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  1. Everything from walk like a man on is just sequenced perfectly. You can really feel the story of Bruce’s marriage to Julianne. I’m rarely in the mood to listen to TOL but whenever I do I’m always blown away. I appreciate it more with age. Its not surprisingly that most of these songs were rarely played after 88, other than on the devils and dust tour. The TOL songs are better suited for smaller venue shows rather than stadiums, although they sounded great with the horns.
  2. Thank you for doing this! I’ve been running a lot lately to keep myself active and now I know what to listen to .
  3. The A Side/ B side duo of Born in the USA and Shut out the Light is one of the best song combos ever.
  4. I agree. Musically the TOL tour may have been the best for this reason. It lacks the spontaneity of the other tours but the performances make up for it. They are top notch. The best live version of BTR was from this tour. That being said, I’m not a huge fan of the amnesty international tour that followed. I understand they were doing it for a good cause but it was probably the least interesting tour musically the ESB ever did.
  5. I just watched the Houston show from the darkness box set for the first time and I can’t argue with this. Nothing like that tour. I’m sure it was amazing to have been there. The US leg of the TOL tour are some of my favorite shows I’ve listened to. Definitely in my top 5 tours. The horns worked well on most songs. I don’t like the European leg as much although it did have some gems like the chimes of freedom cover.
  6. Always will be the king of rock and roll. Visiting Graceland gave me a huge new appreciation of him. I highly recommend going for anyone who hasn’t been.
  7. I agree. There was nothing really special about the performance itself. I remember my tv station had the lottery numbers during the performance, and put the show in a small corner, which caused me to miss most of it. It was extremely irritating. The tv station issued an apology after receiving many complaints. This is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear about that halftime show. That being said, no halftime show has ever made me a “new fan” of an artist.
  8. A Matter of Trust is Joel’s most Bruce sounding song. I liked the show, Bruce and Billy sound good together My mom actually interviewed Billy Joel in the 70s while she was in college. She said he was very down to earth.
  9. Interesting read. I always like hearing Steve’s take on things.
  10. Isn’t Bobby Jean about Steve? I never thought Terry was a woman either.