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  1. I’d really love this too, please! Thank you
  2. The talk over on the Spring-Nuts FB page (thanks as always to Stan Goldstein) is that Bruce recorded at his home studio over a 5 day period in November and the album is RUMOURED to be currently in post production. How long this will take...who knows. But I’m still holding out for an Easter release with a short US tour as the album drops, EU summer stadium tour then back to the states in autumn/fall. Faith will be rewarded, right?
  3. Assuming they’re gonna kick everyone out at the red carpet area after the screening that’s happening now...wondering whether it’s worth waiting EDIT: If not...I need a drink!
  4. Where did you hear that? Not sure why he'd have any reason to be there
  5. I'm planning to as well...but can't until after work at about 6 Probably really late but worth a shot!
  6. Was also wondering this, is anyone bringing something in hope of an autograph?
  7. I’d probably suggesting turning on BBC1 about 5 minutes into the programme then as Norton’s mentioned both Trump/Brexit in every monologue since 2016