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  1. Waitin' on a sunny day with kids singing, though there are some exceptions if they're actually good.
  2. So I wasn't very sure if we were considering Broadway apart of the "last show" but I saw it in March 2018, it was really cool, but you know it was nearly the same thing for a year and change. If that happened to my last EVER show I'd be alright, but it's not ESB and dammit, there are some songs I have still yet to hear with the band and I want that.
  3. Second Chicago show was similar to the rest of the US 2nd leg, but every show is different as we know ! Couldn't get tickets through the lottery, on the day of the show, I was browsing TM and found some.
  4. Never even thought about that, and those are the only two I watch
  5. Exactly my point, it also seems like he tries to speak at a lower volume, but it ends up sounding higher and then podcasts do him no good.
  6. Unfortunately, I don't think I can get through 1 episode of this. I typical listen to my pods at 1.8x, at that speed you can *really* tell Bruce speeds through what he says, leading to a super high pitch (at least to me :)
  7. Ah yes, they completely bamboozled us, oh the horror.
  8. I believe this happens when people dislike the elected official. Repubs hate Obama, they called him Hussein because he wasn't "legitimate." For Dems that hate Trump it was Donald, the Donald and a whole lot of other things. NZ: People called the PM Jacinda, now that may be a culture thing, I do not know of that is the case.
  9. I believe 2001 was the beginning of the end for music on mtv
  10. I believe 2001 was the beginning of the end for music on mtv
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