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  1. Only half way through but it's a great article...feels like the writer really "gets" Bruce.
  2. My brother-in-law is probably a similar age to Gary and he was the same. He's got Creedence records, soul records, Dylan records...but Springsteen? nah. Funy eh? Bruce was mainly an 80s phenomenon down here. I think most people have resistance to music that arrives when they're in their late 20s. I was like that with grunge. Anyway he's come around the last few years .. funnily enough it was Seeger Sessions that swayed him...but then he got into some of the others stuff as well... even got him to a show in 2014.
  3. Would've been a few days later I heard Hungry Heart a couple of times...first time Bruce had any airplay on Australian radio. I remember thinking the name sounded familiar, and l whipped out my copy of Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School... sure enough, it was the same guy on the songwriting credit... and that was it really...it all changed.
  4. If I ever saw them in Europe (I haven't and probably won't) it'd have to be in Italy. Those guys know how to have a good time.
  5. Maybe. BTR didn't really have guitar playing at Jimi level anyway. Really it's production techniques that would need to catch up. If BTR had actually been made in 1965 it would've just sounded like an early Gary US Bonds record.
  6. Well most of the databases count everything from BITUSA shows to birthday parties at some bar in 1976, so...
  7. I knew about Japan but had no idea about India. Bryan Adams has toured India 6 times, and has a huge following there, as well as in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.
  8. Sadly that's probably true, but I'd like to think he still has something great left in him in the studio. If he does, it probably involves letting go of some of the yes-men in his creative life, and allowing some other strong personalities to have an input and challenge him. If he doesn't do that, chances are we'll all be going back to listen to River outtakes.
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