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  1. Hey ho let's go !!! Congrats everyone !!! I am very proud to be near all of you. Great feeling to be part of this fan's contest with "strangers" who are not in fact... And thanks CosmicKid for the artwork, realy close to Bruce's new realese ...
  2. I'm in the same mood... according to the 3 songs I heard, think the album seems to be the fruit of a real coherent project, not addition of differents seperates works...
  3. Back home after 10 days walking in TJ's country…which is a bit mine, get it from my grand ma… First of all, I just wanna say that my english isn't fluent enough to give all the subtleties I have in mind when I ear your covers. May be sometimes I'll use the wrong word and give a wrong sense. In avance my apologies if this appens... Truly had pleasure to ear each of you, there's soul and work in each cover... Everyone can be proud... climbing_jo... So Guts Guts Guts !!! This tune is so awesome... What a work to cover it. Great sound overall. Love the guitars, the organ and the piano. A GREAT respect for daring and for the work Demos... Love how you make the rythm and lead guitars sounds. The horns are in my opinion a bit like in the Rocky's theme, this mix made me smile (happy smile) Jerm23... Looks to me as an emergency in the voice that made the whole song rough as I like Junglelander... I dream to get one day that result with my daw... But too close to the original song to thrill me... LoverInTheCold... Love your cover : a faster tempo than Bruce's, a front mixed guitar and a colorful voice... Hooked me Okely Dokely... Are you playing the accordion and the harp ? Really great rhythmic to me, lead and musical arrangement. Sent me back in Louisiana... great phantomengineer... Very very original. Like how the guitars, the drums and the voice work together to bring us a very coherent whole... not obvious when you listen each instrument seperatly… As others made think to the Modern Lovers and also to Johnny Thunders's voice... I loved Tom Joad... I do not love this song… but I discover it's strengh thanks to you… the synth waves, the cello, the piano, the second voice… what a mess !!! all get together to bring us a real sadly strong atmosphere… made me remember of great Nick Cave's shows I've seen Wolfinthepines…the slower tempo and the lighter arrangment let's the melody forward… and your voice make it like a "Petty's" way to me…a delicate cover Yvan…one of my Springsteen favored song… what an arrangement : no bass or drums while it's a powerful song…love the synth waves coming from right and left…and the acoustic guitars in the back : Yeah…the whole creates a disillusioned ambience that suits me About my cover… my first work with a real daw (with no latency)… love this tune I think it symbolizes a kind of R'N'R, a "macho" way : you don't want me but when I'll kiss you you'll be mine…which is not my way of looking relationships… so I worked on a counter foot by using a different type of voice witch can show less confidence : more romantic than conquering, more fragile in a way, with Jonathan Richman and Roy Orbinson in mind. As I worked, I added a chord to get a kind of "island sound"… All is a "one shot" as I don't know actually how to use this daw completely, one track voice, two differents tracks guitars, three differents tracks ukulele, bass and drums written note to note as I yet don't know how to use a loop or a template…
  4. Zip downloaded... I'm far from home till saturday... So will listen to it from my phone (it's killing my ears)... But I will wait a real listenning back home with my stereo stuff to vote...
  5. I guess @Daisey Jeep is working on the final mix of State Trooper...
  6. sad news... I love Alabama 3, great "very unusual band" as you said...
  7. a french touch of Soul since 20 years... new album on the 24th of may
  8. so you're welcome !!! I agree with junglelander... let's go... this is my first participation, I think there's only one risk : be surrounded by kindness... and....I confess that a world without birds and dogs would suit me well
  9. oh oh... so you may have career opportunities in France... we always got many great singers flat and out of tune
  10. not quite sure, but I think it's the first cover without his name on it... A Horse With No Name ?
  11. Garden of Eden and my national flag in the sky (blue white red)... hum.... that's it : 20 gigs in Paris this autumn !!! and nothing else !