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  1. 4 minutes ago, rockaway88 said:

    I dont really care what side of the political spectrum this ad favors... But he must understand that people have ben weathering a pandemic for almost a year on top of political unrest and protests on top of the day to day grind. People are losing their jobs and livelihoods everyday.  Having any celebrity who has not had to leave their house except for special appearances seems really off base.

    I tend to agree.  Society is overwhelmed with crap at this point with no end in sight

  2. 11 minutes ago, Jertucky said:

    I don’t even know that it’s tone deaf. It’s just a little further exploration by Bruce into the world of performance art and not believable because he is who he is. Was he playing himself or that cowboy character from his Western Stars video? At this point, he’d be better off to claim he was just “acting” again.

    I believe it’s done with good intent, but I do consider it tone deaf. I don’t think I’d believe it if he claimed he was acting at this point. 

  3. First off, I really am loving “Letters to You” album. That said, last night I had the complete pleasure of seeing the Apple Documentary/film. Like Western Stars, just impeccably well done. I really like this sort of promotion, hearing Bruce talk about the songs Really brings a lovely dimension to the songs. Always been a fan of stripped down versions so watching him sit the band down and showing them the songs was great!   Cannot recommend any stronger to see this film!

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  4. 1 hour ago, SoulBoogieAlex said:

    I'm curious, what are your go to news sources of the people participating in this discussion?

    I put my trust in the Guardian, the New York Times and Vox. I go to Fox if I want an alternative universe, Just to step outside of my bubble.

    Another side note, a big thanks to the moderators for allowing is some room to deviate. And equally big for the people who don't agree with me but have left my head on. It feels good talking this way to you all. 

    I usually use a variety CNN, Fox, MSNBC, occasionally Sky or CSPAN. All US outlets are biased politically whether right or left IMO

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  5. 5 minutes ago, SoulBoogieAlex said:

    Google is your friend for an indication


    What I've missed in this administration are policies that take a step in the right direction. The racial situation is not something one administration van fix.

    What Trump has had far too little of is healing words. Sending in federal troops could possible have been avoided if the president had managed to express some perspective and hope for the future. I've missed that and can't find it when I'm looking for it. 

    That's one of the reasons why I can understand Bruce's sharp condemnation of this president. 

    Not really, this is a statement by the Obama administration not of any National African American organization.

    I’m sure you go to Trump’s press office and you’ll see their talking points. Strides in Criminal Justice Reform, Opportunity Zones for Black owned businesses, record low unemployment rate prior to Covid.

    point being, administrations on both sides will claim advancements towards this situation but putting it on White House letter head does not make it true



  6. 1 hour ago, SoulBoogieAlex said:

    He probably would. The big question is, what did this president do with his moment to help the nation rise above it? He's had four years to do his share in fighting back systemic racism, what did he do with it?

    In the aftermath of George Floyd's passing, what did he do to help the nation rise above the anger and frustration it released?

    But at least be fair, what has Joe Biden done in almost 50 years of politics in regards to those problems. Now he’s gonna fix them? I’ll bow out from here because nobody wins in these things. Even 8 years of an African American President made no in roads to solving these issues

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