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  1. The lyrical content of LT is interesting...Bruce isn't yearning as much... he's living in the moment and appreciating what he's got... although some fans didn't connect with this..Bruce admitted as much with his comments regarding "happy music". But I had a housemate at the time LT came out ..he was a casual Bruce fan, and a drummer...and he was more into music than he was into lyrics. In his words, it was "sonically boring". He made the point that the songs range from medium fast 4/4 time to medium slow 4/4 time -that's it. Even Nebraska, despite it's simplicity, contains a shuffle, a
  2. Big Mazzy Star fan. When I was told they were shoegaze I did some listening to other bands in the genre, but couldn't find anything that grabbed me the same way. (edit): I see you categorise them as dream pop... maybe someone gave me wrong info
  3. Check the lyrics on the Clash song. Especially the verses....if you sing them to Bruce's tune, they sound like a rewrite... no way he didn't have this 8n his head
  4. My Disc 3 (first two discs stay the same coz I'm lazy) Side 5: Where the Bands Are; I Wanna Be With You; Don't Look Back; Ricky Wants a Man of Her Own; Restless Nights Side 6: Roulette; Held Up Without a Gun; Loose Ends; The Man Who Got Away; Stolen Car 2.0.
  5. Everyone hates Crush on You... I love it, even if it is a rip-off of The Clash.
  6. Heard this before I ever heard the Dylan or Byrds versions. Bruce's was and is the definitive version in my mind.
  7. You didn't like Wild the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle?
  8. I was thinking the same thing. It and Youngstown stand out as the most *musical* songs on an album that is almost just stories.
  9. Yeh I wasn't really expressing an opinion on the actual similarities... just that the band themselves (or their publicists) love to bring it up. They did it with Sam's Town, I think they did it with Battle Born, and they've done it with this... (regarding likeness though, I think Brandon models himself on Bruce for intensity in performance; and the descending chords in the middle section of When You Were Young sounds to me like a tribute to Born to Run)
  10. Greetings: Growing Up, Blinded, Spirit WIESS: ESS, Rosie, Incident BTR: BTR, Backstreets, JL Darkness: Darkness, Badlands, Racing The River 1: Ties that Bind, Independence Day, The River The River 2: Cadillac Ranch, Stolen Car, The Price You Pay Nebraska: Atlantic City, My Father's House, Reason to Believe BITUSA: Downbound Train, No Surrender, BITUSA Tunnel: Brilliant Disguise, Valentine's Day, All that Heaven Will Allow. Human Touch: (ugh!) Human Touch, Long Goodbye, 57 Channels Lucky Town: Lucky Town, Local Hero, My Beautiful Reward Tom
  11. ...actually know when the My Home to Yours broadcast starts on Triple M? Their scheduling is ridculously vague!
  12. Any band, especially an indy band, who claims some kind of inspiration from Bruce, is guaranteed a few thousand extra sales
  13. IMO the unique atmosphere of the Nebraska recordings makes them almost impossible to beat. The only live version of any of them that beats the studio version, is My Father's House at Christic.
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