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  1. Haha Humphrey B Bear. Awesome name. You can only be from one place... and I can probably narrow your age down to about a 10 year range too..
  2. There's one in every village I guess. Looks like there's one in this forum too
  3. Wow, that is a very, very good version. I'd be interested to know how often Bruce has done it like that since the early 2000s. It feels like mostly in recent years he does it solo acoustic, and sings low instead of high in the "blown around" parts; it's just not as good... it's a kind of a downer.. literally.
  4. Nebraska the album, including Atlantic City, is one of the greatest punk albums ever made.
  5. I have an Aunty Nancy too. They don't have much luck with husbands. Mine married a violent, controlling drunk who should've been locked up. Luckily he died in his late 50s and at least left her with a few peaceful years
  6. This is in my top 3, along with My Father's House @ Christic, and Chimes of Freedom in East Berlin.
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