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  1. If you want another one this month you gotta RAISE YOUR HAND !
  2. Its been officially released on 'The River' box set, so the unofficial sets have probably been removed from most download sites.
  3. Jungleland. I had to buy the album (in 1983 I think) to hear it, as there was no chance of it being played on UK radio then.
  4. I've just bought the 4LP vinyl 'Do you love me' from East Rutherford 1984 on ebay complete with Pink Cadillac labels.The gatefold is rather worn, as you'd expect from an item 35 years old, but the inner sleeves and discs are fine.
  5. It's a 1978 soundcheck version of 'The ties that bind' which was eventually released in a radically different form on 'The River' in 1980. it was also done live in late 1978 but without the blistering guitar solos on this soundcheck. Check out the Winterland radio show for a typical early version.
  6. I had a friend was a big baseball player back in High School He could throw that speedball by YER, make you look like a fool boy