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  1. I still absolutely love this song, just been revisiting it after a bit of a break from Western Stars. I also definitely prefer the studio version to the film version.

    The strings are much more prominent on the film version, and I'd actually never really noticed them on the studio version before, but they're definitely there behind the pedal steel.

    Then, being slightly nerdy, I noticed that there are no string players credited for MM on the album. So I guess these are synth strings or samples? And if so, having basically hired an orchestra to record the whole album, why did Bruce not include them in this track?

    I guess if he recorded some solo basic tracks with synths and then recorded the orchestra parts separately, maybe he just felt the atmosphere of this track wasn't suited to the orchestra (which could explain why the film version doesn't quite seem to match the studio version for me at least). Or is there another reason?

    If anyone has any suggestions I'd be glad to hear them as these are things that go around my head in these dark days of lock down and social distancing!

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  2. On 7/26/2019 at 4:51 PM, whispered secret said:

    Today I was able to listen to the whole album (twice) uninterrupted whilst driving. Something I have been looking forward to. Now, I can't pretend the M40 comes close to the roads through California, but...

    That's a road where I frequently listen to Bruce! It's nice to imagine drivers in the adjacent lanes also enjoying Western Stars :D

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  3. 11 hours ago, whispered secret said:

    That is my interpretation too.

    Mine too, that's what I felt when I first heard it and still the interpretation I prefer.

    Although most of the alternative suggestions I've heard could be equally true, I guess only Bruce knows.

    And that's also what makes this is such an incredible song that has generated it's own 11 pages of discussion (so far)


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  4. I felt like this didn't fit with the album at first, but now I like to imagine all the characters; the hitch hiker, the actor, the stuntman, the 'orse chaser and the guy waiting for his train head to Sleepy Joe's of a weekend for a beer to forget about their troubles.

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    1. Moonlight Motel
    2. Western Stars
    3. Chasin' Wild Horses
    4. Somewhere North of Nashville
    5. Stones
    6. Tucson Train
    7. Hello Sunshine
    8. Hitch Hikin'
    9. Sundown
    10. The Wayfarer
    11. Drive Fast (The Stuntman)
    12. Sleepy Joe's Cafe
    13. There Goes My Miracle

    7-12 are pretty interchangable at the moment, and 1-5 have moved around quite a lot as well

  5. 4 hours ago, BossFan4Life said:

    This is an album I've found to be exceptionally well constructed, or more appropriately crafted. Many of you have commented on how this album is a complete package. That it all fits together perfectly. That Bruce has to have put a lot of thought into all aspects of it, all the way down to the sequencing. This was my experience as well. That is what I heard when I listened.

    I was more excited before the release of "High Hopes" than this one, yet I found "Western Stars" more satisfying. I liked "High Hopes" well enough, in part, but not as a whole. It felt uneven & slightly disorganized. Parts I liked, parts I didn't. With "Western Stars" it feels like a VERY coherent whole, & even the few songs I don't like as well as some of the others I still think FIT in the context of the whole, & think it would be less without them.

    Thank you, this pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about the album. 

    ...and I've just listened to it all the way through again. For me MM keeps getting better each time, especially the anticipation knowing that it is coming!

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  6. The electric version of the Ghost of Tom Joad always makes me smile remembering listening to it with my wife when High Hopes was released, and she said "i really don't understand what this song is about, i mean, isn't Tom Jones still alive!?

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  7. 1 hour ago, Ann Jones said:

    I don't believe I have listened to a new release as continually as I am listening to this. I am not missing any opportunity. Question, should I have a break, will I tire of it if I keep doing this?

    When discussing who should do the 3 hour drive home from my in-laws I volunteered on the condition that we listened to Western Stars.

    My wife said "yes, but only once through, not for the whole 3 hours"



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  8. Hi Declan, I'm new too! Although I've been enjoying following a few threads since hearing about the new album I've been yet to post.

    I'm 29 and from the UK, but sadly none of my friends have any family connections to Bruce or the E Street Band (that I know of!)

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