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  1. As I had mentioned in my introductory post back in June, I had the privilege of meeting Max Weinberg after a show with his jukebox back in March. I wanted to share my experience on here with you guys. I went to the show at Ram’s Head on stage in Annapolis. When I saw there was a meet and greet option for the show, I knew I had to take it. An opportunity to meet one of my musical heroes as easy as this was seldom to come along again. My mom, a fan since 1973, signed up for the package as well. Upon arriving, the opening act, Porter and Sayles, a folk duo were finishing up their set. I recommend looking them up. I unfortunately missed most of their performance because I was coming from work, but I liked what I heard. “This is not a concert. This is a party!” Max had proclaimed at the beginning of the show. For those who haven’t been, these shows are not structured the same way a traditional concert is. A list of about 100 songs or so scrolls across a TV screen, and the audience shouts which ones they want to hear. The other 3 bands members were from a group called The Weeklings. Max encouraged us to take as many pictures we wanted (despite the no flash photography sign), and to just kick back and relax. Songs played ranged from six Bruce songs, (Thunder Road, Pink Cadillac, Dancing in the Dark, She’s the One, and Glory Days), three from The Beatles, two from The Who, Tom Petty, The Eagles, and The Rolling Stones among others. Max’s daughter, Ally Rogan came out and sang 2 songs as well. My personal favorite song of the night was Wipeout, the song he used to audition for the E Street Band 45 years prior. Interspersed with the songs, Max told us stories about his career. Like Bruce and many other of their generation, Max was heavily influenced by Elvis Presley, in particular his drummer, D.J. Fontana, who’s widow happened to be in the audience. The Beatlesiconic appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 was also a defining moment in his life. The line of the night that got the biggest applause was “We don’t play for twenty minutes. That’s the Beatles! The Beatlesplayed for 20 minutes. I don’t know how they got away with it. Bruce Springsteen plays for four hours; the Beatles play for twenty minutes!” After an enjoyable 24 song set, those who had paid for the meet and greet package (about a dozen people) stayed in the venue while the room emptied out. Everyone brought something different for him to sign. One person I saw brought a drum cymble, another brought a vinyl copy of Godspell, since Max had played in the pit band for the show. I overheard him say that no one has ever asked him to sign that before. I thought this was an interesting choice, considering he wasn’t on the album itself the person brought. I chose my vinyl copy of Born in the USA for him to sign since Bruce in his autobiography had said the title track was Max’s best studio performance. When I had brought my album after the show, he had asked me if I was even born when the album had come out . I explained the reason I chose this album for him to sign, and he noted that Bruce had once said he was the best thing on the record. “He never said that again” he jokingly replied. Max had said during the show that he has always liked this cover, because it’s the side of Bruce he usually sees during the show. My mother chose a vinyl copy of Born to Run to sign. My mom and Max talked about being from Jersey and how she has been seeing Bruce and the band live since the Born to Run tour and has many great memories from shows over the years. She had asked if she knew when they were going on tour again, and he said he didn’t know for sure, but Bruce has gone on tour every presidential election year since 1976, so it was likely they’d be on the road in 2020. Max purposely left a blank space on each album, so Bruce could sign it when we get the chance. He was very down to earth and easy to talk to. It was honestly one of the best nights of my life. Even though the meet and greet package cost more than twice of a regular ticket, it was worth every cent!
  2. This was my first show! I was 15 at the time. Hard to believe it’s been a decade already. This is what started it all for me.
  3. I totally agree with this. In fact I would describe most of The Promise this way. When I first bought tracks, I was surprised at the lack of darkness outtakes. I agree with you, I am not a fan of older songs being overdubbed either. I wish they had just kept the original recordings, even if they were rough.
  4. I saw Dylan and his band in Baltimore earlier this week and as a casual fan, I was impressed. Dylan and the band sounded great, much better than I though it would be. My biggest disappointment was that he didn’t interact with the audience one bit, but I understand this is typical of Dylan. In fact, he didn’t even introduce his band. Has anyone else gone to a show this year?
