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  1. Thank you so much!! Could you please share the Master DAT of the Albany show? Thank you again so much!!
  2. Thanks so very much! Do you possibly have these couple please? 2002-12-13 (Albany) , Available on CDR 'Around And Around In Albany' 2002-11-16 (Greensboro) CDR 'The Show Must Go On In Greensboro!'. Thanks very much!!
  3. Hi all! Does anyone please have these two versions of this show or whichever of the two is the loudest? My hearing is starting to go 1974-05-09 (Anubis Records) and (E Street Records) Thank you all so very much and have a great weekend!!
  4. Thank you again so much for everything! I am so sorry, but could you please re-up this one again? I am missing this one
  5. Thanks again very much for these! I am looking for a few more from Finland. Do you maybe have these please? 2003-06-17 Helsinki, Findland (EV2) 2008-07-11 Helsinki, Finland "Finish Magic" (Trial Label) 2013-05-07 Turku, Finland (cre remaster o hobbes recording) Thanks again so much!!
  6. Thank you so much! Last one from me please 1984-07-31 "No Used Cars In The Motor City (Piggham) Thank you so much for everything! Best always!
  7. Thank you so much! Sadly, there are some errors on track regarding the 2009-06-02 show when you extract the files. Is There anyway to maybe please share in mega. Again huge thanks for your help!
  8. Thanks for this! I was missing this one from my collection. I am trying to collect all of the Finland concerts and I am missing just these few please? 2008-07-11 "Summertime Santa" EV2 2009-06-02 "The Dark End Of The Street" Fanatic Records Edit 2013-05-08 "cre001 edit" and "Goodnight Good Luck Finland" Godfather Records Thank you!
  9. Looking for this show please? 2000-06-12 (buckshot edit) Thank you!
  10. Hey everyone, Saw this version on Eddy's site, was wondering if anyone possibly has it please? 2003-07-27 (East Rutherford) Mike Tobin edit Thanks very much!!
  11. @Marnix My sincere apologies, you are 100% right, my hearing is dreadful. So sorry and thank you again for sharing them!!
  12. @mickb @sunshine2020 @Marnix Thank you all so much for helping me with the Rotterdam shows!!! Hopefully some has the JEA Tree of May 8 2003 in rotterdam Still hopeful for these versions: 2003/05/06 (Rotterdam) https://www.rockinconcerts.com/bruce-springsteen-cd-2003-05-06-rotterdam-audience.html 2003/05/08 (Rotterdam) https://www.rockinconcerts.com/bruce-springsteen-cd-2003-05-08-rotterdam-audience.html @Twink @bosstrade01 Do you guys maybe please have these? Thank you all!!
  13. @sunshine2020Thanks so much!!! @mickb @bosstrade01 Do you possibly please have any of these? Happy holidays to you all!!!
  14. Happy Holidays everyone!!! Looking for these few shows from the Netherlands! If anyone can please help, that would be great! 2002-10-22 Ahoy Rotterdam Netherlands (JEA Tree service) Rocking from Berlin to Rotterdam (Audience recording, CR-R rip in FLAC) 2003-05-06 (Rotterdam) this version if possible...https://www.rockinconcerts.com/bruce-springsteen-cd-2003-05-06-rotterdam-audience.html It might be JEA Tree service 2003-05-08 (Rotterdam) this version if possible...https://www.rockinconcerts.com/bruce-springsteen-cd-2003-05-08-rotterdam-audience.html It might be JEA Tree Service 2005-06-19-Rotterdam (Glimmer Twins) 2006-10-13-Rotterdam (Glimmer version) Thank you all so very much!!
  15. Anyone please have this one? 2009-04-29 Philadelphia (Night edit) Thanks!!
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