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  1. So I point out a disconnect and now I have a crush? How old are you? How many of your brain cells has smoking all these years killed?
  2. Now you're a shrink too? The scene speaks for itself. There's a disconnect in the scene; she's squirming, moving around, leaning, and he's still. If she's not squirming, moving around, leaning, point it out. You can't, because she is. It is called the truth, not "being full of sh*t" or being thin-skinned. Do you ever deal with facts? Or just hate speech? "Outrageous" you claim. Now who is wounded. You presume I'm anti-Patti and I call you on your bs with a fact that contradicts your presumptuousness. You don't address that. Doesn't fit your narrative, does it. Still haven't addressed the "particular" redundancy in your earlier post. Is the great writer too thin-skinned to address that fact?
  3. Continuing with the adolescent, insolent brat routine. Still no response about your redundant use of "particular." Do you have a good editor? An editor?
  4. Nice temper tantrum. Talk about adolescent. "mind was made up about Patti" - I was the one in the front of the pit on the barrier at Dodger Stadium and threw my Boss Time baseball hat to Patti, that she put on, during the encores. Talk about presumptuous. I don't care about your opinion or you reconsidering it when you spew it with such vitriol. You're obviously too emotional, or too stoned, to objectively view and/or discuss the credits.
  5. Your mind was made up before you saw the film. Why wait? Moreover, your use of "particular" is redundant.
  6. Completely agree There are many fine (for the era) sounding audience recordings from this magical leg of the tour, to borrow a phrase. London is great to have, but in my opinion, it is not one of the apex performances. Rotterdam 4/29 and the Stockholm shows come to mind.
  7. Saw band Devils in Oakland 2012 near end of tour, fyi
  8. I “can’ believe” you “hate” a song. I “can’t believe” you responded to Paolo’s post slinging “hate.”
  9. I think you're gonna love the live performances, Paolo. I forgot what song was playing when one of the violin players broke out in a big smile and I thought to myself, this man is a genius performer and arranger. As I said before, I'm not a huge fan of the new album, but the live versions with the orchestra greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the music. Looking forward to your review of the film!
  10. Thanks for the gift of love and honesty you share with us. Springsteen’s concerts and records have given me some of my greatest friends. The truth of your post has within it many important lessons but certainly that sense of community your post reflects and inspires in others is beautiful. Im not the biggest fan of WS but as I sat in the theater on Saturday night it was impossible not to be amazed and humbled at the vulnerability and soul searching revelations of the man. Your post reminded me of that and stands on its own as an example of the best this sight has to offer. Peace Buddahbone
  11. Credits won’t provide warmth. Huge disconnect between Bruce and Patti sitting at the bar during the credits. He’s sitting there still like a cool rocking daddy and she’s uncomfortably squirming like a fish flopping around on a dock desperate to get back in the water
  12. Joker is a superior film Saw WS with the extra footage last night in USA and, although in different theater than Joker, cost $15, 1 less than Joker.