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  1. Dude, I'm not sure what this is all about. The question was simply, what does Bruce do in that song? Does he sing, play guitar, or what? I only hear JM's voice.
  2. Yes it is. Pardon my ignorance, but what is Bruce's role in this song?
  3. Richard Wagner ..and Bruce Springsteen...had a baby ... I loved Bat Out of Hell.. just such a monster album, including here in Australia. My first listen to Max and Roy, before I'd even heard of Bruce. An outrageous, over-the-top epic; the songs were the intense, horny soundtrack to my young teenage years. RIP Meat
  4. Surely if nothing else you've got to put in Streets of Philly for the 90s?
  5. I think The River has the best sound of any of the classic albums. I'd hate to see it made to sound like BITUSA
  6. This is mostly correct, and I think it's why Sony (if they're smart) won't wait that long. There's a whole generation coming through that don't like paying a lot for music Bruce's hardcore fanbase may be relatively small in number, but they've shown themselves willing to spend up big on recorded material. I think we'll see some stuff sooner rather than later.
  7. Maybe you were in Australia and didn't realise it. Sounds like my Januarys
  8. Yep Phoenix is my favourite version of all the ones circulating on video. The intensity, the rawness, Bruce's Al Pacino look... all so brilliant. Only thing that grates is when he does his trademark "goofy cross-eyed face" right when he sings the word "faith". Odd choice, but anyhoo, still my favourite version.
  9. Dude. You gotta relax. The main character is referencing the "lonely cool before dawn", not experiencing it right then and there. I kind of picture it as late afternoon, but really the timeline is irrelevant... it's not a narrative song, apart from the first few lines. He's addressing Mary after that. Like JustDan said, it's just a song. You can't take every word literally. Jeepers, if you did that with "I'm On Fire", you wouldn't be able to sleep at night!
  10. Tempe for the performance. No Nukes for the camera angles.
  11. No possible way can Human Touch be regarded as the "iconic" song of a decade which included Streets of Philly and Tom Joad.
  12. You know what's weird? The guitarists in Geordie, Fraternity and the Valentines all had cherry red SGs too.
  13. Controversial opinion...the Dukes' version of Pink Cadillac is better than the E Street version.
  14. I would buy the rights to Waitin' on a Sunny Day, just so I could ban him from playing it live.
  15. Anyone complaining about him "selling out" with the Sony deal would do well to remember this.
  16. I can see both sides of this argument. Songs don't always have to be about something, but a lot of the first album (and some of the second) had a kind of empty feeling about it, because it did seem like Dylan pastiche. The songs were kind of amusing with all the whimsical nicknames, but there was very little of what in the movies they call "character development". Musically some of it was pretty cool, but in that department it was probably a bit of a Van Morrison pastiche. BTR hit a sweet spot where the whimsical quality was still there, but the writing was becoming more focused, and every song had a coherent narrative as well as an emotional connection. There was still some ambiguity (was Terry his boyfriend?) but the emotional connection was there. I wouldn't have minded more BTR type stuff, but I think Bruce's outlook was changing and he had to move on from the Magic Rat to Joe Roberts.
  17. I thought the band was pretty good. Bryan was hitting the high notes nicely in the chorus. He was coming in at some random times during the verses though...
  18. My point is all it takes is balance. Don't stack all the hits in the back end. Get a couple out there early, and give the casuals a chance to get involved. It'll really boost the mood of the crowd. And even obscure songs can be singalongs if you pick the right ones...like, ummm maybe Jole Blon?
  19. I think he's pushed too many of the radio favourites back into the encores. It makes it a letdown at the end for the hardcore fans, and the casuals have to wait too long for their payoff. Give 'em BTR straight out of the gate, and I'm On Fire within the first hour. Then they can relax a bit and enjoy more of the stuff they don't know. A lot of people online raved about the Brisbane 2014 show, but I thought the setlist planning was really poor. I had some casuals with me, and nearly 2 hours in, the only thing they'd heard that they recognised was Stayin' Alive! Sort it out Bruce!
  20. Why on earth would you want any song to be longer? We need shorter songs and more of them. They're getting old, and so are we. 8 minutes is more than enough for Kitty. Yeh Bruce, we get it, Kitty's back in town. And yep, we can feel the spirit. Enough already, move on and play Jole Blon.
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