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  1. Because the offense is in a National Park, it is a Class B Misdemeanor. Punishable by 6 month loss of license and could get up to 6 months in a Federal Prison. It’s why his court appearance is in Federal Court in Newark and not a local Monmouth County Municipality
  2. Not a shot. I have zero interest in Jeep no matter the mouth piece they use!
  3. That’s great, different folks will react differently to the ad. Neither is wrong, as they say... perception is reality.
  4. I tend to agree. Society is overwhelmed with crap at this point with no end in sight
  5. I believe it’s done with good intent, but I do consider it tone deaf. I don’t think I’d believe it if he claimed he was acting at this point.
  6. I said "sign up". Usually you have to give your personal details to get a free trial, even if you don't ultimately subscribe. I never subscribed or “signed up” for anything.
  7. First off, I really am loving “Letters to You” album. That said, last night I had the complete pleasure of seeing the Apple Documentary/film. Like Western Stars, just impeccably well done. I really like this sort of promotion, hearing Bruce talk about the songs Really brings a lovely dimension to the songs. Always been a fan of stripped down versions so watching him sit the band down and showing them the songs was great! Cannot recommend any stronger to see this film!
  8. I don't mind listening early to a leaked album. Bottom line, I am a lifelong, loyal fan of Bruce and Band and I have purchased the physical media(s) every time. This one is no different. I have mine on pre order and I patiently await my official copy. But given the chance to hear it early, I took it
  9. I have Tom Petty coming tomorrow as well, can't wait!
  10. While I patiently await my official copy, couldn't resist a friend's offer to hear it now.
  11. Not really, this is a statement by the Obama administration not of any National African American organization. I’m sure you go to Trump’s press office and you’ll see their talking points. Strides in Criminal Justice Reform, Opportunity Zones for Black owned businesses, record low unemployment rate prior to Covid. point being, administrations on both sides will claim advancements towards this situation but putting it on White House letter head does not make it true
  12. But at least be fair, what has Joe Biden done in almost 50 years of politics in regards to those problems. Now he’s gonna fix them? I’ll bow out from here because nobody wins in these things. Even 8 years of an African American President made no in roads to solving these issues
  13. yes, I am looking for 2 and 3 if possible or a point in the right direction
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