton Rocks) 1985-06-12 Rotterdam (Bruce Springsteen In The Kuip Remaster) (hrubesh edit) 1985-06-15 Frankfurt (Frankfurt 1985) (Zion) 1985-06-25 St. Etienne (Mauro R. / hrubesh transfer) 1985-08-22 East Rutherfor
  14. thanks man!!!! for the help and for uploading it again. I hope the other concerts can be obtained later.
  15. I appreciate your help. I couldn't download any of them because I have a bad internet so through this download link it never gets downloaded. We would have to wait for someone else to upload in MEGA what you uploaded and the missing concerts. Thanks man!
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