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  1. I considered WS a HS grad gift from and I first listened to it driving across Iowa and Illinois and it really hit me on that drive...
  2. EDIT: Never Mind Duh the link to Eric's Essay doesn't work but not like we haven't already seen it https://nugs.net/06-11-2020-he-who-doesnt-get-the-whole-doesnt-get-the-half-either.html
  3. He played it as the opener for the Harley Davidson 105th anniversary. My parents were there and a friend of theirs asked my Dad what motorcycle song does Springsteen have and he relpied with Gypsy Biker just as the song started :-)
  4. I finally had every Archive/bootleg in Apple Music and then in a bit of a drunken haze one night thought my computer was going to be slowed down by all the downloaded music removed them from iCloud Music Library and Apple Music/iCloud has a nasty bug where if it can't find the original album in the store it makes a copy of it and (in the best way I can explain it) literally made the files disappear from the original location. I search my recycling bin, iTunes folders, downloads my dedicated bootlegs folder and all of them are missing. Luckily I decided to keep the downloads for MOST of the shows on my phone, the ones that are physically downloades on my phone are okay, but there are a few that I chose not to download and can not be downloaded to either my computer or phone, it exists in the cloud somewhere but I'm not sure where.
  5. I love Apple Music but it wrecked my catalog of Archive shows to where I can't listen to them, and I've asked for too many extensions to download them again.. .
  6. Does anybody have Chicago 8/9/1985? Thanks as always !
  7. Do you think we'll ever hear a recorded audio version of Long Walk Home from Broadway? I really liked the version he played, and I'm a little sadbwe haven't gotten to hear it/See it :-(
  8. I don't blame you, some are good some are meh
  9. If it is possible, could I get a copy as well, thank you!
  10. You got it, when I looked back I remembered it was about getting old.