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  1. I am not interested in tracks. I am interested in manuscripts, stage worn clothing and stage used instruments. Also concert posters. Those are what I am interested in. And as I said countless times, I would happily pay a good price for them. Thanks
  2. Again, I am offering to pay for the items. So if anyone has anything you can sell them and know it is going to a good place.
  3. I am the one who gave Juliens this lyric. Thank you tho Also, do you guys have anything or know of anything. I can offer a finders fee.
  4. As I said, it is something for a museum. If you point the direction I would love to find handwritten lyrics/notebooks. Money isn't the problem. I figured some people on a forum like this would have items like this.
  5. Lolol. I am just saying that I would buy memorabilia and know it would go to a good place. Anyone who actually has manuscripts or stage clothing etc... contact me and I will tell you everything and hope to make a deal with you. I am happy buying it . Thanks
  6. I don't mean send to us. I can buy. It is a secret project I cannot divulge much information at this time. But I am willing to purchase any of the memorabilia. Thanks I will update my post too.
  7. Lol. I fixed it. But I do need more manuscripts and lyrics from that era.
  8. Hello Everyone, I know I am new to this forum but I joined for a reason. I am currently trying to do a project, but part of it requires more memorabilia. I am looking mainly for manuscripts, handwritten things Bruce did. Either lyrics, notes, things of that nature. Stage worn clothing, stage used instruments, original photos. Preferably post Born to Run. I need more items for Darkness on the Edge of Town and up. Let me know what you guys have. I hope to find something truly amazing. Thanks
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