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  1. I agree with this wholeheartedly. It’s criminal that songs like Roulette, Loose Ends Be True and Restless Nights didn’t make the album. I’ve never seen a real overall “theme” of the album so none of these would have been out of place. But as whole, I find the BITUSA outtakes to be superior. As you said, much more varied. I kind of wish BITUSA had been a double album, or Bruce had realized another album afterwards with the outtakes, but I understand that he may not have wanted to oversaturate the market. Still, it’s amazing how many songs were recorded for the Darkness, River, and BITUSA sessions.
  2. Human Touch is far from his best but there are a few top tier quality songs. The worst songs on HT (Real Man, Pony Boy) are the lowest point of his career though. I personally like the sound of HT better than Lucky Town. The songs themselves are overall stronger on LT, but the recordings sound a bit rushed.
  3. Great week to be a Ravens fan! Set a franchise in the first game and every other team in AFC north lost!
  4. I love Worlds Apart, it’s Bruce at his most experimental. The guitar solo is without a doubt one of the best studio solos. It reminds me of Desert Rose by Sting. I’ve always viewed the song as a commentary on the clash between eastern and western culture in a post 9/11 world. That being said, My City of Ruins and You’re Missing are the best two songs on The Rising.
  5. Not my favorite on Wrecking Ball but still a great song, one of the best openers. As other have mentioned, a spiritual successor to Born in the USA. Love the album aside from swallowed up, which may be the most boring song Bruce ever recorded. I absolutely love WB version of American land! It’s incredible.
  6. Although there wasn’t an official tour of Nebraska all of the songs were heavily featured on the Born in the USA tour. I don’t think the Western Stars Tracks will be as integral part of the next tour, not just because of the new album, but Bruce’s library of songs is much bigger now. I could see him performing 1-2 Western Stars tunes per show next tour. Likely solo versions.
  7. Thanks for the encouragement! I just accepted a contract position for a local newspaper, so I will be getting paid per article. I’ll be doing this as a side job. I’m looking to switch careers now that I have a year experience on my resume. I also plan to start reading Sarfraz’s book shortly. Sadly, I don’t know many people who saw the movie, it’s already down to only 1 showtime at my local theater.
  8. I saw it yesterday and absolutely loved it. I went with my parents, my mom unsurprisingly absolutely loved it. My dad, who is only a causal Bruce fan loved it as well. He actually teared up during the scenes with Javed and his father at the end. I see some similarities between Javed and myself. When I truly discovered the real Bruce, it was like my soul had an awakening. Bruce had understood everything I’ve ever felt. Dreams, disappointments, desires and everything in between. I never thought lyrics could be so relatable! Like Javed I have been writing all of my life and majored in English in college. I wrote for my school paper as well. As a recent college graduate, I have been rejected countless times for positions, but like Javed, I still write and continue to find my voice. As someone who knows very little about UK politics, I found the degree of racism to be sickening. The riot scene eerily parallels atrocities that have happened in America in recent years. Some things sadly never change, whether it’s the 1950s, 1980s or 2010s. That sequence edited with Jungleland was brilliant. Mr. Evans reminded me of my grandfather, who left Austria because of the nazis, and fought for the USA in WWII. Yes, much of the movie was cheesy, especially when he quoted Bruce, but that was to be expected. My favorite line of the movie was the US customs response to Javed and Roops reason for visiting the US. Some of the characters could have used more development but I enjoyed it enough to give this a pass. Also there is no way Bruce was seen as a “has been” in 1987/1988. He just had one of the biggest albums of all time, followed by a mammoth tour and a sprawling live box set. Tunnel of Love was also a number 1 album and had some of his biggest hits to date. I think Blinded by the Light was not a good choice for a title. It makes sense within the context of the story itself, but I’d bet the majority of people do not know Bruce wrote the song. It seems to be struggling at the box office. As cliche as it would be something like Born to Run would likely make the movie more appealing for casual fans. Nevertheless, this will join my dvd collection when it comes out.
  9. I couldn’t agree more. He’s the best part of this show. Danny was one of defining elements of the E street sound. I went to my first show in 2009, so I unfortunately never got to see him, but luckily, there are many excellent recordings. I did find it surprising to hear how much problems he caused in the early days of the band, as Bruce mentioned in the book. RIP Phantom Dan. He is sorely missed.
  10. First time listen. Not a bad song on the album. Absolutely love the back and forth responses from the vocals. Rock Lobster is one of my all time favorite songs. One of the best debut albums I’ve listened to.
  11. I would like another show from the US leg of the Tunnel of Love tour. Preferably a blu ray release. I personally consider that to be one of the best eras. It was very risky to bench fan favorites like prove it all night and badlands in favor of lesser known b-sides and new material, but it totally works. I also love the acoustic Born to Run. Thematically, these shows were awesome and it must have been surprising to see Bruce shed his Rambo BITUSA image so quickly While this tour lacks the set list variety of other tours, I appreciate what Bruce was trying to do, and musically, these shows are really tight. For some reason, they largely stopped doing this for the European section of the tour and brought back the usual songs.
  12. Livin in the Future definitely has that classic E Street sound to it. My favorite song on Magic is Girls in their Summer Clothes. It’s absolutely brilliant! GITSC fits the criteria of an upbeat song with distressing lyrics as well. This is another song that’s never sounded as good live as it does on the album like much of Magic.
  13. Welcome back Hero. I just joined the lake last month but I’ve been a staunch Bruce fan for several years. I look forward to discussing with you!
  14. Another story about Clarence. My mother was at the show at the Spectrum in Philadelphia on December 8th 1980 (the night John Lennon was killed). She was in one of the front rows and she caught a candy cane Clarence had thrown out. Shockingly, she had the candy cane up until a few years ago. It was very deteriorated.
  15. Jake is very good, but there was just something magical about Clarence’s presence that just can’t be recreated.
  16. I get asked this at times too, especially as a millennial. Honestly, his lyrics and music just speak to me like no others do. The thought and emotion he puts into his work is just amazing. As others have mentioned how can you listen to Thunder Road and not be amazed? He also puts on a hell of show, and the chemistry between the band is unmatched.
  17. I agree. It’s definitely one of the worst. I happen to like most of Lucky Town but Living Proof has never worked for me, studio or live. That being said, Bruce’s worst song is hands down Real Man. Everything about it is utterly cringeworthy. It may be the only Bruce song I find unlistenable.
  18. Does anyone else think There Goes My Miracle sounds like a WOAD outtake. It would easily fit on that album.
  19. This. I definitely rank it among the better MCU movies. Loved all the twists. Very funny too. Gyllenhaal was great. I also saw a trailer for blinded by the light. It looks great! It was made for people like us here on the Lake!
  20. I wasn’t blown away upon an first listen but the album is a real grower. Is anyone else’s favorite song Moonlight Motel? She was boarded up and gone like and old summer song is my favorite lyric.
  21. I agree. Tunnel of Love and Human Touch sound WAY more dated than BITUSA. Some other thoughts: I find it interesting as to how many artists seem to cover I’m on fire. It appears to be Bruce’s most covered song. I also think that this is the album where Bruce’s voice sounded the best.
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