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  1. I think at least for me, I remember the show from a "cleaner" perspective, the shows sounds a bit muted to me if that makes sense, although Take it Easy was stand out.
  2. I knew it was that, but they could have released either of the two, why would they release the first one, the quality was better and they wanted more people to buy that over Chicago, which was not excellent, but it was special to me
  3. It's more he sat there without moving for an hour or two, like when he did the Kessel run in 12 parsecs
  4. Although I am a little confused/interested, I know the NCAA performance was on YouTube for a while, was that ever out through a bootleg?
  5. I was sad about 1/19/16 because that was the one we were at, but free is free
  6. I totally forgot that it was played on wb tour!
  7. @Jimmy James does Open all Night count as remake with SSB? Don't get me wrong I LOVE the Nebraska version burn from 8/6/84 that's is absolutely freaking awesome.
  8. The fact that he made fun of the reporter with disabilities infuriated me, I too have a disability it's not too visible (hearing loss w/ a hearing aid) but imagine being made fun of over something you cannot control.
  9. That was the nail in the coffin, he already pissed me off so much, 1 you don't treat a vet like that 2. neither to a PoW.
  10. McCain and Romney were excellent candidates for president, and were excellent political leaders
  11. But see this is exactly how change works, it's an up or out mentality. It really is sad people could lose jobs, but the best have figured out how to pivot, even the guys who have been steelworkers for 40 years have figured out how to change for their betterment. What current employees need to advocate more for is career development and changes training, networking, understand sites like LinkedIn, hell companies could go back to helping older workers go back to school if they chose too. Companies obviously don't take advantage of things like this (especially middle class jobs) because thei
  12. I did not hear about that, but I am extremely happy Biden/Harris brought Blinken on as SoS- He's currently committed to keeping the embassy in Jerusalem and will still call Jerusalem the capital of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/bidens-state-pick-backs-two-state-solution-says-us-embassy-stays-in-jerusalem/. This combined with the easing of tensions in the ME is giving Israel two feet to stand up against the EU, hopefully with the support of UAE, Bahrain, etc. Fundamentally Israel does need to come up with a better solution for WB, Gaza, East Jerusalem because having a human rights
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