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  1. Been a while since I’ve done this and I obviously a bit rusty & am having a mental block ?!?’ I use Vuze to download live boots from Jungleland (ie full show Tempe audio) & they appear in an “album” folder on my pc. However when I add to my itunes library/iphone the tracks appear as separate individual songs. Im sure I used to be able to find a way (via software ?) of making torrent live download “albums” appear as albums of itunes/iphone ? Is anyone able to put me out of my misery and explain ? Any advice greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  2. I have previously successfully downloaded from the above but for done reason am now struggling - & pulling my hair out :-) I progress from to mega but then cant progress beyond megas spinning red circle stating “generating key”. Has been doing this for 24 hours ! i wondered if anyone who has successfully used this site could PM me with some advice ?
  3. Hi there Not sure if this is the correct place to ask so apologies if not. I recently upgraded my PC & unfortunately lost a number of longer video files including Leeds First Direct centre 24/7/13. I have tried downloading from Jungleland with Vuze. Other videos have been fine but for Leeds I have failed, only getting a number of different Vuze messages including stating that the video is not registered. I was wondering if anyone else may have experienced similar problems for this particular show? Or whether its a particular problem with the video, Jungleland, Vuze - or all 3 ? Or it may be my own tech incompetence......