  5. Fun song. It’s understandable why it was cut off of Darkness though.
  6. I agree. His first 3 albums are essential but this is the best one. I also listened to Imperial Bedroom for the first time the other day. It’s brilliant! I can’t recommend this one enough.
  7. The show was great! All of the band sounded good. He talked quite a bit too and told some funny stories. He had two backup singers in addition to the imposters. My favorite song of the night was What’s so funny about peace love and understanding and Pump It Up.
  8. I’ll let you know how it is. What’s your favorite album?
  9. For some reason many people only seem to hear the chorus and ignore the verses. It’s not a hard song to understand at all.
  10. I’m actually going to see Elvis Costello (who’s real name also happens to be Declan) this Thursday in Hershey. Has anyone here seen him live before?
  11. Exactly. You’d think by this point Trump would have moved on but for some reason he brings up Clinton and the 2016 election every chance he gets. Nothing he does surprises me anymore.
  12. I would say this is actually a popular opinion. I like it in small doses but most Christmas songs sound the same. It’s especially grating to hear before Thanksgiving.
  13. E Street were also at one of their peaks in 99/00 . Love all the boots we’ve been getting! What a time to be a fan, especially for someone like me, who never had a chance experience most of these shows.
  14. The early live versions of Born to Run are not very good. Played way too fast, almost as if they just wanted to get the song over with. They didn’t really get it until later. Even the best live versions pale in comparison to the album version.
  15. I saw it. I didn’t care for the first song but I enjoyed second one. This was the first time I ever really listened to her. It’ll be interesting to see where her career goes. She has potential.
  16. Indeed he is. I would also like to see the placement of the songs changed. At this point, we all expect BTR and DITD to be played towards the end of the show. I would like to see them played at the beginning of the show next year. Born to Run is a great opener.
  17. I’m good with either lineup really, just as long as it happens. I just hope there are no more full album shows. I much prefer not knowing what to expect next.
  18. One of my personal favorites. It couldn’t be more bizarre but it’s a great read. It’s very fast paced too. Also check out the movie with Johnny Depp. Not as good as the book but still worth a watch.
  19. The only time I’ve heard DITD talked negatively about is on here. I understand not liking the video but the song itself is great.
  20. Exactly. Not winning the Emmy does not diminish the value or quality of the show at all. There’s no shame in losing to a Beatle either . The Wire is considered by many (myself included) to be the one of the greatest shows of all time, and it was completely a ignored for the most part every year it was on. Bruce on Broadway stands on its own, even without an Emmy. Besides, it’s not like it went empty handed, the director won.
  21. My Love Will Not Let You Down was a regular on the reunion tour. Most of the shows I’ve listened to have had 1-2 tracks songs, but skimming over the set lists you’re right, for some reason I though there were more.
  22. . Maybe so, but the shows were extremely tight musically. Great set lists and the tour has the definitive versions of Youngstown, If I Shall Fall Behind, LOHAD, Two Hearts and several others which I’m forgetting at the moment. I also love the NYC “diss” on Light of Day on LINYC. It was nice to hear different versions of The River and BITUSA, even if they are inferior to their original arrangements. This. It must have been great to see them together again after a 10 year hiatus. They all seemed very happy as well. My parents attended several shows. Although the tour had no official album, the set lists were heavily based around Tracks which only came out a few months prior to the tour, which was why there were likely so many rarities.
  23. What’s the general consensus regarding the reunion tour? The darkness tour is usually considered to be the best, which is hard to argue with, but it seems like everyone has a different opinion on the others
  24. I was never a fan of Ramrod until LINYC. Based off boots I’ve heard, I actually consider the reunion tour to be in his top 3 tours.
  25. Well between 1984-1988 he released 2 number one studio albums, 2 worldwide tours (3 if you count the human rights tour) a huge live box set along with about a dozen top ten hits. And that’s not to mention the remixes . I wasn’t alive then but I imagine he was constantly in the spotlight between those years. I suppose he could have released an album with the outtakes in the meantime but I don’t know when that would have been. But you’re right, a double album wouldn’t have been as a big of a hit. Many of the outtakes got performed on the tour and were released as B-sides anyway. Many of the great outtakes were unlikely to be chart toppers.
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