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  1. The audio track Thunder Road is from June 27 (the beggining) and from July 1st... The video includes maybe few shots from June 29
  2. About all the cut-work, it always strange when you know that VERY PROBABLY some shots aren't sync with the audio track.. I kind of notice that with "Thunder Road" where apparently there's a lot of cut with video from June 27, June 29 and July 1st. or Out in the Street.. Still, it's sad they didn't make a big compilation from those 10 shows because each one of them are definitely unique and sums up perfectly (and strangely) all the past great shows from the band's "young period" and the setlist are definitely great
  3. The worst thing about the article on Nugs ? "The Fever '99" is another one of the lost treasure of Bruce's career... "Despite a long show the night before at the Spectrum (unfortunately not recorded on multi-track due to the venue change for the rescheduled date" Is there examples of shows released but not on multitrack ? (Cleveland 78?)
  4. (Official) Philly 99
  5. Amazing to read your experience! Did you get the soundcheck of the Little Rock show ?
  6. Sad you weren't able to get NYC Serenade from this (amazing) show.. Still this shot shows perfectly how was those Reunion show, especially the really really fast rythm of each songs; they really seemed having no time to loose
  7. (Cant' edit my last msg unfortunately.. I need to know something btw! There's a lot of details about the Reunion Tour soundcheck (US Tour) : are they listed from people memories or is there some recordings of them ? Brucebase mentions for example " I'm on Fire in a new arrangement" (soundcheck of St.Louis 2000 i think)
  8. Hi everyone, I just find out there was an IEM tape of Boston 1999-08-27 (the night with NYC Serenade) that was circulating.. I thought that i had it but i think i have the mix IEM/AUD (?) if it exists (or only the audience recording).. It would be really great if someone can share it (if anyone has it of course) Thanks a lot in advance Take care of you all
  9. I think NJ 81 (the last release) has leaked ? But it was the day of the release few hours earlier
  10. Some releases had leaked i think ? Just hoping Btw, you sometimes guess correctly some releases in the past or i'm wrong?! Still, i would be (very) curious about this friday release
  11. No clue on e st radio about the friday release?
  12. Thanks for this one, especially the version 1 that is thrilling
  13. Sincerely i thought i have more tracks but, i got them on flac, and i can't convert them on aac.. I only have Mansion on the Hill from this show and it's really nice. I think i download this tape on jungleland (the link is dead now) So! if anyone has downloaded this show recently on jungleland and have it, it would be really great to share it!! Thanks in advance
  14. I have a the IEM, partially unfortunately, so it circulates.. I don't really know if it's an IEM or a mix with the audience recording but it's way better than the audience tape
  15. Yeah unfortunately.. i think Secret Garden (from the IEM tape) was circulating on YT and it wasn't really good (not a real upgrade comparing to the audience recording). But is it possible to have some infos with brucebase (eventually) ?