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  1. I agree, some of the reviews I heard earlier turned me off but when I listened to it Tuesday, I knew it was solid.
  2. Wacky, it was this version, maybe I just deleted it. Thanks!
  3. Oddly busy day for me... I am Looking for Chicago 2009-9-20 (is there a copy that is not missing the 3rd track "no surrender")? Chicago 2009-5-12
  4. I'm looking for 2003-10-04 - SHEA STADIUM, NEW YORK CITY, NY I once heard Quarter to 3 from a YouTube video, Brucebase says this is the correct show.
  5. 3-4 for me. The first two songs were a bit of a turn off for me, but once you get past those, it's solid.
  6. Fair point, but theoretically say the guy can afford it at some point in the future, if he already has a limited means of money and has the choice between buying an album he already has or eating dinner out, why would you buy it again, if it's already in high quality? Short/current run- Artist aren't losing money from people distributing this. Long run maybe? Unlike bootlegs, especially radio broadcasts, which are public domain, hence "bootleggers in radioland roll your tapes". Albums are protected under copyright laws, while the producers and artist may have sent reviewers copies of
  7. I think the point is if you download said album and then send to a friend, who likes it but can't afford it (and it's a decent quality boot). They will keep the file without buying actual.
  8. Argh, I almost uploaded Rosemont 1984, interested in this as well...
  9. I'm looking for 1984-6-29 St. Paul, Minnesota 1984-7-2 St. Paul, Minnesota Thank you y'all
  10. We desperately need a official version of it! I'd love to see them lose their minds I just looked up the lyrics again, I'd honestly prefer CB over what we got
  11. I think it depends on the mindset, it's clear, and there is even proof some of the bitusa songs came from Nebraska takes, namely Child Bride becoming Working on the Highway
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