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  1. I'm pretty sure for that purpose he would've given copies to the band. I meant handing it over to the engineers and saying "make a record".
  2. I wonder how he managed to bring himself to hand that tape over? Apparently Stevie had a role in convincing him (Stevie is involved in most of the coolest things Bruce has done). But I bet Bruce needed some extra therapy sessions after that.
  3. Maybe that's why he went for the ice skates. 5'10" my arse!
  4. I'm not somebody who normally complains about Bruce's projects, but I have to say this Obama thing is making me uncomfortable (And that's definitely not due to my political leanings). I hope he gives it a rest after this.
  5. I get the sense from Garry's body language on stage that he enjoys it but doesn't buy into some of the mythology.
  6. He could do himself a favour by just making the songs shorter. Ramrod was 4:05 on the album, and on the 80/81 tour it was usually just under 5 minutes. On Live in Barcelona it was a ridiculous 8:48. If he just plays the songs without the neverending jam at the end, he could keep the same number of songs and shave at least half an hour off the show.
  7. What I do hear is separation between the end of "dress" and another word starting with "W". I also see an album sleeve with lyrics that say "waves"
  8. Just because you say there's not, doesn't mean there's not.
  9. I've often thought if Bruce needs to save his energy, he should take an E Street Revue on the road, with some other (younger) vocalists to pick up the slack. Brian Fallon is the first one that springs to mind. Vedder or Flowers less likely. Maybe a female? I'm sure plenty of people would hate this idea... so flame on, MFs!!
  10. For some reason the 10 shows I've seen haven't produced a lot of memorable openers (Just Like Fire Would....yawn!). It has to be BITUSA in 85, by a long way. That Brisbane show isn't very highly regarded, but I think it was significant in E Street history as the first true stadium show, with 45k, easily the biggest crowd he'd ever played to at that point. I think he was probably nervous about trying to reach such a big crowd; It seemed like he put some extra sauce on that opening "1..2..1,2,3,4!". It was awesome.
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