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  1. I personally loved western Stars & I'm going to see it this coming Thursday with my brother. I just thought blinded had better music for me personally & it had good humour . Also Bruce loved it .
  2. I thought it was a lot better than Western Stars. My wife who's not a big fan thought the same .
  3. I'm pleased you like something in the night .

    I've been lucky to hear him play it twice live in (Leeds & Coventry) .If you look on you tube that's me with the sign in Coventry 2016 .Hope you get to see him in NZ next year .

  4. Just to let everyone know that Sam will be performing on the Jonathan Ross show this Saturday night .
  5. He did a interview with channel 4 news in the UK . It was mainly about his book (Born To Run) & it was just before the president election & Bruce was adamant that Trump won't win .