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  1. I don't know if Taylor Swift is the millennial Bruce Springsteen but I've got a theory that the girl in Swift's 2007 hit, "Our Song"* and the guy in "Thunder Road" are singing about each other. *"Our song is a slamming screen door..."
  2. Who else hears the first six notes of John Prine's 1979 cover of Elvis' 1955 version of Arthur Gunter's 1954 song, "Baby, Let's Play House" from Prine's Pink Cadillac album and thinks, "Aha! So that's where Bruce got the inspiration for "Pink Cadillac"? <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. And another one with JLo's knee slide into the camera! The "Born in the USA" quote was brilliant stagecraft too, with JLo's reversible USA/Puerto Rican flag cape, the shoutout to Latinos, the mix with "Let's Get Loud", and all the children---both those wearing American flag t-shirts and those in the cages.
  4. I don't know about Catherine, but the chords on the verse of "Car Wash" showed up---inverted---a few years later on "The Rising". Game recognizes game. One working-class hero to another.
  5. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. With BITUSA he's found multiple ways over the years to "talk back" to those who misunderstand or attempt to misuse the song---from his 1st concert after Reagan namechecked him at a 1984 campaign rally in NJ, to the 12 string bottleneck slide guitar solo version on Live in New York City, to prefacing it as a "prayer for peace" on Live in Barcelona.
  6. Great topic, great thread. Thanks, all. I've come to think of "Working on the Highway" as part of a Domestic Violence Suite hidden in plain sight on that album. *Wayne gets arrested for unspecified crimes in "Darlington County", but it's clear he and the narrator came into town looking for "young and pretty" girls. *The guy in "Working on the Highway" gets arrested, convicted and jailed for unspecified crimes that likely include statutory rape and transporting a minor across state lines. *The narrator of "Downbound Train" can't get over his wife leaving him,
  7. Thanks for your comment, and for kicking off this thread. I'll respond to this line, since it's something I've been thinking about, too: So, what has Bruce been doing the last several years? Well, it depends partly on what follows in the next few years. It's certainly possible that we (or others) will look back from, say, 2029 and agree that he was winding down, that the 2020 album was one of (if not) the weakest ESB albums, and that both Bruce and the band showed their age as shows got shorter, mistakes became more frequent, and audiences got smaller and quieter, resulting in a shorte
  8. Good question. There's no need for a post-Reunion setlist to be heavily political. I'm one who thinks Bruce has written some of his finest and most underrated love songs in this century; and Western Stars is a terrific song cycle on loneliness. But Springsteen has said in the past (IIRC) that he (and the band?) enjoys touring during election years; and he's written a lot of strong, small "p" political songs lately that explore and articulate a particular vision of the American dream. Some of them might have added resonance in concert next year.
  9. Browsing through Springsteen's albums, it's kind of amazing to realize he's written enough good/great music over the past 20 years that he and the band could tour just on the strength of their post-reunion catalog. (Not that they would.) That may be especially true for touring in a (US) election year. For example, and in no particular order: *Land of Hope & Dreams *American Skin (41 Shots) *Lonesome Day *Waitin' on a Sunny Day *Worlds Apart *Further On (Up the Road) *Mary's Place *The Rising *My City of Ruins *Devils & Dust *Long Time
  10. Great poll question, great thread. Not that I think it will happen---or even that it's feasible---but I'd love to see a Springsteen "residency" tour. By that I mean that Bruce & company spend a week or two in each city, playing different gigs at different sites: a solo acoustic show at a theater, a stripped-down/mostly acoustic small band show (lots of duos, trios, quartets on different numbers) in an arena, a "core" E Street Band show, a "Big Band" show in a stadium, etc. This could also be paired with themed set lists: 2020 is an election year in the States, so a "politica