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  1. Thank you very much you are always quick and efficient.
  2. HI i need for my outtakes collection This hard land Label: Boss Productions 15684 thanks in advance
  3. In 1981 I bought the triple vinyl Live in the promised land then others over the years. Typewritten lists of cassettes arrived he could exchange, if you did not give you did not receive, so I had I think in 1983 Piece de resistece. Then you become more demanding and improve in quality. Now I'm happy to share my bootlegs with whoever I want. Hello everyone today it rains no vegetable garden.
  4. Something that hasn't been posted in a while The early years(Bagel Boys Records) https://mega.nz/folder/PMkE2KgC#zO7OJO2ho0_mtfwc7_yafQ We Don't Play This One Much: Rare Originals of the Reunion Era Various Dates and Cities from the Reunion, Rising, Magic, and Working on a Dream Tours A "Flynn" Compilation In Conjunction with JEMS https://mega.nz/folder/bB8USY4T#tPXWWDa0Z01CBcZ9gtOxkg I purged all the official songs,if there is something wrong feel free to let me know I go back to the garden for a couple of hours Enjoy
  5. now I'm going to eat risotto with broad beans and pecorino See you tomorrow RISOTTO CON FAVE E PECORINO
  6. barbarians no to pizza with fried potatoes
  7. Thank you very much and enjoy the pizza, but please not with the fries on it.
  8. The potato is typical of Peru (Andes) it can be grown anywhere, But the mountain ones (Alps in Italy) are firmer and tastier (in my opinion I lived 4 years in Peru). However, they are personal tastes ...
  9. Harvesting begins in a couple of months I don't grow potatoes, I only like mountain potatoes and I live in the Po Valley.
  10. cucumbers tomatoes three types of lettuce and green beans to begin....
  11. Thanks for the quick help. I am fine, but I am at home a few hours a day and in this period I have given priority to the cultivation of the vegetable garden. I hope to have some time in the next 2 days (maybe it's raining) to share something nice with you.
  12. Good evening everyone, I'm putting the outtakes files in order and I noticed 2 serious shortcomings, 1 Down by the river Label: Unknown 2 Son you may kiss the bride Label: Basil Records UK LTD PEP1 if anyone can help me I will be grateful. Thank you
  13. sorry I thought that EARLMV was a guarantee I immediately delete the post
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