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  1. I know what I posted before and I apologise if I've offended somebody. It wasn't my intention, it's hard to see something wrong in what you've had in your house for literally decades, but I now realise that times change and so does the "acceptability" line...
  2. I don't know, loss is something that I see in most of Bruce's output, loss of freedom, loss of faith, loss of the loved ones, of life, of humanity. Also the river has lost its water and now is dry. And I think the movie ads even more of these feelings to the album, loss of youth and all those good old "John Wayne days".
  3. It's been hard times but finally, and hopefully, I'm back. I'm back, and probably the last one to have seen the WS movie, that is last Monday. Good job I started to feel better in time, started to feel a human being again just a few days before, started to feel the need of his music. I felt this urge for one song, Tunnel of Love, and as an afterthought, it seems quite proper, it's always the love of my loved ones to pull me out of my dark pit. Or maybe it was him again and the anticipation of this long awaited WS. In any case I arrived at the cinema really in bad shape, but finally on the mend. It's hard to say something new about the beauty of the music, the awesomeness of the visuals, the coolness of the Man, the hotness of the Lady. But there is something that I really want to share, something that hit me hard, that is the overall sadness that I felt during the viewing, the sadness of a man that has suffered and finally found peace and the love he fought so much for. Maybe it's just my personal connection with him, but I really felt overwhelmed by this warm blanket of calm and acceptance of one's own faults and mistakes. In some ways this WS could have been The Land of Grief and Sorrow, the Dark Side of Bruce, the Diary of An Old Man...
  4. "Stop being such a tight-assed prig and go back to Bruce!" This one is for you N, thank you for the kind and helpful words. I bruuuuuuce you.
  5. Mansion on the hill - '86 benefit (this simple vocal line and story still surpasses any given WS track)
  6. Furiously fisting fifty ferocious females
  7. That is bad. Do people actually pay to see these shows?
  8. Hard to answer if you don't define 'unlistenable'. Harder still to imagine Bruce being so bad if only with a guitar and a mic.
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