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  1. Fantastic ! Once again thanks a lot for your help and quick uploads !
  2. Looking for these recordings from Birmingham 1981 : 1981-06-07 Birmingham NEC Arena "Birmingham Darling" (Earlmv) "Big Al"-Version (cre001 transfer) 1981-06-08 Birmingham NEC Arena tape transfer (moreman via cre001)
  3. Thanks for the info. I have to catch up ..... 12 volumes behind.... at the moment - seems like an endless resource. Thanks for the info is there a complete list available somewhere ?
  4. Is Volume 53 the latest from the "Tape Man Joe Master" collection ?
  5. Great to see that a remastered version exists of that fanstastic Brighton exists. Thanks a lot - you're the best !!
  6. Hello ! I'm looking for these specific recordings : 1981-05-27 Brighton - the "complete" recording - according to Brucebase "Two versions circulate, the one which has better sound quality is missing "Hungry Heart". I already have the recording which is supposed to have better sound, but is missing "Hungry Heart" and I'm looking for the complete recording. 1981-05-29 London - tape transfer by mjk5510 1981-06-04 London - "Just One Thing You Can Do"
  7. Hi ! I'm looking for FLAC-recordings from 1981-05-02 Copenhagen. Brucebase mentions two different sources "Two recording sources circulate, released on CDR "Come On Little Dolly'n Go Ramroddin' Tonight". A second source was released from low generation CB Reel via JEMS." Can anybody help me out with those ? Thanks in advance.
  8. Oh, and even a third version ! Thanks a lot - you're the best !!
  9. Hello ! I'm looking for 1981-03-05 Indianapolis (JEMS) 1981-03-05 Indianapolis (tape transfer mjk5510) According to Brucebase : "Two recording sources circulate, released on CDR 'Indianapolis 81' and in a higher quality low generation version via JEMS. An alternate second source was released from a tape transfer (mjk5510)." Anybody out there able to provide these recordings ?
  10. Yup, those are the ones I've been looking for - brilliant Bedankt !
  11. Hi ! Can anybody help me out with these two recordings : 1981-02-12 Mobile - "mjk5510" "A new tape transfer of a second source was put into circulation in July 2013 (mjk5510), this source is very good quality with little to no audience noise." 1981-02-13 Starkville - "Reed" "The master cassettes of Reed were released in 2018, leaving all other versions obsolete."
  12. Hello, just saw on guitars101 another recording from the "Tape Man Joe Master Springsteen Collection" - Volume 50 1984-09-08 Hartford CT. Somehow I missed Volumes 47 - 49 # 47 - 1985-08-14 Philadelphia PA # 48 - 1984-08-11 East Rutherford NJ # 49 - 1985-01-16 Charlotte NC Anybody able to help out with three recordings ?
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