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  1. Hi everyone, Im looking for a very special show: Westbury 1975 (february 23) Thanks in advance for the one who can share this! Cheers
  2. If it's Glasto the only good thing is Coma Girl No big differences with the DVD London Calling that is enough I think Even the special show in Carhaix was apparently better
  3. Okokk but I meant there were no declaration about the board saying ''we have nothing from this show" Which by the way is a stupid remark as maybe the question was maybe never asked But about what they could have, I think the discussion is the same.. My view is that they have a lot of things and more that what we can except Maybe we can have this one this year for the Darkness release The discussion is opened for people who has information about this show!
  4. There were a discussion about it already?
  5. Not known very much but great version (especially when the band starts playing around 1:08)
  6. Hi everyone, I'm listening to all of shows at the moment and something always strikes me It is like Bruce plays some shows without big efforts but some others are just phenomenal seeming they just make constant efforts to improve every parts of each songs they are playing The show they played in 1978 at the Masonic Temple of Detroit is phenomenal.. I don't event understand why some guys prefer passaic that is fantastic too, but this one is just oustandind. I never appreciate more a 78 Spirit in the Night than this one and Badlands is as great as the one they played in phoenix earlier.. plus Chimes of Freedom and Lost in the Flood . Don't how they played so great (maybe because Bruce was in his church) but it's really strange to have this show from the same Darkness tour that is totally at a different level and even better than Houston 78 I don't understand how this show is never requested for NUGS archive release I would love to have your feelings about it.. Take care everyone
  7. It is a fan? Always thought it was his wife...
  8. yeah of course but with Bruce it seems like an industry
  9. This channel is great by the way https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA-ZCBg7CscD0tXM6O2rkEg
  10. - the final version of the songs are maybe not but the amount of documents provided by the outtakes are really great and show why bruce and the band are great. For example, they work hours on the harmonies of Stolen Car together for The River when Bruce changed the composition Its amazing for musicians to record some parts keep it, and rearrange it... It's Bruce's big big work either for the melody or his lyrics that for some songs are written years and years before.. For example he included lyrics of Spanish Eyes (1978) in I'm on Fire (82/84). Outtake of Born to Run are full of it too (Linda let me be the One, So Young and in Love and She's the One i think) - And his songs musically are pretty ''basics''.. It's not something written except for some melodic part (but once these parts are done it's over) Bruce always allow a lot of freedom for the band and that's why his concerts are amazing. A big example is songs like '75 E Street Shuffle that is really different whether Roxy or Hammersmith especially for Steeve part (like this at 10:11) - Bruce has the technical ability to sing very melodically (that's why btw his acoustic show are amazing too) so it's really more easy for the band to play.. Good example below - When they were young (Darkness tour for example) they played every 2/3 nights and they rehearsed for hours before each show so they always work on Bruce's songs trying to improve some parts.. They know the basic pattern of the songs that make the melody and they already worked on studio to improve the basics melody (Backstreets for example with a big work of Roy) For Backstreets at the end before the ''Hiding on Backstreets'' parts sometimes Roy can play a bit longer the ''break''
  11. The best advice i can give is taking all the position for the chords and play a lot regularly to learn the sounds Did this for the piano, don't know if it's good for the guitar too but if you listen hours of Springsteen a day you'll learn pretty quick
  12. I think when they play it on San Siro Bruce could have nearly broke his jaw when he turned his guitar during C solo
  13. Don't seems to get the ''upgrade'' we can have with this one except Across the Borderline of course Christmas came earlier this year.. One gift for people who appreciated the NY Reunion show, one for the ones who love LA 88 A NJ show must come next surely for the year and maybe it will be easy to guess according to the unreleased tours
  14. It's really amazing how quick we can have access to these shows! In a blink of an eye! Thanks a lot!
  15. can't believe i missed that.. Thanks for the infos, I will try to have a look!!
  16. I can do the Jersey one edit: @SvZ Bandana did it quicker!
  17. Hi guys! Are there any requests pending ? Maybe I can help! I've been off for weeks now, I hope everything's fine for all of you.. I'm looking for this show if anyone can help : 1978-12-28 - STANLEY THEATRE, PITTSBURGH, PA I don't know if someone will appreciate but here's one of the greatest show of Darkness tour 1978-09-01 - Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI https://mega.nz/folder/M1g3lKiK#jUnm8cTa1d4bf1xLwXjSiQ Thanks in advance!
  18. Like you said in this message I think their plan is to release all the multitrack tape they have and if they can combine some shows together for a multiple release, they will give it us
  19. It is a big discussion. The archive series is a big thing for hard Springsteen considering the fact that only very few shows were released professionally until 2016 Having that in mind, I would prefer them to release for example Detroit 78 (the show with Chimes of Freedom, Lost in the Flood and The promise i think ?) even if if was not multitrack recorded than a show from Magic Tour or to take concret examples Helsinki 03 By the way, I know some shows were not multitrack released but I can't remember which ones ? Thanks in advance for the answer!
  20. I agree with that. I only meant that we have no clear information about what they could have and examples like philly 99 is a proof and helsinki 03 too
  21. How did they have a clip Oakland 85 for Stolen Car that is the same quality to the document they have from those NJ/LA BITUSA shows ? Can't believe they don't have an audio tape of this show. Same discussion. It was the same thing for Rising shows, and Helsinki came out. Same for some Reunion shows (September 99 - philly and chicago) and they release two multitrack shows.. I don't really buy it now especially when there are too much exceptions.
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