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  1. Ask for these in the Bootleg Corner! Someone should have it somewhere.
  2. Anybody have: NJ 8/4/1999 (No Surrender opens) Minneapolis 11/29/1999 Last but not least Chicago 10/10/80 or 10/11/80 Sorry for the long list just curious
  3. I think I read somewhere that if you have the original version you can listen to the remixed version in the nugs app, it may be a hassle but it is there.
  4. Just dropped cash (that this college student doesn't) have on recordings I wanted oof.
  5. Hmm not EVERYTHING is discounted it's select shows and one from 2016 weird, oh well looks like I'll be on here looking for shows :-)
  6. Does anyone have Passaic 9/19/1978 if not I'm willing to buy it off live.bs.net LOL
  7. Did the Ping Pong incident actually happen? Does anyone have audio or video from that?
  8. Bloomington is an hour south, unfortunately I am a Cubs fan, so go Cubs!