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  1. will each show be present on each CD or is it solely the 13 track setlist over the two discs?
  2. Archives took down the '79 shows for purchase currently. My question is will both shows audio be available in the future?
  3. The Promise on this live release was worth the price. What a performance.
  4. 81 or Rising Show would be fitting...I just hope nothing after 2005.
  5. Houston was a front of house mix. Not sure if the sources were multitrack, if so they were folded into a mono mix
  6. I would love an early BTR show or literally anything from 1976
  7. I am an idiot. I'm sorry, I'm a thief in the house of Nugs and I can't be trusted
  8. They were pretty consistent for a long time until last year about. I speculate that they are running of out releasable shows.
  9. They should tell us to stop expecting First Friday releases and be realistic on a release schedule.
  10. I'm not the biggest fan of the Seeger Sessions tour, so I will skip this one. However, the rendition of "Long Walk Home" is stunning and impactful. I'd say more so than the album version.
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