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  1. Maybe, but I'm not so sure the cop is checking on her every night in such an innocent way. Especially as "her skin would turn pale" and "Janey's small and sometimes he scared her" might suggest.
  2. Interesting, I had always interpreted the song as Janey being a prostitute who is used/abused by all these authority figures, hence she needs a 'shooter' or protector, who our narrator with a saviour complex fanatasises about being.
  3. Just managed to get home and have my first listen all the way through - too early for a critical judgement but on an emotional level it just makes me very, very happy . I've always loved the band rehearsal of Janey. When I saw it on the tracklist there was always the worry it might not be quite as good. Somehow it is better, definitely my favourite track so far. I can't work out if my favourite part of Janey is Bruce's vocals, Steve's vocals on the chorus, Charlie's organ, Roy's piano, Max's drumming, all the guitars or Bruce's harmonica (which reminds me of Racing in the street 78 in the best possible way). I mean, Gary's bass is great too but I'm pretty sure my favourite is one of the other bits
  4. Unfortunately I've been self isolating with the dreaded virus, but this has given me time to listen to one of favourite albums of all time, which captures the feeling of isolation like no other. It got me thinking about The Indian Runner, the film based on Highway Patrolman, and how Bruce's storytelling and character development on the album are so nuanced that several of the other songs could equally be made into films. I feel like it would be a great idea for a TV series to have each episode based on each song from the album. A few songs would need a little embellishment to develop into a proper plot but most of of them would write themselves. I would throw in Losin' kind and Child Bride outtakes to make it 12 episodes. It could be in the style of Black Mirror with different characters for each episode, but with a few subtle continuity threads running through the series. Anyway, this is what happens to my brain when I'm ill, grumpy and have too much time on my hands...
  5. Personally I like these lyrics more than letter to you. It could be a song about mortality generally or losing somebody, but part of me wonders if it's about his mum and dementia. The way someone with dementia fades in and out, they're talking about a memory and they're back for a moment, how they used to be, then suddenly gone again. Reading the lyrics that's what came to me.
  6. - Man's job + Real world + Sad Eyes + Loose change = great 12 song album
  7. So... when will the next single be released? Which track will it be? Will it be one if the older songs? Will it have Jake on it? I know, I'm very impatient
  8. I think it is definitely a grower, at first I felt it was a good song but not a great song, but now I like it more and more. I love the sentimentand the idea that it's a letter to us as his fanbase. I feel like Bruce tends to release singles which are most representative of the theme of the album rather than necessarily the best songs. After I'm excited to hear the best songs off the album.
  9. The suggestion made by several people that he was previously working on them for tracks 2 and then decided to put them on a new album seems logical. But with the press release saying the album was recorded over 5 days and cut live - I dunno - I like to imagine that when rehearsing one morning Steve just started playing the opening riff to Janey needs a shooter and then Bruce said "yeh let's have another go at that!" Probably unlikely, but that's how it happened in my head.
  10. The highway was alive tonight in seaside bar song, but it was still a good lyric on Joad
  11. I'm getting 'The little things my baby does' during the bridge
  12. My friend the Osteopath says they're just pulling my leg...
  13. I can confirm the bad news, my mate Gideon who works in Waitrose says it's all just a wind up and there is no new album.
  14. Based on no actual information but only wild speculation, a naturally pessimistic tendency and the desire to avoid disappointment, I predict the new release will be one of the following: 1. A 25th anniversary version of Greatest Hits, updated with his best songs of the 21st century. 2. A compilation of the best of 'from my home to yours' with Idiot's Delight released as a single. 3. An instrumental album with extended versions of the backing score to Western Stars and Hunter films. You heard it here first
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