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  1. I apologize, is there a way to delete both posts?
  2. don’t know if anyone posted this, this guy took all the officially posted YouTube videos and put them on 6 disks
  3. If you live in NJ....Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ has them on the shelves as of last night
  4. The cool thing that the combination of the darker lyrics and the expansive arrangements make for a really cool contrast in the songs....I like the description of sweeping and soaring
  5. when I aw the sale sticker on the cd in the picture, felt like Sherlock Homes cracking the case. Immediately called the shop and confirmed they were selling it and off I went
  6. i posted some thoughts last night along with others in the last page or two
  7. The songs are really expansive with the arrangements...sweeping and soaring good descriptions
  8. Somebody from NJ posted a picture of him holding the album in another forum. Upon closer look, I could see the sale sticker with the shop's name on it. It was an hour each way but worth the ride
  9. Smokey Joe's Cafe has a very late 50's/early 60's pop song feel.....Love it! It sounds like something but I can't think of it yet
  10. I could see Western Stars on Tunnel of Love....has a very All That Heaven Will Allow feel