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  1. Seen John in this kind of kit for a long time now ..but it looks like stage clothes! (except maybe the sneakers). Don't know about you, but I get the vibe that JM had his special rock star outfit all picked out the night before, while Bruce had forgotten they'd even made plans. I picture JCM all excited , knocking on Bruce's door, and Bruce coming to the doo0r barefoot and going "what? oh yeh... um.. lemme just go grab some flip-flops"
  2. LOL this is true. He does have a huge head. Which makes Bob Seger's head absolutely massive....
  3. They only get heavier if they are getting fat. Loss of muscle mass is a standard part of ageing, so if you maintain the same amount of body fat you will get thinner as you age.
  4. I've seen quite a few of the takes about him being "alarmingly thin".... I don't get it. He looks physically the same as he did when he was 25, but with better posture.
  5. I'm not American, and I wasn't on this board back then. But I vividly remember that day (night for me). I was up late, which had become a habit after my father passed about a month earlier. Someone texted me to turn on Channel 10... I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I remember what really shook me was the news about the Pentagon...my mind raced with visions of attacks all over America or even the world. I remember feeling relieved when that didn't happen, and at the same time being ashamed of that feeling. Anyway that feeling of relief was misplaced. Those attacks continued to reverberate around the world, and although we try, we've never really gotten back to how things were. My condolences to those who lost everything that day, and also to everyone else who lost something small but important. We need to keep trying to get it back.
  6. Great record but can't listen to it. Too depressing. I'll stick with River outtakes
  7. I can't view the page, so don't know exactly what's being said...but while I generally have a pretty strong aversion to weirdness in Springsteen fans, I can sympathize with these people. I'm about 15 years younger than Bruce. It's been something in the back of my mind ever since I first heard The River as a teenager. I've always looked after my health and fitness , alnd hoped to stay vital as I get older. Seeing Bruce on the Australian tours in 2013,14&17, was inspirational to me. He seemed invincible. I thought "If I can have that kind of energy in 15 years time, I'll be very happy". But the last couple of years I've seen him on TV at times, and it's really bothered me how much he's aged. All of a sudden 15 years time doesn't look so rosy. For me it's brought into focus Bruce's mortality, and subsequently my own. If that's weird so be it.
  8. Let's be clear. If you and I did a trade, you'd be getting a copy of HT (along with WOAD and HH). And if you give me any trouble, I'll throw in the SVZ remix of 57 Channels, just to spite you.
  9. I think it maybe reflects the outrageous cost of freight from the US to AU&NZ.
  10. Can't name a specific track, but stylistically I always thought Bring on the Night sounded like an Elvis Costello song.
  11. I remember my best friend at school, who had a great ear for music, commenting that Hungry Heart was reminiscent of Crocodile Rock. I was outraged at the time, but later I had to admit he was probably right.
  12. I still don't know why everyone is so down on Crush On You. To me it's one of the coolest pop rock songs he's made. And a lot of the same people defend the MOR dross of HT, WOAD and even HH. I would trade all 3 of those albums for a Crush On You single.
  13. I'm new to this thread. Are you really a Scottish-Indian Springsteen fan?
  14. Well for starters he's wrong about Slane Castle being his first ever stadium show. That was 2 months earlier here in Brisbane, at QEII Stadium. 45000 people. I'm kind of pissed that he forgot about us. Then again, he also thinks it's "sways", so I shouldn't take it too personally..the old boy is clearly losing it.
  15. Always liked their stuff. Anyone seen them live? I find it hard to envisage a dynamic live act.
  16. Normally used down here in reference to eyes... often directed at football referees
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