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  1. True. Still could be ok if you finish with Better Days
  2. Apparently Joe has specifically asked for "Jesse's Girl"
  3. It was meant to mean Americans take care of Americans I thought
  4. He doesn't have many of those.Long Walk Home maybe? It certainly will be.
  5. I have some bad news for you, but hopefully Bruce can fill in.
  6. Given Steve's role in the Sopranos, I think he's entitled to a little literary licence
  7. My top 5 post-reunion songs ( in no particular order) would be The Rising, My City of Ruins, Long Walk Home, We Take Care if Our Own and Death to My Hometown. Ghosts doesn't come close for me, sorry. Musically generic and lyrically clunky.
  8. It might be heresy around here, but I've listened to this song more than any song off Western Stars or LTY.
  9. Don't know about that.... do you remember the reaction to Human Touch, Lucky Town and the Other Band?
  10. Man, that movie was bad. I had low expectations but was still disappointed. Just cringeworthy..
  11. Can't Bruce buy it? It'd be what, a couple of mil? Chump change.
  12. I don't listen to a lot of classical but I have no problem with it. I just don't want Bruce turning into Neil Diamond or Rod Stewart.
  13. Bruce's act has just the right amount of cheese. If you put Andre Rieu into the mix you've got Cheezels dipped in fondue and topped with parmesan. No thanks.
  14. If we're getting into holograms, I'd rather a hologram 1980 River tour, but come to Australia this time.
  15. But I almost guarantee Bruce heard it a lot as a kid....
  16. The other two that seem fitting at the moment are The Rising (the chorus at least) and You'll be Coming Down.
  17. Bruce seems to think it's because "the fans don't like happy songs" or whatever...I think the lyrics are great, but the songs are kind of same-ish, musically
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