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  1. I reckon that BOOKLISTVISION will involve a lot of wine.
  2. AMIW needs to get the BOOKLISTVISION thread started.
  3. If you haven't consulted Brucebase it should have everything. You'll need to parse his originals from the covers.
  4. "For a minute there, it seemed like the infamous feud between Liam and Noel Gallagher had finally subsided. Early last year, the two appeared to have buried the hatchet, and they separately even began talking about an Oasis reunion in a vaguely positive (read: money dependent) light. Well, so much for that lovely thought, as Liam apparently now thinks his brother is a starchy tuberous root. In a series of tweets, Liam repeatedly called his brother a “potato.” The whole thing seems to have spun off from an interview producer David Holmes gave to Gigwise. Holmes described the new in-the-works album from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds as “fun,” a descriptor which Liam apparently found offensive. After calling Holmes a “ginge” (ie, a ginger, ie, an individual with red hair), he compared NGHFB unfavorably to Wham!. The rant was capped off with a rather definitive, “FUCK OASIS.” Perhaps he’s just peeved his own Beady Eye band didn’t work out? Read all his tweets below. FUN is that what you call it your nothing but a YES man remember that GINGE — Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) May 24, 2016 Potato — Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) May 24, 2016 Potato — Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) May 24, 2016 Go on have a whinge fan boys LG x — Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) May 24, 2016 Fokin Prick — Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) May 24, 2016 Fun as in wake me up bfore you go go have you heard yourselfs your pair of tossers club Tropicana drinks are free LG x — Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) May 24, 201 FUCK OASIS — Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) May 24, 2016 "
  5. Hmmmm...... Hatem Ben Arfa Hits Back At Pardew and Newcastle United Via His Lawyer and Adviser 5 hours ago by Jackie Smithfield If Mike Ashley and Alan Pardew thought that Hatem Ben Arfa was going to go quietly, they were sadly mistaken. While the club have managed to force Sylvain Marveaux out of the door on loan to lowly Guingamp, Hatem’s lawyer and his adviser have joined forces to hit back at what they claim is a dirty tricks campaign by Newcastle United to blacken the player’s name to try and get him to leave. Hatem mobbed in the crowd at final home match of last season. Amongst the tactics claimed are sending Ben Arfa to train with the reserves, manipulating and massively exaggerating the claimed issue of the player’s weight, while more bizarrely – also appearing to claim that the club had stopped paying Hatem’s rent from the money that was already deducted from his wages. His lawyer and adviser make clear Hatem Ben Arfa does not want to leave and loves the fans, though they also state that Newcastle are asking for far too much money even if he was willing to leave. Speaking to France Football, this is what Hatem’s adviser and lawyer have both had to say; Hatem Ben Arfa’s Adviser, Michael Ouazine; “It is incomprehensible. We do not know what the problem is, in the past Pardew has said that Hatem was extraordinary. “We are now in a situation where there does not seem to be a solution. Hatem simply does his job and trains well, he is enjoying training with the reserves where he has a great coach in Peter Beardsley. “It is harassment, humiliation (referring to 10,000 Euros fine for HBA coming back allegedly 1.5 kilos overweight), we will challenge that fine. “We asked them (Newcastle United) to give us all the players’ physical records. Hatem went on holiday with a personal trainer, he worked to prepare for the season. 1.5 kilos? Yes, but it is a poud of muscle and 500 grammes of fat. He lost 2% of body fat and so we challenge this fine.” Jean-Jacques Bertrand (French lawyer specialising in Sports Law); “There are two things. The principle of the punishment and the scale of it. “What procedure was followed? If we were dealing with a situation that clearly impacts on performance, and it was certified that he was the only one overweight…I do not imagine for one second though that upon returning from leave, out of 25 players only 1 is overweight – and we talk about 1.5kg, not 5kg. “The nature of the fine for me is abusive, but in addition, the fine is part of a broader context of successive measure to harass the player. “We have learned the homeowner has not received rent for three months. So we checked his payslips to check that there was always the rent deducted from his salary. The club has now paid the owner the rent collected from the player’s salary.” Hatem’s advisor Michale Ouazine again; “Hatem is able to go after his contract ends; 6 months, a year, that’s not a problem. “In two months Pardew may be far away (from Newcastle United). Hatem loves this club and he is idolised by the fans. “Hatem can only stay professional, when the events are beyond his control and not his doing. “The elements are unfavourable at the moment, there is no dialogue, no talking to him. You saw how they treated Marveaux… Lyon is his first club…but it is very difficult financially because Newcastle want a lot (of cash).”
  6. OK Mr Welby now you've crossed a line. I don't mind the OWS and Trayvon Martin discussions but now you've gone too far. You obviously have had too much whine for your cheese.
  7. This is a link to a streaming song. This link is being distributed all over the internet. It's not a download. Leaking tracks happen all the time in the Internets now. Labels consider leaked tracks marketing. Heck some do the leaking themselves. Welcome to 2013.
  8. If you're just playing the stream and not distributing the song I don't think there's anything wrong with posting a link. Everyone here will likely get the official release anyhow. Bruce Inc might disagree, and if they asked Karsten to take it down I'd totally understand that.