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  1. Just Two words: AMAZING ALBUM. I didn't know the old songs so to me they are three gorgeous gifts from the past that makes this album even better. But the other songs are very good too. Ghosts, burning train and last man standing are my favorite at the moment. House of thousand guitarss Is the only that i don't like very much.
  2. Happy Bday Bruce... I'm sure it wasn't late when i discovered your music three years ago and in this special day i renew my dream to see you live in a concert one day! 70 is just a number, i'm sure "you're ready to grow young again"
  3. I'm disappointed. With this prize Bruce would have been EGOT, and the shame is that he lost against CARPOOL KARAOKE... It's a Joke?? In my opinion Bruce should have to sign himself as co-director of the show, just to win with Zimny.
  4. Despite the good reviews the movie didn't open very well in the UK, just 4th with less than one million.
  5. I like it! Now it feels like a complete song and not just a demo... About Harry Potter, i guess that maybe having the proper age helps a lot. I went to the cinema to see the first Harry Potter movie when i was EIGHT years old, so you can imagine the feelings. Maybe, if this song had been inside the movie, i would have discovered the boss in the 2001 and not in the 2016
  6. N 7 in Italy! Last week was 10th if i remember
  7. This is one of the most busy years ever for Bruce! The netflix show (december), the new album, the movie Blinded by the lights, and now this movie/doc... I'm very happy!
  8. My father's house is one on my favourite and the Broadway version is even better in my opinion. I love Bruce songs where there are dreams involved, like my father's house, downbound train or paradise. We should open a thread about this kind of Bruce songs XD
  9. In Europe it's doing pretty well, and among the "old" stars he is the one who still sell more than the others.
  10. Tempe is the quintessential of what i think is "being a rockstar". Not only the way he sings but the way HE MOVES... It seems a fictional movie... Instead IT'S REAL! I think that the people in the crowd din't forget that night yet
  11. I would add a song that isn't just underrated, but to me is a masterpiece. "Paradise"
  12. It's AMAZING. i challenge you to find a better version of this masterpiece
  13. I am listening the entire Tracks... I realised that i just listened to it few times and i forgot lot's of good stuff. I know it could sound like an heresy but you must forgive me, i am still a "new" fan!
  14. Still n3 in Italy! After two weeks at 1 and one week at n2
  15. Amazing videos i had never seen before... and i have to admit that i didn't remember at all thundercrack... what a song! Why didn't he put it on an the E-street shuffle?
  16. Always funny how people mind works... In the other post everybody love this album and the few that didn't like it didn't write anything... This post, instead, became the shelter of the haters
  17. N3 in UK... not bad if you think that Madonna, n2 last week, is at n14
  18. In UK WS has the best opening week of 2019 in physical sales
  19. I wouldn't be so tragic. As i said, Madonna will be probably out of top 100 an that's a huge drop. Usa chart has changed in last years and now young artists with lot of streams on spotify remain on the top for months while old stars like Bruce fall quickly
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