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  1. Thank you Jim for this wonderful tape. There is so much love, work and effort in this recording. We can't say enough thanks for the brave teamwork from everyone involved. These tapes are why I love to hear live shows later!
  2. 2009-06-13 Manchester 'Bonnaroo Dream' (Scott Bernstein-Fanatic Records Edit) https://mega.nz/folder/1HpG0QCR#vMaPbf6GkGkLJXi_SpxGuQ
  3. Wow, great share. Thanks very much for sharing!
  4. Sure, I load for you: 2000-04-22 Raleigh (Earlmv) https://we.tl/t-pvE6N6Vf5U
  5. Thanks very much, I didn't have the second version... New to me. One more for the archives!
  6. Thanks very much Arjan. I missed the Rockaway Rob Version.
  7. Thanks! Here is another version: 1988-04-04 Largo 'C'Mon Mr Trouble' (Speed correction) https://we.tl/t-ma9THefyHQ
  8. 1977-03-04 Jacksonville 'Jacksonville (& My Father's Place)' (Midnight Beat) https://we.tl/t-LYaeaoKolV Enjoy the show.
  9. Read this: Upon close examination of the audience recording of the March 6, 1977 show at Jai Alai Fronton in Miami, FL it has been discovered it is the exact same recording as 'Jacksonville (& My Father's Place)'. The evidence we have strongly suggests that the recording actually dates from March 6, and therefore no audio circulates from March 4 in Jacksonville. The tapes used for the recent JEMS Archive release of March 6 were obtained in the 80s, pre-dating the 1996 release of 'Jacksonville (& My Father's Place). Unfortunately the taper of this fine recording, John Tsalikes, passed away in 2003. However, if you ever traded either March 4 or March 6 with John or can shed some light on this issue, please get in touch with us. I think, the date from this tape is incorrect. I don't know if we want to share it anyway. So I stopped the upload, I don't want any trouble with the admins or anyone else. It's a shame that so many good uploaders are holding back after the incidents of the past few days. I read all of this with my basic knowledge of English. It doesn't have to be that way! Unfortunately, there is a lot of scolding and harassment on the Internet and hiding behind the monitor. I am very grateful for so many recordings that I received here. Even if I have collected a lot myself in the last 40 years, there are still real treasures. Thank you all! Greetings from Germany.
  10. I have the original download... 1977-02-19 St. Paul 'Rendezvous In St Paul' (Fanatic Records) https://we.tl/t-va7gO3JV6K
  11. I have: 1977-03-04 Jacksonville 'Jacksonville (& My Father's Place)' (Midnight Beat) and now upload for you.
  12. Thanks very much! The last link is the IVAN Edit from the 3rd link. It shouldn't sound petty, just for the sake of order.
  13. I have it, I think. Now upload. 1975-07-28 Washington (2nd Generation Reel) (Transferred by Steve Hopkins) https://we.tl/t-CCs8H3PrqJ
  14. I'm still here! Just ask if you are looking for something!
  15. Wow! I have only one version from this date. Thanks. Great share!
  16. Thanks for sharing your memories and your recording. Hrubesh did a good job with your tape. The result takes us back to a warm (?) Sunday over 35 years ago. It was the day a team of researchers found the Titanic on the ocean floor. At that time I was living in East Germany and my first Bruce concert didn't take place until 3 years later. I had just finished the first year of my professional training with honors and had to work the next day (Monday). I had absolutely no idea at the time that Bruce would be performing 4,000 miles away from home on this beautiful Sunday. I was definitely in a club on Saturday, the party ended until after midnight and my mother woke me up for lunch (1pm)... It's great that we can now listen to all these recordings! There are no more borders, people are friendly and share their treasures with others. I'm thankfull. Peace
  17. Thanks again Michael! I'm looking for a version with the complete checksums. Can anyone help? 2000-06-20 New York 'Prodigal Son Meets the Ubers' Folks around the world: have a good sunday everyone!
  18. That's the kind of humor I like... Thanks for your open words!
  19. Thanks very much for sharing here this big file!
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