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  1. Thank you very much you are always quick and efficient.
  2. HI i need for my outtakes collection This hard land Label: Boss Productions 15684 thanks in advance
  3. In 1981 I bought the triple vinyl Live in the promised land then others over the years. Typewritten lists of cassettes arrived he could exchange, if you did not give you did not receive, so I had I think in 1983 Piece de resistece. Then you become more demanding and improve in quality. Now I'm happy to share my bootlegs with whoever I want. Hello everyone today it rains no vegetable garden.
  4. Something that hasn't been posted in a while The early years(Bagel Boys Records) https://mega.nz/folder/PMkE2KgC#zO7OJO2ho0_mtfwc7_yafQ We Don't Play This One Much: Rare Originals of the Reunion Era Various Dates and Cities from the Reunion, Rising, Magic, and Working on a Dream Tours A "Flynn" Compilation In Conjunction with JEMS https://mega.nz/folder/bB8USY4T#tPXWWDa0Z01CBcZ9gtOxkg I purged all the official songs,if there is something wrong feel free to let me know I go back to the garden for a couple of hours Enjoy
  5. now I'm going to eat risotto with broad beans and pecorino See you tomorrow RISOTTO CON FAVE E PECORINO
  6. barbarians no to pizza with fried potatoes
  7. Thank you very much and enjoy the pizza, but please not with the fries on it.
  8. The potato is typical of Peru (Andes) it can be grown anywhere, But the mountain ones (Alps in Italy) are firmer and tastier (in my opinion I lived 4 years in Peru). However, they are personal tastes ...
  9. Harvesting begins in a couple of months I don't grow potatoes, I only like mountain potatoes and I live in the Po Valley.
  10. cucumbers tomatoes three types of lettuce and green beans to begin....
  11. Thanks for the quick help. I am fine, but I am at home a few hours a day and in this period I have given priority to the cultivation of the vegetable garden. I hope to have some time in the next 2 days (maybe it's raining) to share something nice with you.
  12. Good evening everyone, I'm putting the outtakes files in order and I noticed 2 serious shortcomings, 1 Down by the river Label: Unknown 2 Son you may kiss the bride Label: Basil Records UK LTD PEP1 if anyone can help me I will be grateful. Thank you
  13. sorry I thought that EARLMV was a guarantee I immediately delete the post
  14. if it can help someone .... KILLER CUTS DOBERMAN 1997 https://mega.nz/folder/DU1iwTAZ#iWJvVbPvSIDiHpu2Nna4Tg 1-1 Jungleland 1-2 The E Street Shuffle 1-3 And Then The Band Played 1-4 Incident On 57th Street 1-5 Wings For Wheels 1-6 I Want You 1-7 Goin' Back 1-8 Frankie 1-9 Something In The Night 1-10 We Gotta Get out Of This Place 1-11 Dont Look Back 2-1 Little Latin Lupe Lu 2-2 You Can't Sit Down 2-3 Higher And Higher 2-4 The Promise 2-5 Backstreets 2-6 Ballad Of Easy Rider 2-7 Deportees 2-8 Drift Away 2-9 Across The Borderline 2-10 Bad Moon Rising 2-11 Real World 2-12 If I Should Fall Behind Note Live recordings recorded between 1974 and 1996. USA BLUES 1992-93 CC 1993 https://mega.nz/folder/LF9mxJ4Z#L3WOG7rJiQNhAstLUiTxtA 1 Spirit In The Night 6:02 2 For You 5:35 3 Darkness On The Edge Of Town 4:37 4 If I Should Fall Behind 4:25 5 The River 5:47 6 Promised Land 4:00 7 Born In The U.S.A. 3:20 8 Mansion On The Hill 4:31 9 This Hard Land 6:04 10 Point Blank 5:05 11 Many Rivers To Cross 5:27 12 Thunder Road 6:36 13 Satan's Jewel Crown 4:20 14 Seeds 3:55
  15. Hi i need these 2 outtakes thank you so much for the help 1 This hard land Label: A.D.M.T. Blood Brothers Records Catalog #: LP 1/2 A/B Format: Two 12" Black Vinyl Records Source: Studio Outtakes Total Time: 1 hour 24 minutes 51.74 seconds Date: 1977 / 1983 Location: Various Studio Locations Disc 1: (39:18.66) A1 This Hard Land (4:48.01) A2 I'm Goin' Down (3:28.59) A3 Cover Me (3:18.73) A4 Don't Back Down (1:00.10) A5 Born In The USA (8:15.53) B1 Murder Incorporated (4:47.16) B2 Glory Days (5:18.13) B3 Searching For You Darling (aka My Love Will Not Let You Down)(4:18.53) B4 Man At The Top (live) (4:03.13) Disc 2: (45:33.08) C1 Stolen Car (4:15.65) C2 I Wanna Be With You (3:11.03) C3 Preacher's Daughter (5:27.51) C4 Factory (2:19.59) C5 Down By The River (aka Say Son) (2:25.12) C6 Loose Ends (4:19.54) D1 I Wanna Live (2:22.17) D2 Heart Of Stone (5:37.69) D3 I'm Going Back (5:37.00) D4 Janey Needs A Shooter (6:52.71) D5 City At Night (3:03.57) 2 "The Wild, The Innocent, And The Circus Story" The Wild, The Innocent, And The E Street Shuffle Outtakes Remastered 1973 A chrs1961815 remaster grazie
  16. "lucky man" is defined by Brucebase as "PIRATED COPY OF TUNNEL OF LOVE" the official versions are only dirtier, in my opinion it shouldn't be traded here.
  17. Here it is. Happy to help. In FLAC with covers https://mega.nz/folder/PMkmXAjR#9gD5mOgD0uLjymuxZolOqw
  18. Thanks for the offer, don't worry when I need something I ask, but at the moment I'm a little distracted by other worries, see you later
  19. Good evening everyone I can connect almost only on Sunday and I spent 2 hours to see what happened. 30 pages in one week! You are crazy... It is useless to resume discussions days later, but it is true that it is difficult contribute if you don't look at the moment (great envy of Mickb who is always available to help), I would like to give something nice that not everyone has. I try with these 4. The Live B-Sides (Sin Music 479986 2) https://mega.nz/folder/TVkkQSZJ#f4zZIOE4LsPyJJZpOVScRw Philadelphia Live (Save the Earth STE 034) https://mega.nz/folder/qJ0mgAqS#qJyjCr0RKD7pJMzfSogPsQ Springsteen sur France Inter (2009 07 16 Carhaix, FRA 5 songs + interview) https://mega.nz/folder/jY9U2CqY#ctfdenQTAPpRzA78_0Yriw 2009 07 16 Carhaix, FRA ( Master #5 ) https://mega.nz/folder/uIkUBQAK#V2CDPNO7C-Hzg27bXTaFPg
  20. Thank you so much a great job, I tried to listen as you said, you are completely right. And thanks also for the show on 04/24/70.
  21. thanks for the offer, I already have it, very kind
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