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  1. Powerful argument, Jim. I would have loved to have been there. Here’s to you. I saw 7/2/81 Jersey Girl and that was mind blowing in the sense of pride (in NJ) and community the performance created. I’ll never forget so many fans screaming during that song. Extraordinarily special.
  2. I stand corrected - Austin only show after LA with the five-pack
  3. I admit I can't be objective, because I saw five of seven LA 84 shows, but those 84 Oakland/LA shows were the apex of the tour: the two longest set lists of the tour (10/22 and 10/25), Nebraska five-packs, spell binding versions of Shut out the Light, dedicated to Ron Kovac on 11/4, absolultely heart breaking performances of Follow that Dream, dedicated to his "little sister" on 10/28, California Sun, overwhelmingly powerful openings of Born in the USA>Who'll Stop the Rain, and first ever USA into Badlands to start a show (10/28), incredible Glory Day raps with twilight zone guitar, epic pink cadillacs with laser focused raps like "on the fifth day, He wanted to take a drive but he needed some highway so He created the L.A.Freeway….and the Lord sat back and said ´What the f*ck is this?'" Bruce's parents in the house on 10/21. Also, in LA: Night, Stolen Car, I fought the law, Johnny Bye Bye, a reworked version of Darkness, and mesmerizing Point Blanks, some of the best shows of the two-year tour, including the 33-song opening night set in LA and closing night in Oakland, and an unheard of 17 song first set on Holloween, and blow off the roof versions of Born to Run with introductions like "this song, I guess, this is my, this is my favorite song I ever wrote, I guess…when I wrote this I felt….felt like I was born…..” and "this is your town so fight for it." Let's not forget he dropped Rosy for the first time since 74 one show before the first Oakland concert and then didn't play it after 10/28 until March 85. He was feeling it. Bruce was so strong and feeling so powerful and alive. It was incredible to watch. The way he moved around the stage, almost like Jackie Chan. The most physical I've ever seen him. He bounced down from singing to the back of the stage to the front of the stage with the greatest of ease, as if he was just yawning. It was that effortless. And also remember, during some of the Nebraska songs, most of the band would go off stage, and it would only be him and Nils or him and Max, for example. He was so focused but still relatively spontaneous with the sets, understanding he worked within the USA set structure overall. I saw all 85 Coliseum shows and there were magical moments there too, like the blow your bind brazenly bold and passionate debut of War. But for my money, those Oakland/LA 84 shows were really special and set the standard for the tour, as for as stands go. There were a lot of great shows and stands, like Philly, NJ, and other stops. He reached the apex in LA. After LA, the Nebraska five-pack went away, the set lists got shorter, etc. Those five-packs were like a mini concert unto themselves.
  4. Just read this and your 9/27/85 reviews love your passion for the shows
  5. Jim, you are the man. Absolutely loved those two 11/84 LA shows of yours!
  6. It is inextricably part of the song and energy that night.
  7. Another edit coming up no doubt with the frisbee cake.
  8. Great call, Clarence in Red and then White, among other differences. This is classic Inc. trying to thread a neadle instead of just being cool and releasing both sets, like they did with the audio archive.
  9. Absolutely no evidence to support your speculation, my friend. No evidence the releases are mutually exclusive. We'll get that box set. I want it too!
  10. Hi jmw. Check out the archive release of the audio of both shows. Dave Marsh, anything but objective, but has insider knowledge, writes about the concerts beginning on page 238 of his 1981 release of his Born to Run book. Thunder Road, The River, and and edited Quarter to Three are available commerically. Fan circulating dvds had Rosy and edited Medley. There was at one time at least, fan shot video of the first two-three songs from the concerts on line, as well as an extended, yet still edited, Quarter to Three, along with a b&w Stay. The shows were great, and the filming absolutely outstanding. I'm biased as I was at Birthday Nukes. Buty many hard core fans, and others, appreciate the shows.
  11. "They" can if they want to. "They" released "all songs from both nights" as part of the archive series. Stay not patched from Birthday Nukes. Medley/Rave patched for audio archive release and "they" can use that for the film. It is Bruce Springsteen. He can do what he wants.
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