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  1. Here's the EV2 1975-07-23 Lenox MA 'The Complete Lenox' (Erno-Ev2 Transfer) https://we.tl/t-lw7YExRZ3z
  2. Here's all the above 1978-08-14 Hampton, VA (Recorder 2 - DS Archives Volume 24) https://mega.nz/folder/FpowVBwI#DK2V7ZndmgF3RXCA6vFw3A 1978-09-03 Saginaw MI 'Recorder 2' (DS Archives Vol 25) (mjk5510) https://mega.nz/folder/UxJ2AT7A#jy9PHqBVcRiz6spsJecGWA 1978-12-13 Tucson AZ (DS Archives Vol 26) mjk5510 https://mega.nz/folder/xw5WXDyA#MeVYMU4AWtVnUxEyF40iMQ 1978-09-16 New York City NY 'Recorder 2' (DS Archives Vol 27) (mjk5510) https://mega.nz/folder/p8xGBbLI#CQw6_byZ61nW4JLcDeUQ5Q
  3. looks like this order still needs fulfilled - links good for one week. If you can verify the dates for the others listed under 12-27 will try to get that also...Lights out tonight is from master tapes so I think that's one of the ones you are looking for 1978-12-27 Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh Lights Out Tonight https://we.tl/t-WCBqe8spYP 1978-12-28 Pittsburgh PA (buckshot) https://we.tl/t-Zm825kMD7m 1978-12-28 Pittsburgh PA (CDR-Ivan) https://we.tl/t-eLgivpxZU7 1978-12-31 Richfield, OH - The Firecracker Night (Earlmv Edit) https://we.tl/t-Daex5X2fE9 1978-12-31 - New Years Eve 1978 (Backstreets Records - Multicolor Vinyl) hrubesh https://we.tl/t-DUEkGQsnlE
  4. Today in history was my first live show - 1974. I had mentioned in an earlier post that buzz around the "new" band amongst the Julliard and local crowd was Roy Bittan who was known for session work and a quirky stint as music director of the 1972 musical "Hard Job Being God" which had a whopping 6 night run but somehow managed to turn out a studio cast album. It's a curious coincidence that Max was also fresh from the off- Broadway scene in the musical "Godspell" which was ultimately a wee bit more successful. The other turn of events was Suki Lahev...virtuoso violinist -no way...muse and inspiration to Springsteen's creative writing of the times - judging by the on stage attraction absolutely. Whether true or not, and looking back I tend to think it was true, the first hand story passed along was that he planned to arrange and incorporate strings heavily into writing on his ballads and love themed portfolio. Personally I think it would have been a major element balanced against the hard riving rock sound that was getting underway if things had worked out. Unfortunately the recordings don't capture the moment all that well...times were different, no political statements from the stage or the floor, some really cutting edge moments of a band just starting to figure out who they were, and a lot of simply good folks from all walks of life in that audience that walked away with something to reflect on 47 years later. At any rate maybe a bit of info you never knew you might want to hear about that show. Here's all the versions I have if you need anything from the list. I plead forgiveness for the Princeton Flood Mp3...maybe someone has flac...but I just discovered it ain't me. 1974-10-04 I Saw Rock and Roll Future (Midnight Dreamer-Silvers) https://mega.nz/folder/N5QETBSY#GxJp01Ih_DtO0nFOgJvbug 1974-10-04 LDB Special Series #461 (RLR Collection) https://mega.nz/folder/ohZGQJgb#yAq1i-1R2Lisq5Tn7y39Yw 1974-10-04 New York City, NY - Cupid in the City https://mega.nz/folder/wsYADL7T#MK_N3ILcrsrW5iCSs5UBLQ 1974-10-04 New York City, NY - Incident at Avery Fisher Hall (Kivak-Fanatic Records Edit) https://mega.nz/folder/0pZwDbDb#fY1QFsfCNfkrzafnRvIRyg 1974-10-12 Princeton, NJ - The Princeton Flood - MP3 https://mega.nz/folder/5tYC2DTD#Zc8V2FyU3xQ00BAC4DzLjA
  5. here you go - link good for one week 2012-09-21 Metlife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ (Earlmv Bossman284) https://we.tl/t-ozkT5feUP3
  6. I read Sherlock Holmes books and watched Secret Squirrel episodes in my youth .... all I need now is a secret decoder ring to figure all these versions out!
  7. So where that lands so far is --- Bruce Springsteen - 2012-06-10 - Firenze, IT (Audience FLAC) = biccio59 Duke version = biccio59 as both of these seem to have come from an Edirol RH09 Virgin vinyl is the same biccio59 from the Edirol RH09 Telecaster came from an M Audio microtrack Earlmv is a DVD rip ...I'm assuming FedeUd but no idea what other video is out there or the audio source Godfather seems to be a different source but hard to tell offhand Bickle - can't find that anywhere to compare and then the sprinkling of patched in tracks here and there to round out whatever wherever it's interesting but good grief it's a lot of work sorting it all out - I've been cleaning up my own files only to discover I have xxxx copies ot the exact same thing with mixed up info files or nuanced naming conventions.
