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  1. Don't feel bad, Rosie. Introducing the Beatles came out while I was a senior in high school.
  2. Hi Joan.

    I'm trombettista.vecchio.

    It's Italian for elderly trumpet player. (I'm 72.)

    At your convenience, please drop me a PM explaining how I become eligible to request inclusion in the Land of Hopes and Dreams forum.

    Is it anything else besides ten posts and thirty days?

    It took a few posts to get assimilated, but I've enjoyed the overall forum in my short time here.  Thanks.

  3. Well, PCS, the gang seems excited. The only records on which I've ever played barely sold locally to close friends and family and never made it to a second printing. I played in horn bands that wore suits and patent leather shoes on the bandstand. In other words, everybody looked more like Silvio than Little Steven. Our real hair looked like his wig. Nice to see somebody almost as old as I generating some excitement, though. Good for the Boss.
  4. It's about four of the most common types of football--American elevens, Association elevens, Union fifteens, and League thirteens!
  5. Wow, did this thread take off! Has E Street not survived the passing of Danny and Clarence? Has Steven not survived Lilyhammer? Following the Broadway show with an album sans band could be telling.
  6. Our Red Sox did indeed win the world series last year (with essentially the same people with whom we're sucking this season).. A few months later, our Patriots won the super bowl, too. The rest of the US would gladly see New England fall off into the sea. The fascination with soccer rules football is difficult for me to understand. It's culturally just not comfortable to play football with a round ball. Big round balls are for freakishly tall, African-descended kids to throw into baskets indoors. Small round balls are to hit with a bat that's not flattened out like a cricket bat, and Caribbean-descended kids are often good at that. Rugby rules football seems a lot more interesting to me. Especially fifteens like they play in school. Fifteens has definite similarities to American football. Thirteens, which people who live upside down seem to love, is less similar.
  7. Thanks...trombettista.vecchio (the "a" somehow got dropped in my user name!
  8. Thanks. I'm on it right after Happy Valley. You're from New Zealand. You have to tell me about thirteens or what I believe you call "league." People who live upside down seem to love that game. I can't see "soccer rules football" at all, even though it uses eleven people like American football does, but rugby looks pretty cool. The thing is, at American schools, you see fifteens--not thirteens like you have down there. Fifteens looks like a good game, but I've never seen thirteens.
  9. I would be delighted if some nice Northern English gentleman or lady would buy John Henry's shares of the Liverpool FC. His baseball team is playing like dogshit and requires his FULL attention. Now I'm not going to begin to compare the New England Revolution to a Premier League Club like Liverpool, but getting happy endings at a cut rate massage parlor or not, Robert Kraft doesn't let the Revs distract his attention from the Patriots.
  10. Careless Love--Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton. They made a great album--I think it was 2011, but I'm not positive about that. I wish they had done St. James Infirmary on it, though. That album screams for that song. Just a Closer Walk With Thee with Taj Mahal is also a keeper on that album. You Tube it on Google.
  11. So far on Netflix, I've seen House of Cards, Frankie and Grace, Orange Is the New Black, Broadchurch, Hinterland, Bitter Daisies, Crown, Arrested Development, Glow, WWII in Color, Most Beautiful Thing, Marcella, Flowers, and I'm halfway through Rake. I'm running out of watchable stuff.
  12. Because my taste was less 70s/80s rock than older jump blues, Stax, doo wop, and classic American songbook, I didn't discover the Boss until the televised MSG concert circa 2000. I knew Max before Boss because of Conan. I knew Steven before Boss because of the Sopranos. But sometimes, somebody is so good within a given genre that even if that genre isn't your bag, you get onto that particular artist anyway because he/she is that good. Pavarotti. Willie Nelson. Charlie Parker. Bruce Springsteen. That concert was seriously good. The non-E Street show on Broadway was really good. Good entertainment is good entertainment. But I don't know if I can choose one song. Pink Cadillac is fun, to choose one of the less heavy selections.
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