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  1. I don't listen to a lot of classical but I have no problem with it. I just don't want Bruce turning into Neil Diamond or Rod Stewart.
  2. Bruce's act has just the right amount of cheese. If you put Andre Rieu into the mix you've got Cheezels dipped in fondue and topped with parmesan. No thanks.
  3. If we're getting into holograms, I'd rather a hologram 1980 River tour, but come to Australia this time.
  4. But I almost guarantee Bruce heard it a lot as a kid....
  5. The other two that seem fitting at the moment are The Rising (the chorus at least) and You'll be Coming Down.
  6. Bruce seems to think it's because "the fans don't like happy songs" or whatever...I think the lyrics are great, but the songs are kind of same-ish, musically
  7. The Max lead-in is an E Street trademark. I've been thinking about this the last few days. On their great rock anthems (Born to Run, Badlands, The Ties That Bind, Two Hearts, Hungry Heart, No Surrender, to name a few) the first thing you hear is the drums(often only 1 or 2 beats before the band kicks in). It's a statement of intent, and when you hear those big sonic booms, you just know that here's a band who won't be taking any prisoners.
  8. I was going to put this on the Controversial Opinions thread but since you've raised the topic.... IMCO, Darkness was an album unsuitable for saxophone. I've never timed length of the solos, but I think there's only 3 if them...Badlands, Promised Land and Prove it. To me, these songs would've been fine without sax too. On Badlands especially, the sax solo feels shoehorned in so Clarence has something to do.
  9. All this hoo har to decide second place? I'm tired just thinking about it
  10. I voted for Burnin' Train. It's classic E-Street, but with a twist..... reminds me of some British/Irish band from the late 80s/early 90s, but I can't put my finger on which one. A bit of U2, but that's not the main one I'm thinking of....I thought maybe Hothouse Flowers but that's not it either... anyway it's great.
  11. Rick Rubin is a great great music producer who's worked with everyone from Run-DMC to The Cult to Tom Petty to Johnny Cash. Would be great if he teamed up with Bruce for a record. Malcolm Gladwell is a writer but I don't know much about him
  12. I kind of know what you're getting at, but it is part of a performance. And it may seem a bit forced because it's scripted. With his pre-song stage patter in a normal show, he is able to (and often does) get away with losing his train of thought, and just trailing off before just launching into the song. You can't do that at a partial spoken-word show at 1000 bucks a ticket. Re-the films, he might have just over-prepared and begun to sound a bit stilted, I dunno. He's a heck of a lot more articulate these days than he was in the 80s. I remember my friend (casual fan) saw an inte
  13. Agree...great, great interview. Bruce gave some interesting insights into his processes, and to me sounded as confident, as comfortable in his own skin as I've ever heard him. Comparing this with the interviews circa BITUSA, it's just night and day. One thing I found very odd, was Malcolm Gladwell's insistence that Highway Patrolman (aka "the Joe and Frankie song") provided a redemptive moment on Nebraska, which Gladwell described as a "ray of light", where he claims Joe realises the love of his brother is more important than his badge. I've never seen this moment as redemptive. Frank
  14. I'm not sure what was going on there.... I wondered if maybe some stuff was edited out.
  15. Haven't seen the doc yet. Certainly with Western Stars I preferred the film... but part of that was that the performances of the songs were different (and in my view better)
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