  8. I'm striking out on these also. Aside from godfather I've got one listed as "A Firenze" (Virgin Vinyl Records - biccio59) and the other notes the OKM and Edirol RH09 in the info file..it's an exact copy of the Virgin Vinyl source
  9. Is this the one you re looking for? 1988-09-04 Paris (Recorder 3) https://we.tl/t-aSDfNNTXLC
  10. I'm a week off the concert date but here's one from 47 years ago. This show created a lot of on the street buzz around the "new" band which was set to play at Lincoln Center. There were of course early fans and 2 albums in play, but for a lot of folks Springsteen was a bit of an oddity, somewhere in the jazz, village sound, hint of rock band out there. With all due respect no one knew much about Max, but Roy was known among the pit folks playing Broadway. There were a lot of rumors that Bruce was planning to use strings to shape out the romantic tunes so we had a long list, given the Lincoln Center venue (Philharmonic Hall had recently been renamed to Avery Fisher) , as to who the mystery guest would be. We had a rather large group going and it's rather hilarious now to recall that all bets were on virtuoso vioinist Jaime Laredo who was already in town roaming the halls of Julliard and signing autographs on the plaza for a concert appearance that week with the NY Phil. 1974-09-22 Union, NJ (Master Tape Transfer from The Big A) (JEMS Archive) https://mega.nz/folder/QwBQwJ6Z#QM2EorHoWUP1bC9mGMfH-g
  11. Probably a poor choice of wording on my part - I'm commenting more in general than in terms of a specific collector and their particular circumstances. And I do get the issues with hard to find material. In a different way I'd have a major issue unsealing my copy of Sony Japan Hungry Heart disc in order to rip to digital and share. On the other hand I have a few boxes of tapes with a handful of Springsteen shows in the mix. Some are easily available out there but I know for a fact I've got shows from what we used to call Riverfont Coliseum and Miami University that don't seem to exist at all that I can tell. But I also get the work that goes into it, I tried once ages ago to put out a digital version from tape, I think it was a Who show, and got pummeled by negative comments. Taped by a bunch of young guys with no professional gear so sure the quality was mediocre but it was unique. I'd have to admit it did not seem worth the effort to do that again. Thanks for the viewpoint, well received. I still think that the torrent ratio concept is just plain silly when you see a ton of material that is not all that hard to find on these sites and folks desparately trying to keep on top of it ... if you find something you'd really like to have 2 days after it was posted you have no possible chance to grab it without driving your own stats down to zero. So then you upload, and yes I've tried it in the past, and you as the uploader are simply working very hard within a very random environment driven by bandwidth, ratio of attached peers. protocols that are enabled or not enabled, on and on....and I just looked up what a seedbox is...so if I'm a college kid sitting in my dorm room riding the college fibre network then I own everything. Worse than a Wall Street trading floor. Ok I'll be quiet now - makes the old fashioned postal mail method quite appealing. Seems better to randomly donate to sites like this to keep things running and maybe encourage more folks to be generous
  12. Thanks for this - 2005-04-21 appears to be Bakerstuff version which is ever so slightly different from what I have. Another one that I never knew I was missing
  13. Since it's slow on the request side I'll add another angle to this. I primarily seek out vinly collectibles as investments but got into this whole Bruce thing ages ago before the internet existed...sort of a way to gain a little something and a few memories from the hundreds of concert tickets and albums purchased not to mention the added cost of travel to and from concerts and on and on. And with that came a rather skewed tendancy to purchase Bruce material which turned into trading via postal mail all over the world in order to build up that side of the collection. Then came the internet and magically you could reach out to those same folks but without a massive amount of physical overhead. Not to mention the weeks and months involved in sending out letters, trading lists, etc. Which brings me to this - why on earth do folks hoard this stuff and worry about share ratios and carefully guarding hard to find recordings, unless of course they are trying to make a buck off them somewhere. This has got to be the easiest place to share material I've ever seen. What possible adavantage do you get uploading to a torrent site, you don't exactly gain world fame and prestige off whatever a high number share ratio is consdered to be. I'd gladly go out to the JL or Dime or wherever as long as I'm able to, and grab anything asked for if I don't already have it. You get old, then you die, all those files aren't much good at that point if they don't bring a bit of enjoyment to someone else. Off my soapbox. I think I'll start a date by date upload of what I have starting with my first live show from 1974 next Monday...maybe others will join in
  14. Here's a couple more versions for Madrid 2012-06-17 - Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain (AlvaroVRAC) https://we.tl/t-XcpD9Hkl9T 2012-06-17 Madrid, Spain (javichun Version) https://we.tl/t-xCUkv4YLGz
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