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  1. The only time I’ve heard DITD talked negatively about is on here. I understand not liking the video but the song itself is great.
  2. Exactly. Not winning the Emmy does not diminish the value or quality of the show at all. There’s no shame in losing to a Beatle either . The Wire is considered by many (myself included) to be the one of the greatest shows of all time, and it was completely a ignored for the most part every year it was on. Bruce on Broadway stands on its own, even without an Emmy. Besides, it’s not like it went empty handed, the director won.
  3. My Love Will Not Let You Down was a regular on the reunion tour. Most of the shows I’ve listened to have had 1-2 tracks songs, but skimming over the set lists you’re right, for some reason I though there were more.
  4. . Maybe so, but the shows were extremely tight musically. Great set lists and the tour has the definitive versions of Youngstown, If I Shall Fall Behind, LOHAD, Two Hearts and several others which I’m forgetting at the moment. I also love the NYC “diss” on Light of Day on LINYC. It was nice to hear different versions of The River and BITUSA, even if they are inferior to their original arrangements. This. It must have been great to see them together again after a 10 year hiatus. They all seemed very happy as well. My parents attended several shows. Although the tour had no official album, the set lists were heavily based around Tracks which only came out a few months prior to the tour, which was why there were likely so many rarities.
  5. What’s the general consensus regarding the reunion tour? The darkness tour is usually considered to be the best, which is hard to argue with, but it seems like everyone has a different opinion on the others
  6. I was never a fan of Ramrod until LINYC. Based off boots I’ve heard, I actually consider the reunion tour to be in his top 3 tours.
  7. Well between 1984-1988 he released 2 number one studio albums, 2 worldwide tours (3 if you count the human rights tour) a huge live box set along with about a dozen top ten hits. And that’s not to mention the remixes . I wasn’t alive then but I imagine he was constantly in the spotlight between those years. I suppose he could have released an album with the outtakes in the meantime but I don’t know when that would have been. But you’re right, a double album wouldn’t have been as a big of a hit. Many of the outtakes got performed on the tour and were released as B-sides anyway. Many of the great outtakes were unlikely to be chart toppers.
  8. I agree with this wholeheartedly. It’s criminal that songs like Roulette, Loose Ends Be True and Restless Nights didn’t make the album. I’ve never seen a real overall “theme” of the album so none of these would have been out of place. But as whole, I find the BITUSA outtakes to be superior. As you said, much more varied. I kind of wish BITUSA had been a double album, or Bruce had realized another album afterwards with the outtakes, but I understand that he may not have wanted to oversaturate the market. Still, it’s amazing how many songs were recorded for the Darkness, River, and BITUSA sessions.
  9. Human Touch is far from his best but there are a few top tier quality songs. The worst songs on HT (Real Man, Pony Boy) are the lowest point of his career though. I personally like the sound of HT better than Lucky Town. The songs themselves are overall stronger on LT, but the recordings sound a bit rushed.
  10. Great week to be a Ravens fan! Set a franchise in the first game and every other team in AFC north lost!
  11. I love Worlds Apart, it’s Bruce at his most experimental. The guitar solo is without a doubt one of the best studio solos. It reminds me of Desert Rose by Sting. I’ve always viewed the song as a commentary on the clash between eastern and western culture in a post 9/11 world. That being said, My City of Ruins and You’re Missing are the best two songs on The Rising.
  12. Not my favorite on Wrecking Ball but still a great song, one of the best openers. As other have mentioned, a spiritual successor to Born in the USA. Love the album aside from swallowed up, which may be the most boring song Bruce ever recorded. I absolutely love WB version of American land! It’s incredible.