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  1. I could potentially meet up with you in Newcastle, Australia if that helps.
  2. It certainly is. I remember how old I was when it came out, and people keep reminding me how old I am now. It's was my first experience of a new release as a fan. I remember loving it, but also shrugging my shoulders and thinking "well, I guess he doesn't want to be a rock star"
  3. I don't know about that. Most of the Nebraska characters are in deep doo-doo. They ain't making good. WS characters are just worn out.
  4. I don't know that I'd change too many tracks...maybe something to replace Glory Days. But I'd completely re-do all the production. Lose the synths, bring back the Hammond B3, turn up the guitar, shred a solo on the title track. Still, it gave him the hits to do a proper world tour, so I'm glad about that.
  5. 85 was my first show, because he'd never been to Australia before. 45000 people, the biggest show he'd ever done to that point, and it was in my home town. Was kind of exhilarating, but also felt weird. Eighteen months earlier I'd been just listening to Nebraska and the rest of the catalogue, mostly in the garage. Bruce had been totally unknown in Australia; now here's all these people going nuts, but I had them sussed when they didn't even know the "show a little faith" line when he held out the mic. Frauds!
  6. I saw it at the movies when it came out. Cringeworthy. Made me embarrassed to be a Bruce fan. I snuck out of the cinema and never spoke about it to anyone.
  7. I think No Surrender was a song where Bruce took a long time to get the arrangement right. The album version, even though you can tell it's a great song, is muddied by too much synth. I suspect it probably didn't translate well live, hence the slow acoustic version that was attempted on tour, which was just ok. The post-reunion rock version, with the more prominent guitar line, is where the song really reaches it's potential. I especially love the version with Brian Fallon.
  8. Yes typical but also varied. Those three albums each have a very unique atmosphere all their own...but so do most of Bruce's albums even the ones that are just ok
  9. Let's hope for the best, but IMO that combo is a long way behind already
  10. Man that's splitting straws . Well It certainly wasn't "Live" (no audience, and it also includes overdubbing). If he writes the word "Studio" on his bedroom door, then it becomes a studio album.
  11. Fan of a particular type of song structure! I was actually surprised that BITUSA didn't get more love (even though it's not my favourite). Nebraska, BITUSA, Tunnel of Love would also be a perfectly legitimate choice
  12. When the question originally popped into my head, I knew mine would include Darkness and The River... the other one was a toss-up between BTR and Nebraska...two records that are almost complete opposites. In the end I've gone with BTR, as it's the culmination of the early career of Bruce and the band. Nebraska is a great, great record, but there are probably similar elements that appear on The River (Stolen Car, The River, Independence Day)...so Nebraska misses out, and for me it's BTR, Darkness, The River
  13. If you could only have 3 of Bruce's studio albums, and they have to be 3 releases in a row, which three would you pick?
  14. Brisbane night 2 in '17 was my last one too. Those shows didn't have the intensity of '13 or '14, but boy it was fun. Ticked a couple of boxes for me, especially Jole Blon.
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