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  1. But My love is bigger than a Honda. Yeah it’s bigger than a Subaru.
  2. I definitely can see that. The title track and My hometown are about the negative consequences that happen when community is neglected. No surrender and Bobby jean also emphasize community. Bruce does this like no one else can. I’d consider this hard land, Frankie, shut out the light and my love will not let you down to be up with some of his best work. Songs like Janey, stand on it, pink Cadillac, Johnny bye bye are fun as well. As great as many of the outtakes are, adding them would have changed the theme of the album and non of them had the same hit potential of Dancing in the dark. I have many great memories with this album and none of them are tied to the Brucemania scene. Obviously I wasn’t alive then, but I can understand how this would be hard for longtime fan to adjust to. The videos however are some of the cheesiest things I’ve ever seen. Why is that?
  3. I just re listened to Born in the USA and it sounds as great as ever. It really is the perfect summer album. Bruce once said Max’s drums were the best thing on the album and I couldn’t agree more. I also love Steve’s mandolin on I’m going down and glory days. BITUSA could have been a double album with all of the excellent material recorded around this time. What is the general consensus regarding the theme of the album if there is one? Do you guys notice anything that connects the songs or do you consider it to be more of a random collection of songs?
  4. I totally forgot about The Promise. That’s a good one too. As for Darkness, the cover to me looks like Bruce just woke up from a hangover. When taken out of context, the cover is unappealing, but it actually fits with the music on the album now that I think about it. Darkness is a very raw, unpolished sounding album (in a good way). Bruce’s burnt out look on the cover gives a sort of insight to what the characters on the album are feeling, as well as the overall mood of the album.
  5. Most of Bruce’s album covers are weak, with the exceptions of Born to Run, Born in the USA and Live 1975-1985.
  6. Let’s hope this is true. Tracks is what really made me a fan. I realized how vast his catalogue was and that the studio albums were only scratching the surface. Nearly all of the songs were new to me the first time I listened. I would love a Tracks 2. Since BITUSA is 35 this year, a blu-Ray of one the shows would be great to have as well. Maybe the final show in LA.
  7. I just got tickets to see them in August. What does everyone here think about them? Has anyone seen them live? They’re personally one of my favorites and I consider them to be one of the most interesting groups currently working. I really dig their new album.
  8. Endgame was incredible! It’s amazing how well all of the interconnected storylines work. The 3 hours flew by. I can’t wait for the new Spider-Man movie next month!
  9. I took a Bob Dylan class in college so I am familiar with much of his catalogue. My professor was a Dylan super fan and had even written scholarly articles about him. I consider myself to be a casual Dylan fan, but this sounds really good. I may have to catch a show.
  10. I’d agree with that. Regarding The River, most of the outtakes on tracks disc 2 sound much better than the cd version of the River album. I find that my vinyl copy of The River sounds much better than the cd. The good thing about Spotify and iTunes is that we can creat our own perfect version of the albums.
  11. Definitely outlaw Pete. Never really cared for ain’t got you either. The rest are all good openers.
  12. Well I suppose you’re right, but I definitely feel as if HT and LT could have been consolidated into one very good album. I’d take about 2/3 of LT and 1/3 of HT and maybe add Sad Eyes and Happy. The production on HT and LT are noticeably different from each other so if they were to be combined, they’d have to be redone to have a similar sound. I’d imagine that a sound somewhere between the 2 albums would work best. Although the production on HT works perfectly for songs like the title track.
  13. Being new to the lake, I’ll give a short explanation of what I think of each album. I’ll leave out Tracks because while mostly great, is more of a compilation than an album. Tier 1 BTR- Greatest album of all time. Every note is perfect. Bruce’s masterpiece. Enough said. BITUSA- The album that got me into Bruce. I know some don’t like this album for being too poppy, but this is how I discovered Bruce. Still so much fun to listen to and the songwriting is top notch Tier 2 WIESS- I absolutely love the loose, lengthy nature of all the songs. I couldn’t get enough of side 2 the first time I heard it. DOTEOT- The album where Bruce found his voice. The raw grittiness of the album still resonates today. Also, these songs come across best live out of Bruce’s entire catalog. The River- Most of the album is great and I love the balance of the rockers and ballads. After listening to Tracks, I realized that this album could have been so much better because there are so many great outtakes from this album. Nebraska- This album is hopelessly bleak (in a good way)and the songwriting is fantastic. However I find that I have to be in the right mood to listen to it. TOL- Side 1 is meh, but everything from Walk like a Man on is a masterpiece. The Rising- The high points of the album are extremely powerful and rank up there with his best. There are several lows though. A couple songs could have been cut to make it a little leaner. Magic- Most of the album is awesome. Love the classic E street rock sound. A couple tracks I’ve never really cared for though. Wrecking Ball- The title track is the first song I ever heard Bruce play live. The album also really does LOHAD justice. Western Stars- Still early but I really dig it so far. Tier 3 Greetings- Solid debut. A good insight of what was to come. HT- A couple of good tracks but I don’t really like the production on it. Also has Bruce’s worst song LT- A good amount of the album is solid. I feel it would have been much better had been recorded with the E street band. Devils and Dust- I need to give it a revisit, but I remember liking it. WOAD- Also needs a revisit, but i remember thinking it felt like an optimistic sequel to TOL. HH- A good assortment of songs. Tier 4 GoTJ- I have never really been able to get into it aside from the title track and Youngstown Seeger- Just can’t get into it.
  14. I like it. Kind of a spiritual successor to Devils and Dust lyrically. I predict that it’ll be mostly ignored on the next tour though especially with the new E street album coming out. Westerns stars seems a better fit for smaller venues. That song never fails to send chills down my spine. It may be the greatest song ever written! Everything about it is perfect! It’s always great to see fans around my age! How many times has she seen him? You can thank her for passing his music too me lol. Bruce and the band are practically in my genes I suppose I did! I saw Bruce in Baltimore in November of 2009, Hershey in May 2014, D.C in January 2019 and Baltimore 2016. Max had told me Bruce goes on tour every presidential election year so I suspected there would be a tour next year before it was officially announced Thank You guys for the welcome! I look forward to discussing with you!
  15. Hi Everyone! I’m new to the lake and I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Declan, 24 and live in Maryland. Bruce’s music has always been present in my life because my mom, a jersey girl is a die hard fan and has seen Bruce around 30 times. Bruce really started to click with me a few years ago and now I am a huge fan as well and have seen him 4 times and plan on seeing more! Earlier this year, I met Max after a show with his jukebox. One of my friend’s second cousin is Nils. I look forward to getting to know you guys!
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