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  1. I'll See You In My Dreams Valentine's Day Walk Like a Man You're Missing The last few lines of Brilliant Disguise
  2. @Daisey Jeep may kill me for this, but there are people who find RAtM songs as anthems, yes it may include Tommy Commie, however those are different people who see things from different ways. What good is telling them it's anti-whatever when they'll continue to tell you it's not. Same w/ JJ here arguing it's a good/bad anthem is getting us nowhere.
  3. So what about other anthems? Is Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner an athem? Is it patriotic? It all depends on the listener: For me, growing up (9 YO) I really only knew the chorus to BITUSA, now knowing the full story, I don't really understand how someone who at least casually understands the lyrics can be there screaming and cheering the chorus, I get the feeling and it wash over you, but you're cheering on a guy who made mistakes never really owned up to them and now blames the gov't for all their problems. Yes, the gov't has caused a few of them but in an age where work is leaving the country it's either up or out, develop some new skills, don't just complain that it's gone. Just my take. I am not trying to take the political route here, and we'll all still be fighting over the grass is green v. blue in the end, so maybe we should just let this debate die.
  4. The Bears are a bit pathetic so far, I was listening on my way back to school with the hope that it would be more fun and less argumentive than my podcasts, but I tuned in JIT for Dalton losing the ball mid-sack: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2021/09/12/rams-bears-game-score/#link-HTXY62WLT5CKRGSTCQ3PJHKDTU Ouch. Hopefully the Hoosiers stand their own this weekend, first fball game for me since 2019
  5. https://www.app.com/story/entertainment/music/2021/09/16/bruce-springsteen-john-mellencamp-bay-head-jersey-shore/8371942002/ Sooo what are they up to this time? Please come back to Bloomington, I'm here this time....
  6. To answer the original question, he knew how much more he could get 40-50 years later for the "unreleased" materials .
  7. One thing that's pissing me off is I used the nugs app to stream my downloads, and now it's not available. Hopefully that means a free copy of the video . Aside, that's extremely unlikely and I'll be annoyed if I can't access that download.
  8. Theoretically it's not a normal "archive release" did they ever play Tempe when it released? Even then didn't they play the No Nukes release when it was first available? No new archive could mean they are just going to replay No Nukes and release the video beside it.
  9. I'll be honest, I have no idea but if we say it enough it must be good and come true right?
  10. I remember someone kindly enough shared Long Walk Home with me at some point
  11. I guess easy could consist of: Ice Man If I Should Fall Behind Blinded By the Light For You Fire Girl In Their Summer Clothes We Are Alive Man at the Top ISYIMD Dancing In The Dark I'm On Fire TV Movie Car Wash Growin' Up I'm sorry for the long list, not much to do tonight, since my shift was cancelled .
  12. No, apparently it's a Bloomington local.(Points, to everyone who knows the nickname from a specific 1979 movie).
  13. I think maybe a younger ht/lt Bruce could pull it off, maybe not present -day one.
  14. Key West would be perfect. I also think I'm Not Running Anymore would work for both as well.
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