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  1. I just listened to the two seminal The Replacements albums for the first time: Let it Be and Tim. As someone who had never heard most of these songs prior to listening, I’ll have to say they both lived up to the hype. Both great albums. They might not have been technically the best musicians but they play with a lot of emotion and Paul Westerberg is a very good lyricist. It’s a shame they didn’t last longer.
  2. Sadly not even he could save that clunker. I do however like his other contribution to the album, Soul Driver. That one has grown on me.
  3. Dune. I read the novel last year and was eagerly anticipating this movie for a long time. It was awesome! Very true to the book and much better than the 84’ version, which I thought was garbage. Highly recommend seeing this one in theaters. Totally worth it.
  4. Oh Real Man is absolutely his worst song. Everything about it, from the keyboard sound to the lyrics are absolutely dreadful. That seems to be the general consensus on here for his worst song. A lot of the other songs mentioned in this thread aren’t discussed as often.
  5. I’m not the biggest fan of the Christic Shows, but I agree, those versions blow away the album cuts. One of my least favorite songs is one I don’t see mentioned often: Lions Den. I’m not sure why, but I find this song extremely cringy. One of the few Born in the USA era songs I have no desire to ever hear live.
  6. It’s a solid rocker but not one of the best Tracks from the River era. Intro is the best part. Would have been a decent B side but not quite album worthy. Here is the one and only live performance of it from the Reunion tour.
  7. I visited Paisley Park earlier this summer and have been in a Prince phase since then. Highly recommend going if anyone is in the twin cities area, regardless if you are a huge fan. Other than Sign O the Times I’ve also listened to Purple Rain and 1999. On to Dirty Mind next. I had never really listened to his work aside from the hits until recently. The man was a musical genius and was taken too soon.
  8. 4 for me. 2009- Baltimore 2014 - Hershey 2016 - Washington and Baltimore. I really regret missing the Wrecking Ball Tour.
  9. If I remember correctly, at least one of the shows from that tour had no WOAD songs performed at all. Only the title track was performed at the concert I went to. I agree with this. I’m surprised I Wish I Were Blind didn’t get played more in 1992-1993. Easily one of the best songs from that era.
  10. Chimes of Freedom. Performed on the European leg of the TOL tour and the Human Rights tour. One of my favorite covers. Just awesome. Hasn’t been played since 1988.
  11. I disagree with this as well. All of the Born to Run and Born in the USA songs are perfect as they are on record to my ears. I do agree that all of Darkness and much of The River are improved live, but the studio albums are still essential. That’s interesting, I actually think No Surrender is one of the songs that’s least improved live. It rocks on album but the live versions often plod. As for other songs that are improved live, I’d say all of the HT/LT songs are better live with the exception of Human Touch.
  12. Bruce’s next best album after Born to Run. I love everything about the Born in the USA album and era. The ESB sounded absolutely great in 84-85 and the songwriting is top notch. The fact that some don’t like it because it made him a superstar doesn’t really make sense to me. Why is that a bad thing? As others mentioned there are many great non album songs from this era but I don’t think there is a song from the official album I would cut. At times I think Born in the USA would have made a better double album than The River.
  13. That’s a great track list, however you can’t forget If I Should Fall Behind! I think Lucky Town as album is kind of a flip slide to TOL. Much of Working on a Dream continues the same themes too.
  14. Oh my this is heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with Marsha and her family. She will be deeply missed.
  15. Not at all. All based on Nugs releases. I was born in 94’ and didn’t go to my first show until 2009. But I’ve listened to lots of older shows and the US 1988 shows never fail to impress me.
  16. The US leg is the best the band has ever sounded in my opinion, with the Los Angeles show being my favorite. One of the reasons this tour was so good was probably because the set lists didn’t change as much. I love how songs like I’m a Coward were built around the horns. But you’re right, the European leg just pales in comparison. It feels like The BITUSA tour with horns. The only real highlight of the European leg for me was Chimes of Freedom.
  17. I’m sad to hear about this. Bruce made a terrible mistake and if this is true he will face the consequences. I hope this will just be an isolated incident. Thankfully no one was hurt. The facts still seem to be coming out so I don’t think it’s fair to say he has a drinking problem yet. Its really ironic that this got leaked right after the commercial. That being said, I’m surprised how much coverage this is getting. It made the national news and GMA had a few minute long segment both days.
  18. She did indeed! The quilt isn’t made from the shirts itself but they are photocopied on it. My favorite part of it is the fake company names from lyrics like Baltimore Jacks Burgers and Johnstown Company construction.
  19. So I when I was shopping online for Christmas presents last month I came across this blanket and decided to buy it as a Christmas present for my mom. I finally just got it today. I think it’s pretty impressive. Does anyone else have anything like this?
  20. I’d also add Part Man, Part Monkey. I prefer the 88 version from the TOL tour but the studio version is solid.
  21. Despite the overly slick production of the record I absolutely love the album version of the title track. One of Bruce’s finest studio moments.
  22. I agree that Bruce should have made one album instead of two, there was certainly enough good material for a solid single album. Human Touch is easily Bruce’s most dated album in terms of production. Its also way too long. The song writing is without a doubt superior on Lucky Town. I enjoy listening to the 92/93 shows, since most of the songs from HT/LT are better live. Watching clips from these shows is kind of awkward though. Hearing the old classics with the other band is also weird. I think at the time Bruce just wanted to try something different and was burnt out with the E Street Band. Thankfully we got the awesome reunion tour later This may be an unpopular opinion but I’d take Human Touch and Lucky Town over Ghost of Tom Joad most days.
  23. For sure. I find it highly unlikely that a tour will happen next year, but hopefully in 2022. I hope the Letter to You songs get played regularly but at this point his catalogue is so big so who knows. I do think WS will be ignored for the most part.
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