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  1. i would be interested in what he has to say about Jackson Cage. I could never figure out what that's about.
  2. Many thanks. This is a wonderful DVD and the downloads are well set out.
  3. What about 'Outside looking in' although it might be a little rowdy to be called a ballad
  4. Also which songs were snippeted DURING the intros, such as Macho Man as one example ?
  5. Comparing the audience recording to the sbd both are 4m 40s approx from the opening notes to the fade-out.Also at the ''now some folks are born into a good life'' line, Roy's piano is noticeably clearer on Nugs.
  6. Many thanks for this, the Portland 25th show has always been a favourite and this is great too. The strange thing is after converting the files to wav with Traders Little Helper my cd writing software refused to recognize them. After a bit of trial and error I found that putting those WAV files into Audacity and saving them again as WAV, those files did write to CD. Strange !
  7. Highway Patrolman 1984 definitely Man at the top East Troy 1984 with Nils Mansion on the hill LA 1999
  8. And Youngstown had it's own great delivery of lines too, particularly ''Now the yard's just scrap and rubble, those big boys did what Hitler couldn't do''.
  9. I don't know if this has been posted on Greasy Lake before but this is fascinating.
  10. Many thanks for these wonderful shows which make up for the lack of Rising shows in the Live Archive.I've written the Miami show to discs with selected songs from Tampa and Sacramento as bonus.I was hoping for more of Soozie's violin in the Junglelend intro but there are plenty of songs from the first 3 albums to enjoy and of course Dion on one song.
  11. The true outakes for 1975-85 were overdubs that were rejected
  12. On the bootleg cd Live 1985-75 The outtakes (supposedly!)released by Catch 22 there is a 'Glory Days' from Meadowlands 19 Aug 1984.It could be that one or any of the LA 1985 shows versions.
  13. 2008-10-16 - HAMMERSTEIN BALLROOM, NEW YORK CITY, NY With John Legend: IF YOU'RE OUT THERE Solo acoustic: THE PROMISED LAND / THIS HARD LAND With Billy Joel and his band, Patti Scialfa, and Roy Bittan: TENTH AVENUE FREEZE-OUT / MOVIN' OUT (ANTHONY'S SONG) / THUNDER ROAD / A MATTER OF TRUST / SPIRIT IN THE NIGHT (with John Legend and India Arie) / ALLENTOWN / THE RISING (with John Legend and India Arie) / NEW YORK STATE OF MIND / GLORY DAYS / RIVER OF DREAMS / BORN TO RUN / PEOPLE GET READY (with John Legend and India Arie) / SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED I'M YOURS (with John Legend, India Arie, and Barack Obama) "Change Rocks" benefit show for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Bruce first backs John Legend for a song, and then does a pair of solo acoustic songs. Then, after Billy Joel plays "Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)" and "Baby Grand" with his daughter Alexa Ray Joel, Bruce, Patti Scialfa and Roy Bittan join Joel and his band for the rest of the set - a mixture of Joel and Springsteen songs. John Legend and India Arie also guest on "Spirit In The Night", "The Rising", and "People Get Ready", plus Stevie Wonder's classic "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" with Barack Obama. Is it this show? If so you can also see Nils Lofgren on stage in NYSoM.
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